Palm Sized Flying Killer Robots a.k.a Slaughterbots

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Hedgehog : Do you think Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon collecting *Facial Recognition Data* just for fun ?

Thomas R : The number one defense to those...would be a Tennis Racket...

Ian Hayden : So like that one black mirror episode about the bees

Ulvven : wait people don't understand that this is fake????

SKY DEM0N : hold my beer as I get my emp cannon.

Can we get 5000 subscribers with no videos? : That's so crazy! ill buy 1000

The Derp Chaos : Ultimate weapon against this? A good helmet

Zander Russell : Have you ever had a drone there worst enemy are trees lol

Itsmoosedab Richter : How bout battery life?

Jason Carbon : Just wear a mask to hide your face.

Legendary Junk Mail : The sheer impracticality of those mini-drones alone lets me sleep at night. The requirement of hardware advanced enough to precisely image a persons face for ID, process the data against known targets, avoid any counter-attacks/evasion attempts, and then be *cheap enough to be cost effective in blowing all that up with an explosive* is simply not here yet, and probably wont be for another decade or so. even then, it's still a massive waste of resources.

Harvey Holloway : If it is cheap for governments it will be just as cheap for any one else. Using this technology makes governments terrorists anyway. This is beyond madness.

General Mars : Alright, let's count off all the ways to defeat this things, in descending order of complexity. 1. Remote access and hacking. 2. EM broadcasters 3. Radio/signal interceptors that block transmission. 4. Full on AOE EM pulse. 5. Pinpoint laser point defense. 6. A mask. 7. A helmet. 8. A net.

ROGUEZ3RO : Solution: Big fishing net

Deppengu : This actually sounds highly possible, only bottleneck is the battery in that small unit... soo I guess keep an eye on progress of batteries.

Atlas Games : A fix that could be implemented to stop this is rapid pulse EMP it would only have a short range but it would disrupt the drones systems & allow for protection of targets from these devices, but this could be countered by implementing Faraday cages on the drones which would make them an even bigger problem. Otherwise fight micro murder drones with other machines eg high power focused microwave turrets this would vaporise / burn out the device and wouldn't care much about the drones protective measures, otherwise give the technology security protocols eg. software encryption and activation codes this wouldn't be very effective but would act as a deterrent for people from trying. i think the premise for this is a good one and agree that this is a concept is one we should approach with great caution. ps this is why you'll only find around 7 photos total that i have ever uploaded of myself and have a minimal digital footprint of myself.(yes i am probably a bit too paranoid but still)

Morpheus Christ : Our distopian future is on its way

Jaciel Holguin Chavez : Im confused is this a game or real life

Imperial Arzakovsky : 3:07, swastika

Epic Voice : WE HAVE A NEW NEMEZIS HERE! Coming to us in November's DLC for Marvel's Spider-Man, The Killing Swarm.

Damodar626 : so i put a minecraft head on and it cant detect me :P

Britto Augustus : woah! .... This is scary shit! I am closing my windows and curtains as well.

Demon : To anyone saying "This is fake!" Yeah, the video is fake. But what's not fake is the technology. We have facial recognition right? Okay, that's cleared. We have self learning AI right? If you don't believe me, look up an AI playing the original Mario and beating it, then you'll understand. So, we just need to teach that AI to learn how to pilot a drone, should take, ohhhhh, I don't know, a week? Upload that data online, allowing billions of people to access it, along with any AI they create, put that AI in a drone, give it a specific set of orders with a description, and equip it with the right tools, and guess what... You got yourself a murder drone. We have what we need, we just need someone to take the initiative on it and teach the AI how to do that, which is pretty easy. I can safely say, this is our future. Good luck everyone! Don't do anything illegal or else you'll have a hole in your head, or wherever the drone flies into!

F.B.I Agent : If this was real the UN would ban it and destroy it

valeri kapanadze : i am seriosly teling you people A.I. mast not be a weapon . lets imagen jast imagen thet some banch of crazie psychopaths take some hostiges from civilians and then put lots of explosives around the place where they will hold hostiges, and ewen more imagine thet they put some hourt beat detonators at themselves or spring-action hold in hand detonators( when terorist drops it down - booom!! ) the hostiges are lot maby 70 and this wise little shooting head drons get inside the place then shoot in the head of this stupid terrorists and then what ??? And then spring-action hold in hand detonators drop down from dead terorist hands and then kabooom ! no more save a life hostiges. belive me the SWAT team is more effective then A.I. drones.. the SWAT team is mach more effective . lets not give weapon to maschines people only people can controle who mast be shoot down thet is what i think.

John Parker : Mobile EMP devices would sell like hot cakes.

Rob Lee : Get ready cuz this is exactly what they are going to be using against the population in this country!!!! Population control I thought it was a myth but it is true!!!! Even the ones you cheer for every day can't even be trusted cuts when it comes to the enemy they stand useless

David Jun Laping : Who wil win Dis roubat or a wild flamethrower boi

Dantick09 : Basically wear a mask and have a tennis racket

Archar Rodthong : GPS satellites, UNMANED DRONES, FOOKIN LASER SIGHTS! -Thatcher

Syrus54 : Here's Steven Hawking's ai nightmare

Can we hit 2k subs without any videos? : Just get a big water bucket and boom done

PinchTrap : Ummm, What about flamethrowers? It could possible dmg the interior and could also dmg the system and could be used as a countermeasure. Also Count logically an EMP gun disable the power from the drone?

Luminite : This is not far off from reality.

Evil Boy : I... Is this real?

n gemp : 4:55 anyone else got hella scared of noise

Sam D : 2:19 maybe uhhh idk... cover your face?

The Masked Survivor : Wait don't we have a series of 8 or so movies and games why this is a bad idea

Alfredo Rios : Is this real because i dont think any of us want to die

ุุ ุ : Who would win? *5 million dollars worth of drones or 1 EMP boi?* 🔌⚡✴️


marzeniem moim : We have to delete all of laws and government amd classes

brandon borrasso : HA LMAO "pulls out Netgun"

Alister McCrae : The 5G mobile network and 5G+ is being designed so that devices like these have fast enough speeds and latency so that they can communicate between each other. One of the goals for this is for agriculture so a farmer can control multiple autonomous machines but these fit the scope perfectly. I feel a conspiracy developing!

CherryBoo65 Boone : Do they realize they could become the target? Hateful people and that man is bloodthirsty

OceKat3 : drones: ur gonna die me: emp blast drones: i don't feel so good

1000 subs no video Just comments : Fucking Hackers.

The Muzic Man : GPS Satellites, Unmanned Drones, Fookin lazier sights.

MA1C01M M086AN : Cool

Textapchie101 Mu : oh, these things where ment for a game?