Kawhi Leonard's laugh as NBA on NBC theme song

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Kawhi Leonard's laugh as NBA on NBC theme song Like+Subscribe+Comment Creds to @tole_cover on Twitter.


Somali Kamikaze : LMAO. The one time you decide to open up to the media and you become a meme.

The Diabolical One : Seriously though, The NBA needs to bring back that NBA on NBC theme song

Zach Lahrache : This is why this man never wants to be in front of the media lol

b499 : i think this just ended my crippling depression

SupremeMystique : LMAO when it high pitch, I died.

Gideon Nikos Liquid : Came here from r/NBA Did not disappoint

GalacticFlqmes_ : Doctor: You Have 24 Seconds To Live Me:

Gwynbleidd : Go to sleep nephews. BASKETBALL IS BACK TODAY

Jerky McJerkison : I'm the only NBA fan at my job. This is the hardest I've ever had to stifle a laugh. I'm literally covering my face, holding my stomach under my desk!

sNNNNNable : The internet is a pretty amazing place. I'm glad we're all alive at this time in the universe to witness things like this

Kristop Zorpingis : Whoever made this, I love you.

Dan S : Didn't know how much I needed this

Suburbansanity : well i guess this is the new best video on youtube then

IG: Spyda_337 : Bro this my ringtone

alan tao : One day, Kawhi will looked back and say : "That one right there made me the greatest player of all-time"

ZzroyalflushzZ : 1.25 playback speed. Thank me later

iMixMaSteR1 : You killed me at 0:15 thx

Adarsh Saranathan : This is my ringtone from now on

J D : You win the internet today, good sir

ROYALwithCHEESE 1 : Whoever made this, you the real MVP

Aelfscyne : I haven't laughed this hard in a while. Well played!!!

Snowy So-Lo : Probably the best goddamn thing I have ever witnessed...EVER.

U MAD BRO? : This cured my depression.

Jonathon Combs : Only 1 downvote...wonder who that could be.

anime caveman : This is ART!

bakedwithrealchez : I'm legit crying from laughing right now.

Jay Cas : That shit was scary. I don't ever wanna hear this dude laugh ever again.

iran lassninja : Kawhi leonard is secretly Jesus in disguise He got traded to the raptors for our sins

Tobi Ogunyemi : We definitely need the NBA back on NBC now....

Pashalis Zisis : I m weak

QuentinDude : Its like Reggie Miller said on Dan Patricks show after he played this that the internet is undefeated and always will be lol

tevster1316 : Didn’t realize Kawhi sang the theme for Tank Bowl

Minoru Mineta : The greatest clip YouTube recommended to me.

Deva_ Station31 : Lol my stomach hurts.

TI : The internet plays too much 😂😂

R8ed Rmy : I can't stress how much I love this video

Jay Bourne : and yall wonder why this nijja aint got no social media. One interview and yall thrash him. keep em comin!

Mat Mar : I cant stop laughing hahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Flynn : The ending is so intense

祝偉倫 : Need 10 hours loop version plz

The Hernandez's : Greatest Song Ever

Caley Kruse : Massive W

Michelle M : Im still laughing to this day in February😂

weekendroady : Dan Patrick Show FTW

Jack Brown : One of the best videos on YouTube

KYNG CAS : When it goes to the high pitch voice I lost it😂😂😂

Gharian Price : I love this

Kevin Binder : Imagine UrinatingTree playing this for a tank bowl.

Jordan Fabula : Can't believe someone made this, this really brought back memories for me of my days watching the NBA in the 90's. Genius!