Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why a Colony on Mars is Unlikely to Happen.

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No Name : I hope Elon Musk will make a colony on Mars and prove everyone wrong

rediornot : why aren't we seeing any of his slides?

Abid Din : Everyone in the comment section is emotional. Neil is reasonable. I'll take reason over emotion any day.

Daniel Bohatkiewicz : My brother told me this 25 years ago. -Me, "Why don't we go back to the moon?". His answer, "Cause there weren't gold nuggets and diamonds all over the ground when we got there.".

Edgardo Heredia : Neil is not hating he is just being honest...he is just diluting the hype and showing that space exploration is not all cup cakes and rainbow...that there is real danger and is more difficult that people think...he also said that a lot of the things being done in space today should have been done 20 years ago...

mateo : He was the one complaining about nobody dreaming about space anymore... he has so much influence to really guide public opinion towards the importance of what SpaceX is doing (even if they fail), but now he’s become the “realist naysayer”. What a shame.

Ad Mirer : Tyson is right-there is no financial incentive to put a colony on Mars. Look at Antarctica-we have small numbers of humans living there-at great expense and not capable of self-support. Now look ar McMurdo Station 300 million miles away-not doable right now.

CombraStudios : Neil is an observer, not a dreamer. He will not encourage you think positive, he will give you the realistic data based on current knowledge.

jerrylittlemars : Great talk, but the cameraman sucks at his job. He missed all the slides Neil was showing on the screen

Oscar Moreno : This reminds me of the argument that Television broadcasters made some ten years ago when Youtube was first founded: -"It will never amount to anything. The common folk just does not have the money, skills, or the knowledge to make videos that can capture the public 'en masse'". Well, well.... look where we are now.

Calvin George : He starts by saying predicting the future is futile, then tries to predict the future.

Jefff : Now I'm all for space explorations, but before we think about terraforming Mars, let's clean up the Earth. We have tons of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean. How about we clean that up?

Norman1951 Norman : Sorry Millennials, science illiterates and wishful "thinkers", Neil is giving you a reality check that you have trouble accepting. Let time tell who is right. He's not "jealous" of Elon Musk as so many of you state in the comments. Why would he? He isn't an owner of a space launch company, he's an astrophysicist. He's also a realist basing his opinion on history, economics and science. Elon Musk is an admirable entrepreneur who is doing much to make rocket launches cheaper but this isn't going to change significantly the justification or economics for Mars colonization. His rockets could make it a little cheaper to get there, but then what?? It would be 100,000 times easier to start a colony at the south pole where there is air to breath, water, earth gravity and protection from cosmic and solar radiation.

Monica Hall : Most people here seem not to have listened to Neil very closely. He's not against space exploration at all - he knows it's a great driver of science. But he does understand the politics and economics of it, and is not as gung-ho as others are about how to get it funded or its likely timeline. I dare say we'll muddle through eventually, as we always seem to, though it probably won't be as soon or as easy as Elon tells us (I'm a fan of his incidentally). Elon has a dream and he's made enough money to make it seem possible, but he still might not ultimately be the one to realize it sadly - due to geopolitics - but would he think that his life's work had been futile? I don't think so.

Toki Buroak : Elon Musk- "hold my beer"

Nikola Tesla : He came up with 3 reasons for doing extraordinary activities , here's a fourth: When certain individuals work extremely hard to come up with revolutionary ideas for the benefit of mankind as whole, THEN civilization makes the most progress. That's the first thing you should've noticed when taking cues from history. All the fundamental discoveries in science and innovations in technology that changed everyone's lives, were done by a few dozen people total, and the rest of the billions of people including the ones who came after them, depends on their work. That's what we have with Elon Musk. He wanted to transform online payment methods, so he created PayPal. He wanted sustainable energy transport, he created Tesla. He wants to make space cheaper, that's why he fucking created SpaceX. All of his work is on the frontier of science and yes he is, a private individual.

Nuno Foo : These Elon Musk fanboys in the comments sound like something out of a creepy religious cult.

neuemage : Elon Musk: Hold my beer

Black Hole Universe : Neil was always a communist...

Yung Wells : A scientist of all people should be making statements like these. His stance at first was never and now its unlikely. He was a heavy critic of Elon and yet Elon has been proving him wrong at every turn. Neil is only discrediting himself in my eyes and when Elon's dream comes true i hope Neil can own up to it instead of dodging around like he usually does.

Oscar Moreno : Carl Sagan would have been very disappointed in his pupil. I wonder if this is the view of his other mentor Ann Druyan? I usually like Everything Neil says and (almost) everything he says here is right - EXCEPT . . . . . POINT# 1: We don't need a war anymore SpaceX is not publicly traded company. So there are no venture capital meetings or investors to appease. As a private company, spaceX is poised to do whatever the hell it wants with it's (large) sums of revenue from satellite, government, and military contracts. That is where Neil has missed the boat. POINT #2: Engineering problems don't solve themselves NASA engineers swore on their mother's graves that reusable rockets would "NEVER, EVER" happen because of physics. Then Musk did it. Then the argument shifted to "THEY WOULD NEVER BE ECONOMICAL". Then Musk launched 18 times in 2017. Then the argument shifts to weather the Flacon Heavy and BFR are viable rockets. I will guess that the bar will continue to adopt to every success. POINT# 3: NASA NASA does well on deep space and discovery missions. But as long as human spaceflight is tied to the politics of Washington, NASA has it's hands tied. SpaceX is free of politics. FINAL POINT: I will repeat what I've been saying for decades now: If spaceX ever goes Public, it is going to be the end of the innovative company as we know it today.

Smoke Bassett : Science will have to terraform Earth long before it terraforms Mars, so there is no utility in trying now. In fact, efforts are already under way in returning developed land to wild nature. Plus, no respect for a man who used rocket science to launch his car into space.

Critically Thought : Neil Tyson: “Private enterprise will do it, I say no, no they won’t.” Elon Musk: “Hold my beer”

Thomas Hopkins : It's easier to be lazy and do nothing than it is to do something different to change your circumstances. It's easier to criticize someone's passions and motivations or to shut them down than it is to militate yourself to emulate and parody them or to own into the works of things as if you where the one who did it first or did it best.

Nana Poku : 2 types of people in this world.. people who talk about things and people who make them happen. sorry neil, u fall in the former. keep talking and leave the doers to do... kudos Elon

Secular Sam : I'm sure most people who disliked the video didn't watch it full.

Lou Zer : Moon landing was a hoax tho'

mike spinler : love you neil but without the slides there was no point in watching, please tell your camera guy he is an idiot.

Michael McHaney : I have a prediction, really a wish for the next 100 years; we can get a director who captures the flippin' visual aids!

SGTBizarro : Come on, Neil... you're supposed to be a champion of discovery and exploration. It may not be likely in the short term, but unless we blow ourselves up, the exploratory drive makes it inevitable, especially for those who have the means and the ambition to do it.

Prog Nosis : Man will never discover how to travel at faster than light speeds! (Now someone please go prove me wrong).

SKINZ GAMING : Whos Elon Musk?

Jj T : Its amazing, he thinks just like me. Although I am an enthusiast of space exploration, the realist in me has always known that. Economic interests or self defense are the real primary motivations behind space exploration. Of course, the situation could suddenly change if, for example, an huge asteroid was nearing Earth, a very unique source of energy could be found in our solar system, an alien civilization were to be discovered and it could threaten us, etc. Those are the material engines behind exploration.

BrianCNC : Neil is an academic, plain and simple. They deal with theology more than reality. Spacex has proven a lot of these guys wrong before and I suspect many times over in the future. If you left the future of innovation, exploration, and disruption up to academic types the world would never change. The world needs more engineers not political science studies.

Memento Mori : People need to relax. Neil makes legitimate points here. He has nothing against private enterprise or Musk; he simply is skeptical that they will be what drives space exploration. You can disagree with that, but don't dismiss it by shitting on Neil. Chill.

Vlog Moor : I see A LOT of politics being brought to EVERYTHING that Neil happens to say.  Could him being black have anything to do with it?  Quite possibly so...

Ovi : Neil is acting like he knows something that we don't know and he wants to keep it a secret. He is invoking all sorts of reasons to NOT GO to space, which is absurd if you think of him being the space exploration advocate. So I'm guessing maybe Apollo missions were just a hoax and now that Elon is so close to go to the moon, Neil (NASA) is afraid of this and can't control it anymore, or maybe NASA knows that humans can't go past Van Allen belt so that makes them liars about the Moon missions and that's a huge NO NO. Either way ... Neil appears to be agitated / concerned / stressed about space exploration. He is not the kinda of guy that uses weak arguments, but this time he did, WHY? Just open your eyes: HE DOES NOT WANT ANYONE TO GO BEYOND ORBIT! WHY?

athopi cus : What a putz this guy is. A clear example of why Social Promotion does not work...

Thezebraherd : There will likely be colonies on the moon and in the astroid belt but not very many if any on mars the moon and astroid belt offer profits Mars does not simple as that also 99% of humans will still live on earth

LetoZeth : Losing respect for Neil deGrasse Tyson for his anti-Mars and anti-Elon propaganda.. :/

Matt Mann : Before we fix the problems to get to Mars we need to fix the insurmountable problems here on earth.

A.G. Misran : This man has lost all his credibility

D Jaquith : Who was the camera kid?

alimiel : Whenever anyone discusses terraforming Mars they always forget the gas laws! The RMS velocity of water vapor will reach escape velocity under martian conditions, so even if we somehow introduced whole oceans of surface water it would escape into space all over again. To colonize Mars is to live in a cave or constructed habitat and we pretty much know living at half gravity for long periods of time is extremely unhealthy. Child development does not proceed normally either without normal gravity.

zapfanzapfan : Showing the slides would just be stupid?...

Jesus Gonzalez : Fun fact: London urban travel by taxicab in 2018 is not much faster than London urban travel by whatever means were available in 1900. And remember how the Concorde was supposed to be the best way to travel ever... Well where's it now?

Wilson Solt : Is he buzzed? I'm two minutes in his phone goes off, he's checking it, leaning on the lectern. Just doesn't seem like him. Or maybe it's me.

Luis Fernando : Russians are the true space pioneers

Mojo : its a dead planet for a reason, why waste money on a dead planet, we must never let humans infect another planet ever, anywhere

Joel Falla : Tyson: Elon will never go to mars *Elon starts going to Mars Tyson: we’ll never have a colony on Mars *Elon makes plans to go to colonize Mars