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Didn't intend for this to be so long, a bit of documentary I guess. If you want to watch this in parts, here ya go :) 0:00 Intro 2:27 Chapter 1 - First Blood (Leafy/Pyro) 7:32 Chapter 2 - A friend in need (PewDiePie N word) 10:35 Chapter 3 - The Dangerous Double-Down (Keem/Scarce) 21:01 Chapter 4 - Dance Monkey, Dance (Jontron/Jimmy Lee) 37:18 Chapter 5 - Superiority Complex (William Osman/Bill Burr) 49:59 Bonus Goof (Idea thief accusations) 52:33 Chapter 6 - Cash Over Content (Podcast money) 59:04 Chapter 7 - Unfunny Repetitive Cancer (H3 Joke) 1:06:29 Chapter 8 - Why so serious? (Politics and hypocrisy) 1:18:58 Chapter 9 - DEATH (Shoenice abuse) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revisions - 38:03 Captain Disillusion had less than a million subs when he was invited. - 1:11:46 During the Chinese New Year many factories take the entire month off. - The JonTron segment was cut too liberally in hindsight, I encourage you to form your own opinion by watching the unedited conversation here: Thanks to Starkilla for pointing out the errors: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shoutout to my discord: Thanks to the following people for help: Memeology 101: Former Officer: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click Here To Subscribe :D Twitter ► Facebook ► Snapchat ► Gokanaru ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally thought this would be 30min... I'll get better I swear. Ethan's not beyond saving yet, drop the podcast and the problem's solved. I do speak as a defunct fan, the guy sincerely needs to stop writing off criticism as hate. My delivery is harsh because I think he needs it to be. Enh idk, what do you think? -----The skits were an attempt to create an overarching narrative, in retrospect they were in poor taste. These are real people and in the future I will likely be more intelligent in my approach. To anyone who thinks I actually wish ill will upon Ethan, the idea was to give the guy a bit of a metaphorical ego death, in no way do I hold malice toward him.---- *The guy at the end is not Shoenice's actual son.*


ThatLoneWolfGuy : I've always liked H3H3 tbh but this really opened my eyes. That section where Jon is trying so hard to deflect without losing his shit or making it insanely awkward is painful to watch. That's just... man idk why he did that

BlueSkies -OW : Damn, Keem was surprisingly smart in his response.

Asriel Carter : The jontron part gave me actual pain, I'm so sorry jon...

CazaClaw : Jesus the Jontron interview was awful but the Jimmylee one was even worse. I feel awful for that poor guy (must of been super awkward for the cameraman to)

Lenny/251/ : Is this worth watching? EDIT: It is. Its worth watching

Yes No : You can tell Hila doesn't want him to say all this by the looks she gives him whenever he crosses the line...

Arch Knight : I miss the old Ethan Straight from Israel Ethan I hate the new Ethan Pretty hypocritical Ethan

A man with one hand : As a longtime former fan of h3h3, thank you for this video.

David Santana : I believe you are actually Logan Paul from an alternate universe hell bent on destroying h3h3 for ruining your career back in your universe

Moon Man : The stuff with Bill Burr is what happens when a jackass who thinks he's funny interviews a genuinely talented and quick-witted comedian.

aneesh : Bill burr owned him,

weizi zhang : Man, watching this is really depressing, I loved watching H3H3 and honestly thought he is a good person. So sad

Asher Morgenroth : I felt super bad for JonTron, oml.

Laet Nore : They finally became the one thing they hated. Ironic.

This guy : Jontron is literally on the verge of crying and yet he presses on.

Pizza Brian : finally a full length documentary movie about the downward spiral of ethan klein

Criz B : Wow, watching the JonTron part depressed me dude, he clearly didn't wanted to talk about the live stream incident and Ethan clearly enjoyed tearing him apart

Julio Chavez : This legitimately opened my eyes to see what kind of person ethan and hila are. I loved them as entertainers but i cant help but think about all the info in this video everytime they pop up

Encon 7 : Ian's Content Cop feels bootlegged after watching this

El Chapo : I felt my organs actually shut down during the JonTron part

Nils Maas : 1:01:22 that part when you managed to fit a clip of idubbz video in with the exact same situation response. Bravo my man, subbed

Firkraag 444 : Painful to watch for an h3 viewer. I need to agree.

Anime McAnimeFace : WAIT does this dude really have "How have you been?" as a talking point? He couldn't just ask that out of common courtesy?

Dan iel : Man the Jimmu Lee one was so mean. That man was actually really nice and he treated him just like a living meme.

TNVK Music : Ethan has become the exact type of person he used to mock

Meme : This video was anti-semitic. How dare you call Ethan, the man who is close to being 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, 2-Faced, lying, greedy, hypocritical, unempathetic, and usurious? 11/10 would watch again.

I dont identify as a yellow raccoon : 31:12 I don't think Hila is just as bad as ethan. I think Hila doesnt know what to do in this situation while having a mental obligation (as his wife) to just go with what ethan does. Ethan has a more thought out agenda though and he knows more what hes doing (when its not right).

TwentyNine : Yeah, the Jimmy Lee episode really turned me off of the podcast. Felt so bad for the guy.

Anthony Lawrence : This hurts. Losing respect for someone like H3. I came in with an open mind but expecting biased insults.

JEDITS : If you make idubbbz uncomfortable by using the n-word you know you’ve taken it too far

Collin Mertz : Man this hurt. It felt like putting down my dog. Our modern Achilles, a fallen hero, one who was exalted above men. I think at this point he is only holding on by a thread. He better not cross idubbbz. *Insert SW Episode III meme

Joey LaFrond : The only thing I give Leafy credit for was bringing Ethan's actual character to the forefront at a time when Ethan was on top of the world.

goodbyehoes : Ethan thinks he's logical. Lol.

Old Man Khaki : Ethan got under my skin ever since the podcasts.. probably because we see the real ethan the is real ethan. lol

Ant Man : Bill Burr analyzed and broke down Ethan in 5 minutes, without knowing anything about him prior.

2ReAL0317 : Glad this got to 1 million

asdfg hjkl : Lemme say this, i have legit depression and suicidal thoughts, and ethan is merely using it as a crutch to be lazy, hes reliant on it to let him be lazy if he even has it. For me, depression merely makes things feel pointless, i dont laugh, i dont have fun, but i still do things that i know i need to do. I have anxiety thats so bad that i can barely even confront someone without feeling like im gonna die, but i still do things, because i dont use it as a crutch, i dont let it hold me back, i dont let it take me over, ethan does if he even has it, i bet he self diagnosed it.

Alana Torres : Jacksfilms looks so uncomfortable in that one clip the poor man

Zaheer Ahmed : He disrespected my favorite YouTuber, William Osman, and that's all I needed to be converted

BangBangLee : While iDubbz catches squirrels, Gokanaru is here... giving us the content cop we needed.

Christoffer Dinsen : I've been a longtime fan of H3H3 but something did seem off during the podcasts.. And I honestly thought this would be a tinfoil-episode. I was wrong. Thanks for this

dingus : this is painful to watch ethan really let himself go

Refreshingly Ada : Coming back to watch this vid for a second time. It’s clever and very well made. Soooo underrated. I would love to see another video vigilante!!

Chesterfield : 'You don't even shave.' Omg 🙃👌

William Osman : In Ethan and Hila's defense they were VERY nice. Nothing at the time made me think people would be upset, it just felt like a slightly awkward conversation with someone who doesn't know much about you. Ethan's original plan was to use the beanie in a video, but switched to the podcast last minute when a guest dropped out (I think that's what happened). Since the podcast, I've texted him a few times asking for YouTube help and he's always responded. I don't think they're bad people, but YouTube "fame" is a much bigger monster than most people realize and it's weighing down on them.

Silent But Dudley : Jon’s face the entire interview was so painful to watch. He was questioning if Ethan was actually his friend the entire time...

Jonathan Savage : You either die a hero or live long enough to become the villain

pexin : Man... i lost all my respect for him

caillin m : this is the most well-researched, hilarious, well-put-together video I've seen in years