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Stickfab : really close of getting 1k subs holy shit i love you guys

AutisticYui : It's beautiful... 😍

Some Guy : I have found the cure to depression...

That Speedy Scout : Introducing we bare bears for the Nintendo 64!

Fnaf lover 68 : We bares bears


The Fox Overlord But Totally Not A Furry : Saxy

Benzimer : We bare bears season 4

Broder The Hedgehog : New Be Ware Bears episode is looking great

Dewott23 : *DRUGS*

Anderson Miguel Favian Caceres : We are bears

Cyranek : this is hot

Jhonnatan Robles : we ware bears

ÖverFlöd : I thought this was one of these 2008 meme-vids, and then I read the description and was like ಠ_ಠ

glossy : We Bare Bears? 😂

Wild MajesticLizzy : Yes we bare bears 😫👌

RobDoesRips : We’ll be there!

TheNinJustice : We Bear..... the right to jam

Lilymation : We bare bears!?

Pony GIRL : ❤🐻🐻🐻🐻💖🐻🐻🐻🐻💖🐻🐻🐻🐻❤

Hot Dog Kat : this sexy

YoshiWare : I'm loving the new We Bare Bears season.

llamajama123 : we bear bears much?

LittenG : wha?

Big Chill Gaming : I subscribed right when I saw blastoise

Daniel MemeLegend : wedankbears™

ClimateCTRL : This new season of We Bare Bears is certainly different.

elma ta thanos : No c que vi pero....alguien habla spanish?

meow show : whay me make anti depressed

RealSasaki : wth

Dio Drando : They will be there.

Jobin Jolito : The book was better.

Pablo albino : Son. Escandalosos

Sławomir Trash World : anime sucks

T4P _H4RT : Wii ber bearbs

Shade's Insane Chamber : We MeeM MeM.

QuandoVocêEstiverLendoOsComentarios EuVouEstarLá : *We bare Bears movie sounds good*

THE DESTROYER119 : Wtf wronge with jrafics

shrimp dog : Wow the new rebooted we bear bears intro looks great

Doreen Staudt : Wie bar bars😏 🐻🎷🐼

ViridianBrawler : The new episode of We Bare Bears looks great. EDIT: How tf are my comments getting a lot of likes and not my videos?

Sonic Conceição : whata foke

Lxoomie ! : LOL

luizao : No ceu tem pao?

PasteliBoba : *_We Bare Bears_*

Daniel R : Techondrome lets kick shell pt 2!!!!! :D

Splatoon : Wtf

Navy Quartz : 👖👏🧒🏻

maria animeыь : Hmmmm...... Sem palavras mano que poha é essa kkkkkkkkkk XD 💗

Danominator : Unbearably perfect. Eh? Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?