The Death of h3h3productions - Video Vigilante

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DramaAlert : 10/10

CDTVProductions : I never thought I'd sit through a movie length YouTube video and be entertained the whole time, but here we are

Donut Operator : Damn. Good video dude.

Shoe Nice : I just didn’t like the end, not my real son.

cappew22 : As much as I love a very well put together video that somehow managed to stay entertaining for an hour and a half, you made me sit through a lot of h3h3 content and I don't appreciate that. Loved the video, good shit! looking forward to more.

Max Bousquet : damn ethan stop bully shoenice. go back to copying early MDE skits

Ant Man : Bill Burr analyzed and broke down Ethan in 5 minutes, without knowing anything about him prior.

For The Love Of : Ethan is younger than keemstar? He looks like he's 50. Lmao....

TheStrangeGod : When the Content Cop sleeps on the job. You can rely on Video Vigilante to get it done.

William Osman : In Ethan and Hila's defense they were VERY nice. Nothing at the time made me think people would be upset, it just felt like a slightly awkward conversation with someone who doesn't know much about you. Ethan's original plan was to use the beanie in a video, but switched to the podcast last minute when a guest dropped out (I think that's what happened). Since the podcast, I've texted him a few times asking for YouTube help and he's always responded. I don't think they're bad people, but YouTube "fame" is a much bigger monster than most people realize and it's weighing down on them.

AssasinArsenal47 : *H3H3's Response:* 1. Pick and choose some of the loose, trivial points and "debunk" those accusations, making strawman arguments 2. Dodge questions about all of his actions that are indefensible and inexcusable 3. Misrepresent the position of Gokanaru and discredit him by putting him together with all other badly researched anti-H3H3 videos 4. Appeal to sympathetic, loyal-to-a-fault fans and pretend to be the victim of undeserved "hate" by jealous fans and youtubers 5. Pretend to be the better guy by giving a fake apology towards the end *OR* Ignore this an-hour-and-half long video uploaded by a small youtuber altogether and hope to ride this through... just like Phillip DeFranco with the BetterHelp scam controversy.

Gael : He rants about the Catholic church, yet he won't he won't mention the child sexual abuse in the Jewish and Orthodox Jewish communities and Synagogues.

Stalh the king : Ethan changed the link back to his main YT channel on his Twitter bio. Kek

Generic Hacker : 28:29 Hila says it's hard for her to focus... On what? Saying "hm" every 30 seconds?

Astro Soup : I clicked on this expecting to be some shitty Walmart brand content cop but this was actually really good. Bravo.

JB Tha Stone : "I'll be black with you in a minute" Such a simple joke and they couldn't get it lmfao

TheRaven : You did what idubbbz didn't have the balls to do

Saige Pilgrim : When the cops won’t do their job, vigilantes rise.

KG Productions : Ethan: "Aren't Indians just the goofiest people you've ever met?.... I'm joking" Commenter: *Calls Ethan out for that comment* H3 Stans: "It WaS a JoKe!!!" Damn, that H3 3 step joke thing is flawless

Nerd City : If anyone tries to sucker punch Sam Hyde, he’s prepared to defend himself. I’ve seen (terrifying) video evidence

Matt Dehner : Complaining about evil rich guys as an evil rich guy is peak hypocrisy.

Flashlight Man : Befriended the content cop as protection... Little did he know...

A A : It was nice watching Bill Burr expose H3. Once he can't bully his guest the facade comes off.

MrAtilla6666 : Im enjoin the new gen of youtubers just cleaning out trash

Tyler S : excellent video, I have since unsubbed to h3h3. Ethan is delusional and Hila propagates it. She is the CEO of a garbage money-grab merch company TEDDY FRESH, after-all

Noah Grossman : We are in a weird timeline where keemstar makes legitimate logical arguments.

Swolecard : This video is really making Ethan look like the stereotype.

Azerd : Had to stop in the middle of the video to unsub from h3h3

Indeimaus : Actual solid video

nemolovesyou : I hope this blows up and Ethan sees this. You explained everything perfectly

anthony mocny : H3 kinda became the thing he used to make fun of

Swolecard : Honestly the way I’ve heard Hila talk about money in the past. I think she secretly might be an even bigger snake.

Megaloschemos : Watch one man destroy multi-million dollar new media empire in 1:35:06. You're on to something here, dude. This is a new medium. I came into the video thinking that it would be nothing more than standard-fare YouTube drama, which is usually trite and not worth watching. You made bold claims and followed through to the end. You turned what would otherwise be a D-list movie into a Tarantino gore flick right from the outset. You have big balls with your sub count, taking on an army of fanboys who will arbitrarily rage over defending their god. Thank you for daring to try. You have a serious future, at the very least in film editing, and hopefully far more than that.

Zico Tops : Ethan Klein didn't just die, he was murdered.

ohkay : The William Osman part was truly awful of them. What the hell?

박수영 : Holy shit you know, I loved Ethan's videos and all but then I started to realise back then that he would always try and associate himself with more famous celebrities. Like when Jake doxx'd Post Malone suddenly he makes a video and emphasises "Post Malone my BEST FRIEND" etc. Or when he's making videos it looks like he's really desperate to get people to associate him with pewdiepie in his videos and I started to notice the trend. He wouldn't even break a crumb for people like JonTron. Man this is awful..

DarkAvenger : I feel bad for Jontron, Ethan did him wrong. Ethan put him out to burn for gain

Dadude572 : Don't let this video fade over time, we need some kind of response from Ethan at least.

Billy Murphy : The jontron part man.... the jontron part...

Praise Dat Sun : God damn. Cant believe how many H3h3 supporters are here calling Jontron a racist. Even if he was, which he isnt, Ethan himself has said much more offensive shit. Wish Ethan had just stayed out of politics. Dude has really proven himself to be a real idiot.

Lurut : I got so mad with the dentist part that i accidentally disliked this video...

Lightningfarron XP : I think we all already knew that ethan was turning into an insecure hypocrite but I don't think anyone knew just how deep the rabbit hole went.

Mason W : All dislikes are from dickriders who didn't watch the video lmao.

Whang! : Imagine if Ethan put that guy he'd like to sucker punch that he can't name in a self defense situation.

Supergecko8 : Dayum the Jontron part... the guy gave him a job and the opportunity to come to America with Hila, and he stabbed him in the back like that

Noobius Maximus : You could kind of sense there would be a downfall of them soon enough. They stop making main-channel videos, relying on their podcast. You truly have to be a die-hard fan to sit through one of the podcasts. They are just so awkward and slow.

Ethan Graveline : Wow, I was a diehard H3 fan before this, with every intention of hating the video and immediately disliking it, but you've earned my like and sub, fam....

Swolecard : 45 minutes in and I’ve become antisemitic.

Meditation with Holly : I just looked at his social blade stats and this video is starting to make a dent. Subs are leaving by the thousands on his main channel, and hundreds of the podcast. As the average viewer, I had no idea the type of shadiness H3H3 pulled off before being called out on this level. Well done on this video.