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DramaAlert : 10/10

YourBoyMuzz : Tbf the Jontron section was very uncomfortable because Ethan was kind of morally shaming him and asking for an apology and Jon was just asking to move on, however I do think it sort of had to be brung up because Jon had been off the internet as a whole for so long and hadn’t really said anything about it, it was kind of the elephant in the room. The way that Ethan shamed him was gross though.

brian_636 : I have always considered myself a HUGE h3h3 fan. I waited for their videos but REFUSED to sub to the podcast, I feel like Ethan got lost somewhere along the way. This video makes way to much sense to me. Papa Bless us all.......

Ray : I never liked watching h3's podcast because ethan would constantly interrupt people, but now I know why, as well as a whole bunch of other things about him. Great job man

Mothost : I love how Ethan basically became the very thing he tried to destroy

Astro Soup : I clicked on this expecting to be some shitty Walmart brand content cop but this was actually really good. Bravo.

Guschdel1 : in certain positions you look like a human murdoc

George Costanza : I wonder what Idubbbz thinks of this video

Encon 7 : Ian's Content Cop feels bootlegged after watching this

yea sick : Ethan: *coughs* H3H3 fans: HAHAHAHAHHAHSLMFAO

William Osman : In Ethan and Hila's defense they were VERY nice. Nothing at the time made me think people would be upset, it just felt like a slightly awkward conversation with someone who doesn't know much about you. Ethan's original plan was to use the beanie in a video, but switched to the podcast last minute when a guest dropped out (I think that's what happened). Since the podcast, I've texted him a few times asking for YouTube help and he's always responded. I don't think they're bad people, but YouTube "fame" is a much bigger monster than most people realize and it's weighing down on them.

Zedament : *Dollar shave club ad - Has a neck beard*

CazaClaw : Jesus the Jontron interview was awful but the Jimmylee one was even worse. I feel awful for that poor guy (must of been super awkward for the cameraman to)

IamKarefree : This video is so hard to watch because of how uncomfortable some of the shit Ethan does/says makes the guests which in turn makes me uncomfortable.

im160bpmplus : Parasites are usually hard to see to the naked eye.

Nerd City : If anyone tries to sucker punch Sam Hyde, he’s prepared to defend himself. I’ve seen (terrifying) video evidence

Unironic fascist : -Oportunistic -Will befriend you only if he can gain something from it -Is willing to start drama between "friends" for personal gain -Will backstab friends for personal gain (((ETHAN KLEIN)))

BlueSkies -OW : Damn, Keem was surprisingly smart in his response.

Victoria Watt : I want Ethan to see this but no doubt his ego wouldn't allow him to sit through more than 3 minutes

Efe : What a gross couple.

Billy Murphy : The jontron part man.... the jontron part...

weizi zhang : Man, watching this is really depressing, I loved watching H3H3 and honestly thought he is a good person. So sad

Sean Bone : Notice how Jontron, the man who was bombarded with hate and accusations of "wrongthink" is still beloved by his fans and has only grown in popularity. These self proclaimed internet white knights are nothing but liars and hypocrites, they never last long.

Mohammed zk : i mean not to be racist but what did you expect from a jew with power edit:it’s an H3 Joke don’t take it seriously

jill laxen : God that entire section of Ethan trying to get JonTron to talk about what he said, it was so painful to watch

JedDraws : h3h3 changing his opinion about the "N word" was really when I realised what he was capable off. Once the H3 Podcast started, I think h3h3 "EXPOSED" himself. He couldn't edit out the bits he messed up, because it was live!

The Unusual Dispenser : Before watching video I thought this was mostly about Ethan betraying his friends but who would’ve know how deep the rabbit hole goes

AssFish UwU : If Ethan punched Sam hyde, Sam would destroy him

Meme : This video was anti-semitic. How dare you call Ethan, the man who is close to being 100% Ashkenazi Jewish, 2-Faced, lying, greedy, hypocritical, unempathetic, and usurious? 11/10 would watch again.

Mitchell Todd : Killing a hero of mine, I don't want to agree but how you've presented this is more than professional. There is zero doubt that he has slipped. It's sad for the fans but I cannot say it's sad for him as he enjoyed a lot of this. I did a really crap podcast years back and I get the pressure even with essentially nobody listening. Understandable that millions of viewers makes the pressure of being interesting insanely difficult if anxiety is a issue for you. I want to feel bad for Ethan but until he legit changes and or apologises, I can't really enjoy him or Hila.

CDTVProductions : I never thought I'd sit through a movie length YouTube video and be entertained the whole time, but here we are

Tox.sick : the sound of jon's soul escaping had me cracking up in a very sad way

rido : What got me cringing the most is on his recent podcast with Bill Wurtz. Bill was obviously uncomfortable discussing certain simple topics because he's not used to advertising himself; and Ethan just kept pushing and pushing and my god was it hard to watch, I felt so bad for Bill

Cosmic Rogue : H3H3 haven’t handled their popularity well. I wondered what changed the quality of their content. I wondered why I quit watching. But, I wasn’t prepared for a lot of the information in this video. I wasn’t prepared for the immaturity and unprofessionalism from Ethan. Oh well. Hubris happens quickly on YouTube it seems... A strange, quirky, YouTube channel hosted by an oddball and his shy wife doesn’t necessarily equate to Podcast material. Bigger isn’t always better. The podcast is so poorly executed, It can’t sustain itself. Their conversational skills are poor. Ethan seems to also have a poor degree of emotional intelligence. He’s just no good as an interviewer. At all. If Ethan sees this, I hope he betters himself. I want H3 to learn from their mistakes. Ethan is at his best making eccentric, wacky, videos. The sort that made people take notice of him in the first place. Entertaining people and making them laugh at absurdities is a gift. Not to be squandered. I just hope he learns some humility and self-reflection skills. Learns to take criticism. Banishes his insecurities and gains enough self-respect to stop kissing ass with bigger YouTubers and needlessly stirring controversy and instead just focuses on making good content. If he’s going to continue the podcast, he needs to realize those “memes” that he makes money from cracking jokes about are human beings. He needs to heed the fine line between teasing and ridicule. And when interviewing people, he must respect them. Let them talk. Let conversations flow naturally. Stop trying to control every facet of the interview. Mostly, H3 needs to stop trying to pull the rug out from other people. On YouTube you can fall just as quickly as you can rise. So be humble. Drop the cynicism. Learn to be professional. It’s like he has forgotten why he has an audience in the first place.

A man with one hand : As a longtime former fan of h3h3, thank you for this video.

WarButler : I was blind, but now I see

iamnotreal313 : Leave it to a j*w to hate the Catholic Church.

Pickled Dylan : I miss the old Ethan straight from Isreal Ethan

SamDaBul : I know it sounds stupid to be offended in 2018, but I’m seriously offended by what Ethan said about the Catholic Church. Gokunaru already talked about how he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, but some of those comments were genuine feelings. Case in short, not every catholic person is a scumbag like you. I don’t rape children dude. My priest doesn’t rape children. I don’t worship Satan. If you truly cared about your own religion, you wouldn’t bash others. Dick. (I’m Catholic, in case that isn’t obvious.)

Arch Knight : I miss the old Ethan Straight from Israel Ethan I hate the new Ethan Pretty hypocritical Ethan

MEMEsONLY : I didn't want to believe this, but it's ok to change your mind sometime.

Nils Maas : 1:01:22 that part when you managed to fit a clip of idubbz video in with the exact same situation response. Bravo my man, subbed

yasuko kobayashi : Hebrew3Hypocrisy3

SkeletoonsWasHere : JonTron didn't deserve to be hated in this situation and I felt it was miscommunication. When he went to the podcast, it was like Ethan was stepping on Jon. Even when he says to leave it alone, he still wants to push for ammo. Honestly, I lost respect for him after that. Ethan is just relentless.

Yasmin Fernandes Nabuco : Ethan about JonTron: "I love him but I'll push under the bus too if it makes me look a nice boy. I love him with my teeth". I wish in 2019 my money multiplies the times poor JonTron clearly said he did want to talk about the debate stuff.

Shoe Nice : I just didn’t like the end, not my real son.

Lord SulKing the Destroyer : Philip DeFranco next, please

asdfg hjkl : Lemme say this, i have legit depression and suicidal thoughts, and ethan is merely using it as a crutch to be lazy, hes reliant on it to let him be lazy if he even has it. For me, depression merely makes things feel pointless, i dont laugh, i dont have fun, but i still do things that i know i need to do. I have anxiety thats so bad that i can barely even confront someone without feeling like im gonna die, but i still do things, because i dont use it as a crutch, i dont let it hold me back, i dont let it take me over, ethan does if he even has it, i bet he self diagnosed it.

Asriel Carter : The jontron part gave me actual pain, I'm so sorry jon...

vnon : I never knew the jontron part would be that bad... some friend ethan is...