Palm Sized Flying Killer Robots a.k.a Slaughterbots

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Thomas R : The number one defense to those...would be a Tennis Racket...

Kim Jerbo : cool but does it have a headphone jack?

Bowl Of Carrots : You guys know this isn’t real right

aclock2 : Can we stop inventing new ways to kill people ?

Basil Andrea : No Human deserved to be killed without listening to his defense, this is a very bad idea to make one side decision, the one who makes this is an idiot and sick in mind

Harvey Holloway : If it is cheap for governments it will be just as cheap for any one else. Using this technology makes governments terrorists anyway. This is beyond madness.

Piereza Josiah : Black Mirror much?

vignesh kr : Let's make emp grenades 😀😀😀

Nonobrmr : anyone notice the swastika, its only there for like one frame 3:06 to 3:07

yeastori : Imagine if the liberal left and their tech company supporters did this. It would be hell for free speech and anyone who spoke out against them and their socialist and fascist beliefs

The Derp Chaos : Ultimate weapon against this? A good helmet

Gavin Milligan : a packa punched thundergun shld work against the bots

DURMUŞ BAYSAL : The colonial states will suffer the consequences of cruelty, massacres and unscrupulous acts to date. The world's greatest and wildest genocide was against North and South American residents. In 1945, atomic bombs that were delivered onto Hiroshima and Nagasaki destroyed more than a hundred thousand people. Also in February 1945, the United States and Britain bombarded Dresden, killing hundreds of thousands of spikes in a few days. Also one cannot do without mentioning the countless persecutions and massacres of the Soviet Union. The Catholic Church has burned many people alive. I now ask: Will all these atrocities, slaughter be unpunished? Of course not! That atheists do not believe in divine justice is not the proof that there is no divine justice. Europe is no longer Jewish-Christian, but paganized. Pagan civilization and morality are rapidly dragging the world and humanity into the Third World War. Western civilization, which is contrary to philosophy, has made the world uninhabitable. In all the heavenly religions, there is a mention of the divine time wars. The world and humanity will be ruined and sank because of their reproach. Could it be said that the Zionists have followed the Torah? Are Christians on the path of Jesus? Their true religion is the Golden Calf. Teachings of Jesus Christ are not all about singing songs in Churches and reading deities. Zionism and the state of Israel which are totally contrary to the Torah will bring terrible disasters to Jews and all humanity. As Kierkegaard said, they spit on his grave, saying, "Jesus." They have followed Satan and Taghut. First and second world wars and the madness of the Soviet Union did not bring their minds to their heads. The brainless civilization that sinks the world but at the same time sends satellite to Mars. Crazy civilization melting polar ice. Civilization invented and discovered nuclear weapons that could destroy mankind not only once but also thousands of times. The civilization of sin, rebellion and pleasure! Today they are fighting against Islam. They may beat Muslims, but they will never be able to defeat Islam. Due to the atonement of the persecutions they do, many European states will be under the rule of Muslims very soon.

Jaminator : *S K Y N E T*

Phd 100 : ALL IS IMPRESSIVE......... But does it come with BLUETOOTH?

Hedgehog : Do you think Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon collecting *Facial Recognition Data* just for fun ?

Benana 101 : and then it gets hacked

Qufox : *But does it have an audio jack ?*

John ETA : Does anyone remember the 1984 Tom Selleck movie called runaway? In that movie they had killer spider robots and also heatseeking bullets that targeted specific people. This is old technology

BLUE MARAUDER : yeah this is obviously from a movie or tv show BUT this shit has been proposed and is very very real as a concept in our reality. they do plan on doing something such as this so againits predictive programming and media reflecting reality.

Seth Adam : Can they pick up the dog poop in the back yard?

No use for lazy people None. : What this man does NOT saying is, someone (person or computer) has to install the parameters for these Killing machines. Who will be doing that, and how much can we TRUST THAT PERSON or COMPUTER? People go "wrong" sometimes. A disgruntled employee, a power hungry jerk or just some KIDS who hacked into the system and BOOM,,Everything goes wrong. AI will be our demise and we don't even know it. How disturbingly Disgusting. Playing GOD, whether you believe in a greater being for NOT, always turns out BAD. ALWAYS.

code samurai : Chances of surviving in America is minimal I can say 0.1%...

fla playa : Anyone who thinks this technology is not available in the present is sadly delusional.

John Parker : Mobile EMP devices would sell like hot cakes.

Jeff LaFlare : What show is this

stephen pack : And who decides who are the bad people maybe we the people???

Jaciel Holguin Chavez : Im confused is this a game or real life

j mangogamming : Tony Stark?

Damodar626 : so i put a minecraft head on and it cant detect me :P

Boom Boom : just put a helmet on they only aim for the head

Carrie Geren - Scoggins : @Jordan Coggburn, They used a "pen and chip," kept out of US media, Senate deemed illegal for govt use, was illegally used in us. The UK even rejected the pen and chip, as did our govt., yet one can note that our big govt., is a worse police state of idiot red necks violating the civil rights of tax payers, than even the Brits!!! That is sad! We knew this before Katherine Albrecht's book "Spy Chips," and how much Edward Snoden exposed, bringing more Senate hearings making all tracking, RFID, and tags, illegal for use by any law enforcement agency, or govt. entity.

aadrianlee : Why would you go to such lengthen's to design some thing to kill people. We need to start putting are minds to gather to make thing that better humanity rather than killing are each other ( ;

potato : *lets stop saving the environment and find better ways to kill each other*

Syrus54 : Here's Steven Hawking's ai nightmare

Phillip Brewster : They want to use AI as a god to rule the world with

SamCat FREEZE_YT : and what if all those well trained boss turns against us and and destroy us all? hun?

Jeff LaFlare : What server is this

jimmy timmy : Shit we're gonna die soon.

ุุ ุ : Who would win? *5 million dollars worth of drones or 1 EMP boi?* 🔌⚡✴️

Britto Augustus : woah! .... This is scary shit! I am closing my windows and curtains as well.

JuicemanKaapp0 Kaapp0Juiceman : i hope + pRay that you can respect youRself aNd be deceNt “Not to pRoud” Of this weak attempt at fooliNg youR owN peopLe.

Jezza : Even though these aren't known to exist (yet), the idea of it is terrifying. If they become real I'm just gonna move to Bolivia or some other undeveloped country and carry around EMP devices on me at all times.

Charles Roberts : Who needs "Skynet" when we have these in the hands of very flawed humans. Individuals and Corporations could get fleets of them. A Brave New World of Big Brother. We are TOAST.

CherryBoo65 Boone : Do they realize they could become the target? Hateful people and that man is bloodthirsty

Joseph Arch : why would someone go through all this to make this fake video

aadrianlee : Who would decide who is a good guy and who is a bad guy. This is very dangerous ( ;


Rob Lee : Get ready cuz this is exactly what they are going to be using against the population in this country!!!! Population control I thought it was a myth but it is true!!!! Even the ones you cheer for every day can't even be trusted cuts when it comes to the enemy they stand useless

Blake B. : 1:10 "this is how it works" *Throws it at the audience*