The science of cells that never get old | Elizabeth Blackburn

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Faiza : This was an extremely interesting talk.

Kenny S : This talk is life changing.

Maurício Gerhardt : Now we just have to defeat cancer and we'll be immortal. Until then, don't get stressed and meditate.

Chocs nsocks : A wonderful science talk that engages from start to end with an incredible message!

ShePudding : Calling pond scum cute? No. *She* is cute, in a kindly mother kinda way. I kept thinking “It’s okay! Keep going! You’re doing great!” when she stumbles, but she got through it. :) Oh. Also: good info. Very interesting. Cool cool. 😎👍

Natalie Gil : What a great talk, I find it wonderful how people arent actually wasting their time, at least not all of us.

Tech Stream : How does our nutrition affect our telomeres?? Animal based in contrast with Plant based???

Benjamin Fisher : At least i know what Hillary is up to after the Election

Fapnado : Its always great when science proves right ancient philosophies

Prakhar Awasthi : This is one of the best Ted talk I have ever seen. Wonderful

Adam Mortimer : I’m glad we are back to the classic Ted talks. I find it fascinating that science continually seems to confirm that stress is a leading cause of disease and the power of meditation Is reaffirmed again and again as a powerful tool against stress. I had a doctor that read thousands of scientific journals and he told me that stress is the root of many diseases. She did a great job. She is brilliant. I am so grateful to the amazing women and men of the science community that are working so hard to improve the leangth and quality of human life.

Huy Savage : for some reason she reminds me of an owl

Toon M : Looked like Hillary Clinton in the thumbnail.

MrTommy4000 : to paraphrase... don't worry, be happy

lonar30 : She looks very sweet and intelligent woman...

Chris Hart : I still remember going to a lecture in the 9th grade about 25years ago at Purdue University where a good portion of the lecture was about telomeres, aging & cancer. Super interesting then, still interesting now.

The Terrible Puddle : My god I thought it was Hillary at first

Mola Diver : About 22 years ago I wrote a paper in school about telomeres. I still remember how they caught my attention back then. It's just incredible to see how people such as yourself decide to devote their lives to this topic. Respectfully, you seem to be a very joyful and positive person by nature so I hope that means your telomeres still allow you to conduct many more years of research. Thank you very much Elizabeth for this incredibly informative and inspiring talk!

MisterRabbitEars : Fittingly enough, those who gave this talk a thumbs down fit the speaker's description of the short-telomere crowd.

bj0rn : Her conclusion is much more general than the rest of her talk. She's basically begging politicians and the public to fund curious researchers who wants to explore the unknown rather than only research where we are able to predict clear applications. The thing about research is that we don't really know where we are going, and unexpected applications often come afterwards, so it may be unwise and perhaps wasteful to only fund easily motivated research.

Alex Park : Too bad that powerful corrupt elites will get this first.

David Hoar : I love this lady! She has a silly vibe to her despite being so knowledgeable and intelligent. Amazing point being made as well, I don't want to undermine what she's talking about, it's the correlation between your own thoughts and your body.

Ch 17 : Fascinating field of study. I like TED talks focused on science and research.

Leo Chen : Mitochondria is the powerhouse of cells

Sean Petrovic : wow amazing! loved it

Bauss : so smoke weed and relax

Moamin Aljaro : Wow

BMX: All Encompassing : One of the most engaging TED talks I've heard

Julia Gabrielle : So wonderful !

leadfoot9x : *Where have I heard that the impact of telomere length on health has been exaggerated, and that most people don't actually reach an age where it becomes relevant?*

saadick hurre : Thanks toTed Talks and to this great Scientist.

Karan Singh : Nice

Ryan Clark : Now I'm stressed out...

Mempo : that was incredibly good! ty for the video :)

TheNicoliyah : What a fascinating lecture! 😁👏🏾

Kikino : Bravo! Amazing talk

Suharsh Tyagi : What an amazing talk

Ghengis Tron : Hillary Clinton if she had a soul

TOXIC VOID : Under 50 views✋✋

William Ng : maybe time to upgrade my monitor, just looking @ thumbnail i thought is Hilary

Carrie Perkins : I'm forty five and studying gcse biology. The more I learn the more incredible our world becomes. The more I learn the more I can understand what people like Elizabeth are devoting their lives to understanding. Thanks Ted Talks.

Michael Beaderstadt : Man shall not live by bread alone. But by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. Matt 4:4.

N Silva : Gives new meaning to the expression 'unraveling from all the stress'.

FellonyZz : Great talk!

Birgit Fischer : Now with the Nobel prize proven: From the mind, the attitude towards distressing situations into the cells ... wow what an amazing scientist lady gives us her insights on how to enhance our youth "inside". Thank you, great share!

Elizabeth Henkel : Truly fascinating!

Snehal Kolhekar : Mind blowing

Ogunsade Benjamin Adeiyin : This is awesome. Good news is indeed health to bones and a joyful heart is good medicine (KJV Bible).

Abderahman Hamdy : TED .. I love u 😊💝

Sim Mahon : Not sure how she has picked up a South African accent in Hobart but a fascinating listen.