My cat hates my bad singing
My cat hates my bad singing

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Harvey the cat bites me to get me to stop singing



Boris : I think it's Freddie's next reincarnation

KP 13 : Cheers for this, put a huge smile on my face.

rockster10101 : Something is wrong with my human. I must hurt him.

Scott Thoren : It's not just your cat! Mine is now angrily looking at me/the monitor. She came running as soon as your song started ha

bitharvest : Bahahaha! This had me cracking up. BTW, you are not bad at all!

Bumble - Bee : For such a performance, I would also bite him

walnut_tv : featured in top 10 videos of the day on

loutiscrive : ahahahaha so funny, made my day :-D

moreofawave : YOu sing good though! lol Your cat is cool.

The Falcon Eye : The 🐈 thinks damn you, that must be Freddie's nightmare!!!

microdisco : You gotta be kittin' me?

Cmdr Benkai : Proof your cat is plotting to kill you confirmed

kluna : He probably think's you're dying and is just putting you out of your misery.

Lynette Rodriguez : Loved this. Totally made me smile. Too cute !

Елена Алексеевна : У меня кошка тоже так делает, когда я пою)))

Ryuga12 : ハハハハハははーーーー、これは可愛いなあーーーw i love cat sososo much !

Dear Dera : You have a beautiful laugh!!!❤️❤️🥰

Barbakaka NK : Good job 🤣

Spookylady : I am not an opera singer. But I sing opera to my cats (when I'm home alone). They don't seem to mind it one bit so I'm guessing they're tone deaf. They're definitely not deaf - they can hear the treat bag crinkle from a mile away...

Williamnot : Let meowt, Greg.

Максим Москаленко : Probably it's one of Freddie's cats))))

Ryuga12 : (^_-)(^○^)(^_^)cat cat cat !

E K : Cheating! There's something yummy hidden in the sleeve of your T-shirt ))))

Charlotte Snowden : Hello Greg, I work on Good Morning Britain. Is this your video? If so can we have your permission to show your video on tomorrows programme please? Thanks Charlotte

Michael Vargas : Rad!

Olga RAG : Я бы тоже покусала за такое исполнение

mrKerij : lmao

privedmidved : He wanted to say "Shut up immediatly!!"?))) Or no-no, cat will kill him and say after: "Another one bites the dust!" =)))

Максим Шоинбеков : Сап, видач

Michelle Kusmic : Lmao, had a good laugh

Татьяна Вишневская : hahaha))))))))))) so nice!)))))))

Hector Perez : these producers would copyrite you in a heart beat. dont let them use your content without paying.

まるどら小麦 Red tabby Komugi : Cute!!please watch my cat too!

Amanda Williams : Reminds me of when you're kid in public acting a fool embarrassing your Mom and she gives a pinch to the back of your arm. Or maybe that's just my Mom

Julie Levin : Hi Greg! This is hilarious. I'm a TV producer and would love to chat with you when you have a chance! Thanks so much.

Владимир Словин : Исполнение песни тут не причем..просто ЛГБТ котик хочет трахтенберг !!!

Skyler : I love when they get the sillies like that. Those bites make me so happy. :)

Joe McFarlane : Hey, this video is great. I work for Caters News and we would love to work with you in order to share this video with the largest audience possible. If this is something you’d be interested in, please feel free to reach out on Hope to hear from you soon. Best, Joe.

Ben Meumann : Maybe he is aroused and is trying to mate with you

Nigolas : заткнись мудак

kaaaaahle : cats are assholes and stupid animals to own

Jon Irenicus : I broke my iPad listening to you sing, you bastard...

J Black : your cat is right u sound like shit made my ears bleed pls die

Jesse Kleve : My cat hates my bad singing

Adlin Ling : Cats probably wonder why fizzy drinks scream “FUCK OFF” when they’re opened

Matt Dorsey : drive him by a chinese restaurant to let him know who he's fucking with