Land Before Time: Littlefoot's Mother Dies.

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KingGigabyte : This is sadder than Bambi's mom and Mufasa's death by about 10x

BellaNocturne : 25 years later and this caused me to cry just as hard as it did back then.

Sean Wade : I saw this movie when it came out. I was 5. I teared up then when this scene played, at 27 I tear up now. LBT is a powerful film about loss, hope, and friendship that every kid needs to watch.

Jonathan Larsson : The definition of an exceptional childhood movie: If it still gives you the feels as an adult.

Ben Fisher : Those damn onions snuck up on me again..

Clare Coleman : I'm 30 years old and I still can't watch the film without sobbing at this part 😢

Shanine Jackman : Sadder than any Disney film's death

max W : mufasas death? HA!!!!, you know nothing child. this scene tears me up each time... i would know I have about as much emotion as a robot.

phoenixsplash135 : I legit still get super upset just thinking about this


Richard Taylor : This was the source of much childhood angst for me. One time while we were driving home from dropping my older siblings off at school I just broke down sobbing telling my mom that I didn't want her to die...

BearclawsX : This was the first movie that i ever cried to... I was 4 or 5 years old...

Arak Drakoniz : This scene was very reminiscent of when I sat by my close friend when she passed away as I held her hand. I immediately started to feel lost without her considering that she taught me a lot.

Mella Bella : I can't watch this without sobbing! I cry more and more the older I get. 😩

BeanBag343 : Hey who left this bowl of onions here?

tranquelmischief : That line delivery "I'll be with you" at 1:10 with that music just pulls all major and minor emotional energies to your eyeballs.

Echosix Mock : Not gonna cry... DAMN IT!

Burton Pierre : I cry every time this scene comes up

ReduxEditor335 : *JURASSIC WORLD (mild) SPOILER* When Chris and Bryce were comforting that dying apatosaurus, this scene was all I was thinking about... :'(

Raptorguy 64 : So there are like loads of people who cried when Simba saw his own dad die in the lion king. Loads of people died inside when they saw Bambi's mom get shot. BUT THIS... THIS MOMENT IN MY CHILDHOOD DESTROYED ME

miklas1911 : It's at times like these that you need Chandler to pop his head in and say: "Yes, it was very sad when the guy stopped drawing the Apatosaurus...", just to lighten the mood.

Forgotten Memory : (Getting Emotional), *deep breath*...

Queen Bee : Anyone who doesn't bawl their eyes out over this scene just isn't human in my opinion lol - I've never been able to get through this movie scene without crying ;'(

Alan Hardman : Don Bluth...Sadistic Crazy man who created one of the greatest animations ever sicko making me cry over a dinosaur and mice!

Dutchie M : My first feel god I wish I was a child again. :(

Dragonite Dragonborn : i am 20 years old and this scene still makes me sad :( but great movie

Cyber Jackalope : DISNEY: "We're gonna kill Bambi's mother off-screen." DON BLUTH: "We're gonna cast a shadow on Littlefoot of the Sharptooth ripping a chunk out of his mother's back, then have them exchange last words in the rain as the camera slowly pulls out."

HotWax93 : "Mother!  Mother!"  Reminds me of Bambi... ...Such a shame that there aren't more animators like Don Bluth who aren't afraid to take risks.

Ben Wood : am i the only one that thinks that the music that plays as littlefoot's mom dies sounds partially like the main theme of fire emblem?

Soldier of Light : I watched this when I was 6 and since then I had dreams related to this movie...I stopped watching the movie until I saw the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Saddest Nostalgic Moment two years ago. Then...came the dying apatosaurus from Jurassic World and I had a thought of crying at both scenes...which I kept in check.

dovalle : R.I.P. James Horner

seegrub62 : I think what hit me hardest about this scene was when she said "I'll be with you, even if you can't see me." That's some real shit.. *tears up*

ECERD : Bear grylls would be up all over that. "Your mother has a lot of proteins, littlefoot"

Hpool777 : This would make chuck norris cry

Cheo Wesley : Damn! Talk about having your heart ripped out! This scene was just so sad!

Michael Ciccolella : Holy crap as soon as it starts playing I started to tear up... You gotta be kidding me.

lonesoul 1428 : Why?! This scene has me bawling like a baby every time!!!

SpinJ678 : Oh god, this scene back repressed childhood memories of me crying like a faucet over this scene. It is right up there with Bambi, Homeward bound, Neverending Story, and Fox and the Hound. Hell even as I type this i'm freaking tearing up, I think I need a tissue... And a hug. =(

The Hungry Troll : :'(   there is no sadder moment in the history of TV

Jeremy Langford : It listen closely :D

jon powell : "let your heart guide you, it whispers so listen closely." I can't help but feel in the bottom of my heart that when my mother leaves this world (and i pray that won't be anytime soon) that they could be the last thing she ever teaches me because that's the kind of woman she's always been.

Addison W : It took exactly 10 seconds for me to cry

MrSilencer11 : and thus, my first ever manly tears showed up

Kinsley 10791 : gets me every time :'(

Hymer300 : Epic cry :'(

Charlotte92 : The Land Before Time-movies > The Land Before Time Tv-show by 1 million %

Joey Durborow : This Scene got me so bad. I cried for several days.

Frank Tovar : Top 10 animei sadest anime deaths

Clarissa Mendoza : My grandma and my grandpa died my grandma died in 2005 and my grandpa died in 2014 :-(