Watch a Train Run Through Thailand’s Most Dangerous Market

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thebahooplamaster : *3 minutes remaining* OH NO HIDE EVERYTHING

Riot Breaker : Marketeers: if you wanna build here then you'll have to go through us! Engineer: well...okay.

ScrubMaster64 : 1:33 fruits wanted to die

OhmyEffing Blackpink : It's unbelievable how stupid, racist, uncaring and harsh people can be. I have been living in Thailand my whole life and believe me when I say that some foreigners who come here--not all--sure seem to have problems and behave like they are superior than us. It is disgusting. I was walking in the streets in my school uniforms and they walk up to me in daylight, asking me "how much?" When I tell them that I don't sell my body, they laugh at my face. Then there's this one time I set a store selling chickens with my friends, some rude foreigners come and eat the chickens without paying. When we demand the payment, they spit the chicken to the ground. I still remember their expressions very clearly. They were ugly. They laughed too and said that what else do we sell? I mean, we were wearing school uniforms. I am still angry at that. I didn't mean to say that all of the foreigners are like that. Many are nice, but yeah, my point is that, don't think you are superior than us just because you are not born here. Just because you come here for holidays doesn't mean you can belittle our lives. It reflects how little your brain is. Just read what I wrote and ask yourself if it looks ugly. If it is, don't do it. Don't be like that. I know we all are capable of being nice to each other. I don't want you to bow to us or anything, I just want you to respect our lifestyle and the people who are different than you a little bit.

よりともShiro : This system has been perfected over the years 1:32 Saw a basket of fruit in the middle of the rail*

Lumian : Have they heard of two things called a tunnel or a bridge?

norn winter : Yeah...i dont think id wanna buy fish, fruit, or ice cream exposed to train dust and clearly some times rammed by the train itself

Tariq Khan : When life gives you lemons you place those lemons on train track and move on.

Voltz : Pause it at 0:34 then play it, you'll see the train *hit those green limes there on the right side*

Ishika - : That train is like monday and those fruits are me

John Leonel : this is just an accident waiting to happen

Shawn Lewis : MY CABBAGES!!!!!!!!

TechFreak51 : ITS AMAZING ... At the same time .. where is hygiene ? .. We saw that food was actually getting under the train , passing all dirt from train's underhood on the fruit.

Phupana Kandchand : Street vendors are the most stubborn sector in Thai economy. When they come, they will never leave their dark golden cornors on the side of street where there are super high customer traffic. Probably higher than legitimated rental space in a mall. Try evicting them once, they will act like we are killing them. They will make people feel like the government was bullying poor people. But actually, many of them are as rich as any other middle class. Hell lot of drama. They are also protected by mafia. No governor want to fuck with them. เลิกๆไปซะทีไอ้ตลาดบ้าเนี่ย ย้ายไปที่อื่นก็ได้

Lance Vance : Trump needs to build a wall there

Richard Lew : Why don't they just relocate a few meters or at least install some fences or railings?

Antonio is Bae : When u been playing Cities Skylines all night, u too tired to use the stupid buldozer tool so u build the railway through the lots.

Makarov Redstone : Should use bullet train instead.

Coefficient of Drag : 1:32 when fruits become suicidal

duchesswannabe : 3 minutes???? XD not even Five?? lol. those people don't like to waste time...

許丞濤 : I like these “only in asia“things

SegaDisneyUniverse : That's insane! How can they live that way!? What if some kid had to cross last second then tripped on the tracks as the train was coming?! =0

Premium Channel : Still not worse then india

Pautenio : Improvise. Adapt. Survive.

Ishika - : "Aye Sir train is approaching" "Everyone step back we have 10 secs" *EVERYone runs* "3....2.....1" PHOOOOOOOOOOO

hafizahtul akmar : Why the gov not moving the market at the new place..? More safety...

Firebrand VOCALS : We ain’t moving for no god damn fekin train lol 😎👊

Cole Mimi Ralte : this is so unsafe

Pevonis : I’ve lived in Thailand for 15 years and I didn’t even know this was a thing! 😂

Shweta Sharma : Is the train Moses where he like part the food stalls

CJ Donohue : Sell. Put everything away. Put everything back. Repeat!!!

ShizL : why would anyone build that tho?

Grigori Rasputin : Now change the train into Shinkansen

mz CHANNEL : Im thai

Dominic Artemis : Government: We are planning a railway through the market, You need to evacuate Immediately "!! Villagers: "You'll have to go threw us" Government: Kaay:)

RyanHardt : *MY WATERMELON!*

Okayish Guy : All I see is people being idiots with smart phones.


Lifes a Beach : 3rd would country logic

Smoosh Goo : *Gets my foot ran over by a train cause my feet too damn big*

Big T Daddy : Wtf

Micheal Thatcher : Do this in japan... Near the japanese bullet train...

gabdominates : People are kind of amazing and kind of insane

igloo productions : Watch this. *Stops. Backs up train.

Wert Gamer : And here we see people marketing

Caliduchey : This is one of the dumbest things I’ve seen wow

Aswawarman : *insert Bear Grylls meme here* "Improvise, adapt, overcome"

MnCalapati415 : WOW!!. That is very..... CRAZY!!.

crazy kid having fun : Why does Thai sound like chinese?

SUGAKOOKIE529 : Just like the fruits on 1:33 when i was 5 I always imagined to do that