A Train Runs Through It: Thailand’s Most Dangerous Market

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Coefficient of Drag : 1:32 when fruits become suicidal

thebahooplamaster : *3 minutes remaining* OH NO HIDE EVERYTHING

Lumian : Have they heard of two things called a tunnel or a bridge?

Aswawarman : *insert Bear Grylls meme here* "Improvise, adapt, overcome"

family narti : imangine the sound pollution

Revanty : that's really cool :D

Niky in a corner : 1:33 Me: *OH NO THE ORANGES*

bluuegummybear : I went there !! It was too cool!! I went there this summer and the train was super close when it came by !

Indonesia : Indonesia used to have this as well, traditional markets right next to train tracks, but it's been forbidden since about 10 years ago. It's just not safe for sellers and their customers, trains also had to run really slow, making it late to reach its destinations.

Fuck You : 0:35 i felt bad for the fruit

ChickenMeister : I live nearby :D Even though no one would care :(

Just YouTubing : All I see is people being idiots with smart phones.

Desertness : I love the tonal sound of the Thai language!

Ty Cetto : After living in Thailand for many years as a foreigner... I just hate all about this "issue" with NOT making a safe and workable solution for a real problem... This is not strange in Thailand - this is just how Thailand works.

Saltiest Salted Salty Salt : 0:35 rip lime

*A* corn : I have a good idea how about we set up shop on an active fucking train track, genious

All Alone : It’s all fun and games until a gold o’l American commuter train flies past at 300mph sending babies, grandmas, and pets into the upside down. Then let’s see an interview

KurbyDurby GT : Wow

Aaron Archuletta : That doesn't seem sanitary.

chanapol pimsen : As a Thai I would say this is a real mess. It's not supposed to be a tourist attraction. Just dont go there. There's a lot of interesting places to see instead of this dirty market.

Hanif Ong : that's why they're still a "developing" country no offense

rabindranath bera : It reminds me about toy train at Darjeeling in India

Heri Kurniawan : When the title says "Most Dangerous" and the comments say no one ever die, ever. I don't know what to believe.

The Last Methbender : I hope no lady boy's get run over

Waffle Nation : They have balls.

TheNotSoOriginalGuy : I spend my holliday there the horn killed my ears.....

Jason Abraham : This is actually really dope

SegaDisney : That's insane! How can they live that way!? What if some kid had to cross last second then tripped on the tracks as the train was coming?! =0

Richard Lew : Why don't they just relocate a few meters or at least install some fences or railings?

Pautenio : Improvise. Adapt. Survive.

Kahlil Hernández : City Development planning fail

Hussein M.S. Alsalahi : This is insaneeeee!!

TheExtremeEvoker : Whoever is saying they should build a bridge Answer: they COULD, but where’s the fun in that

DrZaious : I imagine they thought the people would move when they put the train up, but the people said fuck you and refused to move. The result is with both parties winning in the end. Now it's a tourist spot that earns everyone a shit ton of money.

Shiro よりとも : This system has been perfected over the years 1:32 Saw a basket of fruit in the middle of the rail*

SuperPhoenixDragon : why would they build tracks through a known market? O_o

Happy Meme : I can under stand these Thai people I’m Lao and thai

Filthy Connoisseur : Wtf

TechFreak51 : ITS AMAZING ... At the same time .. where is hygiene ? .. We saw that food was actually getting under the train , passing all dirt from train's underhood on the fruit.

Everett Burgin : Dangerous?

Wan Muhammad Qayyum Arafaat : I was there last week

larrisAWSOME : Clickbait title

Nanoscore : In Nuevo León, Mexico, we have a market just like this. We call it "Penny Rail"

Buttersky20000 : I'm from Thailand and I live there it's ok nobody died so far...

Cetrex : 1st

Gonthepanzer TH : am thailand :/

Jonathan Liang : It was a really interesting market. I wouldn't say its dangerous, simply because the train moves very slow.

k h : Went to Thailand in the summer of 2016 and have been missing it ever since.

Hans Strudel : Should have included how many people are killed each year.

Dalton Chew : It seems very tempting to hop into the back of one of the trains, they are very slow.