Norm Macdonald and Jimmy Test Steve Higgins' Charades Skills

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The Hurricane : When Quest starts laughing 😂😭

Nico Ceja : Norm is in the same category as Bill Murray for me, as a far as just effortlessly cool and hilarious

sheablack311 : leave it to Norm to do probably the edgiest segment that has ever been done on that show.

Boondock : BAHAHAHAHAHA the audience doesnt get Norm

TheTelepathicKid : Norm is one of the funniest men alive. He doesn't seem to have much wiggle room with his type of dry comedy as he does on Conan (or as he used to on Letterman), but it's still great to see him on these talk shows.

katemakesvideo : Higgins and Jimmy are so in sync, may they be TV partners forever

Conor McCabe : Norm owns every interview he does. A true comic legend!!

erinbethany : i cannot deal with the greatness that is norm macdonald omfg

Dream1ng : lol I miss Norm. He's the best.

Markadore : Quest's laugh


Hakim : I have the same body as Steve . I'm 21

Cole Tadlock : Lmao. So genius, I love Higgins.

Terrible Crayon : Norm wrote "Celebrity Jeopardy"? No wonder it was so funny.

anon thanks : "This is eleven thirty! ! This isn't Seth Meyers! " <---- i think he made this whole bit around that idea

Nick R. : I love Fallon's show but it is far too scripted and rehearsed for Norm to be in his natural, talk-show element.

Ericaaa : "This is 11:30! This isn't Seth Myers" LOOL

splashpont : This takes charades to a whole new level!

Ethan Worthington : Jimmy's audience doesn't understand.

TheLoneWolf : he was way funnier on conan

E K : this.....the crowd can't handle eyes are watering...when Norm is on man...look out. Higgins was awesome.

Terry Kane : its hard to find funny,cause its rehearsed .

verbaledge : only way to get me to watch fallon is have norm on apparently. i see his clips all the time and this is the first time i ever clicked on one

robin jonker : HAHAHA Rolling dice, Higgens you're a legend XD

wisemania13 : Norm is by far the funniest man alive!!!

Paul Thomas : "This isn't Seth Myers!" haha

Mr. Quote on Quote : Norm MacDonald's a legend

Faith Welton : Aahahhahahahah this was hilarious

um broog : Norm is a comedy legend, for real.

Dylan Burgess : That makes too much sense that Norm and Higgins were the ones who started Celebrity Jeopardy on SNL.

CoolsBreeze : I swear Higgins is so witty and funny especially with the dirty jokes lol.

Beast Mode : i love when questlove laughs

juffan : Aside from Higgins doing this same bit on the show before, it's pretty revealing how a comic genius like Norm can come across so watered down on a show with as much edge as a marshmallow

Aly Dematti : Quest's laughing made this even funnier XD

Shashank Prasad : He is a legend Jimmy should have stood up for him #iamwithNorm

Kingjamescorona1 : I remember being on a greyhound bus with norm once, he farted and blamed it on a non-English peaking Mexican. What a real Jerk.

luuke luketer : Remember...........Norm MacDonald wrote Celebrity Jeopardy'.....Silverback

Morgan Bellavia : My 18 year old sister has the weirdest crush on Norm.

Jose andres Mata : Nice to hear Jimmy Fallon's real laugh for once. Thanks Norm.

MEMESAREDEAD : Who is Andre the Giant?

David Levy : Fallon doesn't know how to treat Norm as a guest for maximum goodness, and Fallon's audience isn't gonna catch Harpo Marx references.

Keith Greenan : Norm is one of the best talk show guests, the best of all time was Robin Williams. I wish he would start up his podcast again.

Freekstar : hahaha, this was so funny xD and awkward :<

El-Waeli Productions : "This is 11:30, this isn't seth mayers " 😂😂😂😂

Soda : I love Norm!

jamal : Who jackie?

Cool Hand Luke : lol, The Roots loved this

MsShELJaNe : Higgins should do more charades on the show lol

TheHawk2001 : did norm chip his front teeth or something?

Lexi Love : I'm making sure the bathwater is the right temperature for the baby!  XD..Higgins is a charades master. You know only thing that would have made this funnier is if they had Higgins playing this game in front of a bunch of elementary school kids and see what funny cute answers they come up with for what he was doing. Adults see things much differently than children do but either way I bet kids responses would have been funny and adorable and show which kids have this so called "disease" and which don't. ;) Enough with the PCness anyway its on 11:30 at night if parents are letting their kids stay up that late to begin with to watch the show then trust me this charades is the least offensive thing kids could be watching on TV that late at night anyway especially if they have cable, and the internet is much worst then this and thats 24/7 so I'm sure kids can handle it. :P