Palm Sized Flying Killer Robots a.k.a Slaughterbots

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Thomas R : The number one defense to those...would be a Tennis Racket...

p51mustangflyer : Is this from a movie?

DeadMistake : *_This is why i armed myself with a pan_*

Andrei Mihai : A week later after the slaughterbots release "water pistols sold out".

Gavin Vi : Good shit, but can it work in a blizzard in Canada?

The Derp Chaos : Ultimate weapon against this? A good helmet

Rafe B : You guys realize this is satire right?

I M S : Can they penetrate my tinfoil hat ?

Kristi Roe Owen : What if they get hacked? Then we would be screwed!

Argie87 : What if I wear a Halloween mask?

Hedgehog : Do you think Facebook, Apple, Google, Amazon collecting *Facial Recognition Data* just for fun ?

Cap’n Salt : If this is real, it’s pretty cool, but really scary too

MC Black Empire : look in the desc epic fail win vines pewdiepie "logan paul"

Charge Airsoft : A weapon that does not let someone surrender - a mindless machine that will give you no second chance.

Lazy Reaper : Ez: Just wear a suicide bomb vest except it shouldn't be rigged with bombs, it should be rigged with a EMP that can activate with a button push.

Harvey Holloway : If it is cheap for governments it will be just as cheap for any one else. Using this technology makes governments terrorists anyway. This is beyond madness.

Desperado Lighfoot : This is sick, just inventing this is sick!!

RackAttackGamer : I've got news for everybody who is taking comfort that this is " " " " just a movie " " " " (or whatever)... If it can be thought up for a movie, it can be done in real life. I'm familiar enough with drones and coding to say that these things CAN be really made. Which is enough to say that someone, somewhere HAS indeed made them. No military that CAN have these would decide not to make them. So, forgo your comfort. And beware.

Toxi 2209 : EMP Bombs woud kill the robots

DAVID HAS A YOUTUBE CHANNEL : Now humans need to start making a TESLA like towers that would ZAP these if they are in range Or titanium helmets

WakeUpRiseUp : "If we can't defend ourselves we have to strike back!".... But wait, they just said they didn't know who it was! "It was Russia! Of course!".

Shawn Hamlin : A. I. "Slaughterbots" under their own control. Acting both independently and collectively all the while learning how to be more efficient killing machines. I love how they profile their targets. Makes me feel so much more safe and optimistic about the future. If humanity decides to leave A. I. to it's own devices without isolation and control then we are naive and insane. To simply believe that A. I. will behave itself is ridiculous.

carlos estrada : I have 4 invisible alien bodyguards that don't let noooooothing happen to me. They read minds quicker then you can see the sun n the moon and use blue energy weapons to zap your ass to another dimension..first time I seen them they literally appear in front of my eyes and they don't speak with words ...I've seen them split people apart and just melt away my problems to just ashes and smoke ..I just want to share that in life we look alone but there are others around that exist for different's all about the universe and how we will travel it in each life that we live ..

Keith Lynch : If this is not a real video, it's only because the reality hasn't been leaked yet! There is a slaughterbot coming to a human near you!

Damodar626 : so i put a minecraft head on and it cant detect me :P

Jason Ray : Easy to kill all evil celebrities

Sig Urther : Technology bad. Leftist propaganda good. Beep boop beep.

Michael Vaughn : our definition of progress has is deeply marred

Doctor W. Richthofen : you know an EMP could be nice

John Parker : Mobile EMP devices would sell like hot cakes.

Tori Williams : Looks like Im Gonna need a bigger fly swatter 🤦🏾‍♂️😵🤔😂😂😂

Jed Sparks : Only time. It only takes (1) evil narcissistic psychopath & there are millions of them out there. ONLY TIME.

Madd Genome : I thought this was real up until the part where they showed the bots killing the criminals on film

Joseph Taylor : It’s like the hated in the nation black mirror episode

ุุ ุ : Who would win? *5 million dollars worth of drones or 1 EMP boi?* 🔌⚡✴️

Usksu - : Lmao you just need one emp and it’s all over

LIL KING2002 : Black mirror

ΛZΞ boi : Just turn off the internet

Seb Lemery : Well someone has to make a portable emp for sale, super cheap, so everyone can have one.

Syrus54 : Here's Steven Hawking's ai nightmare

Nkosi Rooms : We're all ways looking for new ways to kill someone. Yet we call our selves humans.

dee browne : It's from a talk given at Las Vegas tech convention. And thank god it's not real yet. It's was supposed to show people how far this autonomous A'i weaponry can go if left unregulated.

Dante Gabriel : É o fim da era dos homens

Obsodaut : The drones in this movie would be less efficient than the weapons we already use in war today. We have chemical and nuclear weapons that could kill more people quicker and cheaper with much simpler manufacturing. People who are scared of the future should be more scared of the present.

Kim Jerbo : cool but does it have a headphone jack?

Damian Wingate : Friendly reminder because no ones saying this that this is fake so dont worry :-)

PNG_Gamer : i'l take you entire stock

Kurt_g : Broo those are man hacks from hl2

Pubert, Richard Cheese the 1st : Good concept ,bro🙄 , crappy theatrics

Ian Hayden : So like that one black mirror episode about the bees