Hammer VS Crusher,which will win?鐵錘VS粉碎機,結局誰也想不到!shredder! 撕碎機!破碎機!चक्की!
Crush and smash

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What happens when the shredder fights against the hammer? The crusher is dangerous, please don't imitate it! 當粉碎機遇上鐵錘,結局會怎樣?粉碎機危險,請勿模仿!


Someone : 3:05 putting your hand there doesn't seem like the best idea..

HDSurfTV : 3:04 NEVER EVER DO THAT!!! (Use a stick or something, not your hand)

Raj Kumar : YouTube: let me recommend you something, so I can waste your time

Maxim Edwards : Hammer vs crusher, which will win?, neither----Total click bait.

Sabroso Lopez : 0:22 that spring could have killed you, be careful man

Jack Ripper : 0:21 Next video: Human Skull vs Suspension Strut, which will win?

Fastboy79 : Definitely just reach in there and play that game...jeez what the f are you thinking!?

Gavin Playz : 0:29 rare footage of me eating chips at 3am

saurav prasad singh : This near my railway station....i know this place

デッドエゼキエル : Reminds me the last scene of “The Texas chainsaw massacre” where he falls into one of these 💀💀

Live Today : Please make an video "Human vs. crusher"

Allen Grundmeier : Well, their life is t worth much anyway.... according to their own actions.

IMPERIAL N1KWVP : You keep playing with that watch your hand get stuck thatl be it for you my friend

MéhdiNe - Chemin Serein : 3:45 SCARY.... !!! (0_0)

Maharashtra desha strong militory : Chinease product what u expect

Chetan Bharti : Looks like a Wrong turn movie😓

Nhadu Phot : Clickbait ! No hammer was crushed.

Edgar Figaro : 3:04 OMG please keep your hands away from that thing :)

Erodoeht : First, you're stupid for sticking your hand in there. Smarten up Second, the hammer wasnt even a part of it. You showed a sledgehammer for 5 seconds that didn't even move

Anthony Krokus : This is the best shred video so far, no stupid intro music, no reverse, just stoic shredding.

_ z.w.009 : Some how I was watching rat traps than I ended up here. lol

Deputy Stage : 0:29 how my gf eats chips in the middle of a movie. 😂😒

christian davis : If these machines are in China I promise you there's been human parts run through them. On accident of course. China = ZERO safety.

Largest Classifieds : Even Terminator is scared of this machine

Crashism : Literally nobody: Youtube recommendations : hammer vs crusher maybe?

freddy boswel : Click bait.. Thanks YouTube.. 🤨

freddy boswel : Click bait.. Thanks YouTube.. 🤨

Zubair Anwer : Spoiler: It’s a draw.

Xylee Bryle : plsss give us the phone bro.😢

ImprovingShooter : These guys are a wet dream for an OSHA inspector.

K.I.Visions : Am I the only one get jolts through my body picturing if a body part is in it?

J M : 3:05 putting your hand there doesn't seem like the best idea

freddy boswel : Absolutely NO. Hammer's harmed in the making of this video.. 👎

Jose Diaz : Planet Earth liked this video :)

Markuss One : If any part of your body gets snagged by this thing you better hope someone can shut it off lightening fast or your done. A workmate of mine got his shirt sleeve caught in a spinning lathe. Within a second there was nothing left of him and that lathe did not even slow down. These machines have no mercy at all. You don't get a second chance

Spiro Lagousis : No match for my mother in law , she would jam that machine

Joe Black : The guy would not be sticking his hand near the crusher if he ever saw a thumb and tendons get ripped out all the way from the elbow.

Mot Cub Craft : Como Cuando Ves Un Video Y Todos Los Comentarias Estan En Ingles, Like Si Hablas Español.😎.

Mark Rodrigue : 3:00😟😟😟🤯🤯🤯🤯dude put his hand there???? Why bro?? .thats insane What is he?? immuned by stupidity??

Tito Roski : I felt for the fan. She could feel it, I swear!


Marc Obet : putting hand instead of using a bar?? ...chinese people always working safely...LOL

METAL HEAD : What if you put john wicks puppy in there

Michael Shumaker : corrupt politicians should be place here..🤣🤣

AMAN J : Will this crush my wiwi when it's hard like rock

Travis k : I like to figure out what the stuff is. Like the frame of an easy up at 3:25

Ανεξίτηλος : Literally nobody: Youtube: Lets recommend completly random videos...

D Loui : next time, put a nuclear war head in it and post us a vlog to see how it went.....

Mikey Castro : Haha cant believe i stuck around for nothing!!