᚛ᚈᚑᚋ ᚄᚉᚑᚈᚈ᚜ and ᚛ᚑᚌᚐᚋ᚜

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Tom Scott : An alternate title for this video was "The Space That Isn't A Space", but that's a bit more difficult to translate into Ogham. Thanks again to all the team at the British Museum!

Ignideus : This video is gonna be hell to try and search for later

Jordan Crandall : Tom I thought we were done with these unicode disasters

Taikamuna : Is that title supposed to say something?

vptes1 : And of course unicode/utf8 supports it...

vptes1 : Oh crap in js /\s/.test(' ') == true. Tom is right!! :P

Michael Name : Oh, i see. That's why they make all those "edge" phones. To properly display Ogham.

Gavers23 : Are you trying to crash our phones again?

HugoH : Yes Tom, tell me about rectangle-rectangle-rectangle and rectangle-rectangle rectangle

Mister Apple : 2:14 Where are the options for I Don't Know and Can You Repeat the Question?

Mark : Oh great, now American hipsters are going to be getting tattoos of Ogham now because they are 1/28th Irish. Cheers Tom.

Dagwoodland : The title translates to “Tom Scott and Ogam”.

Alexander F : Unicode really has to be considered one of the greatest accomplishments of the modern world. The fact that I can easily switch between English and 日本語 and expect virtually everyone who encounters those characters to see them rendered correctly is astounding. People under maybe 15 have probably never encountered a webpage full of broken unreadable encodings for an unsupported text standard.

Ayush Upadhyay : This language remind me of that alien language from movie *Arrival* Except space, that language have absence of time.

Nico Jones Gödel : Hi Tom, I'm Catalonian, and I thought this might interest you. In Catalonia we have the double L (meravella - miracle) and the "L geminada" (lit: doubled L), which we write with a dot (l·l) as in Paral·lel. (and it's pronounced like the italian ll). The interesting thing is that the dot · IS actually a breaking space: if a word doesn't fit on the line, it can be separated, whereas a double-L can never be separated: Me-ra-ve-lla, but a double L can: Pa-ral-lel. And, in that case, you don't write the dot and use the hyphen instead... but there can never be a confusion! isn't that neat?

Lúcás Ó Daimhín : It's nice to hear you talking about Irish history. I feel it's often underappreciated so thank you.

honyburger123 : I don't think Chromecast supports the text in the title. It's rectangles with crosses in them

GoDzM4TT3O : Title says “Tom scott” and “Ogham”. Thank me later. Also yes, if you search “Tom scott and Ogham”, this video will come up.

T2SF : I'd really like to see academic papers folded like accordions to write Ogham.

NonExistant : Hmm. Yes. I can totally understand and see what the title is.

Number_055 : And of course, unicode supports this 15,000 year old script.

Oxi : Omg, I thought it was a kebab in the thumbnail :D

Ryan Patterson : What about underlined Roman text? I believe that works identically. A continuous underline is drawn through "empty" space characters and when the text wraps to a new line, the underline is terminated and continued with the text on the following line.

klop422 : Zero-width space is also nice to stop programs from turning your emoticons into emoji

HowdeeTMM : ᚛ᚈᚑᚋ ᚉᚈᚈ᚜ ??? ᚛ᚑᚋ᚜

GreyJolly : But was that something that I might not have known? Hey Vsauce, Tom here, but what is something?

_Bob McCoy : *Captcha has joined the chat*

TruelyJohn64 : Wish I could read the title...

Rian Young : I used to have a necklace with my name carved in Ogham. Growing up in Ireland...

Pranav Bhasin : Clicked on the thumbnail because I thought the video was going to be about Chocolate cake

saber7ooth : Boxes and less boxes

Järvi : Tom, you're conflating language with writing system/orthography here!

Sergi Monserrat Mascaró : Pel·lícula, cèl·lula, goril·la, il·lustració, mol·lusc, oscil·lació, novel·la, il·lusió, el·lipse, papil·la, cal·ligrafia, col·lecció, col·loïdal, clorofil·la, constel·lació, cristal·lí, síl·laba, il·legal, lamel·la, salmonel·la, mil·límetre, pol·linitzar, pol·lució, camamil·la

s6th : More language! Thank you so much, Tom!

spikeman4pres : Can we get more Tom Scott at the British Museum?

Kye Talks : Hey for once I actually knew about this thing before an educational video on it!! But that's because I'm [Irish] Druid, so ogham staves are a thing.... You end up needing to be able to read it to use em. I'm not very good with them yet..... (Druidry as in the pagan religion.... Lots of pagan religions that got wiped out by Christianity are kinda making a comeback. You can think it's dumb if you want but it's just what I believe. I personally think that if your religion isn't hurting anyone and gives you spiritual fulfilment then hey, it's valid. I don't care if you worship a flying spaghetti monster, just so long as you respect my religion too.)


Airguardian : 2:57 Catalan! :D

enter_a_nickname16 : Bruh why the title a bunch of boxes?

Adam Engberg : My favourite space character is Buzz Lightyear,

Lawrence Calablaster : Tom, ogham is one of my favourite things. Thank you for making this video.

AntonioKowatsch : I feel like a mega-nerd because I already knew everything about Ogham. I learned about it when I was in 8th grade. Ever since I read The Hobbit I became obsessed with ancient languages and writing systems. I am also affiliated with one of the oldest Irish clans. So far I mastered cuneiform, all the runic alphabets (even fictional ones like Tolkien's dwarf runes), Ogham, and Ge'ez.

h w a s a - e n t h u s i a s t : I love getting educated through your channel :^)

Nice name : When you want to swear in Roblox

ydmf2 : Looks like gyro meat...

Reckless Roges : Ogham Geee!

Dylan Minett : Video about why you hate The Wirral? (Greetings from Wirral)

mMMM SNIpPERCLIPs : It’s not loss

SirBanana : ᚆ ᚇ ᚇ ᚆᚁ

Mechafinch Personal : The title text reminds me of Artifexian