Neil deGrasse Tyson: Why a Colony on Mars is Unlikely to Happen.

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ThisNoName : So Neil's vision for AI is the perfect Starbucks robot? Wow! Just wow! I took my previous Einstein comment back, sorry Albert!

Glenn Runnalls : His whole argument is based on the money to do it. Which space x has figured out by cutting cost with reusable rockets. Plus they make the money from launching satellites and other things like human transport to the ISS in the future. Yeah it’s hard for NASA to launch 400 million dollar rockets then crash land them every time. Not to mention space x doesn’t have to deal with the politics, because they aren’t a government agency. He says he’s being a realist, while ignoring large facts and factors on why it can work. Plus I should add that the falcon heavy only cost 90 million. it’s re usable, unlike nasa building 300-500 million dollar rockets. then smashing them into the ground.

Chadd M : Such a shame that he's an astrophysicist but he can't even show some support on SpaceX. 21st century will be the space race era with some private company that will participates but here he is saying all negative things and being a pessimists. Humanity can achieve more in the near future and Elon is teaching us to look beyond not just our years to live on earth but for the next generations; A real visionary.

SGTBizarro : Come on, Neil... you're supposed to be a champion of discovery and exploration. It may not be likely in the short term, but unless we blow ourselves up, the exploratory drive makes it inevitable, especially for those who have the means and the ambition to do it.

Syd Syko : Then along came Elon Musk and said *watch this*

mateo : He was the one complaining about nobody dreaming about space anymore... he has so much influence to really guide public opinion towards the importance of what SpaceX is doing (even if they fail), but now he’s become the “realist naysayer”. What a shame.

No Name : I hope Elon Musk will make a colony on Mars and prove everyone wrong

Nicholas Veridiculity : Niel is correct to assume that any enterprise seeking to bring people to other worlds would require significant funding initially. He is also correct in pointing out historical precedents for the allocation of such funding. People are saying that Niel Tyson's realism, among these facts, is downplaying or mudslinging toward enterprises such as Elon's, but he's only pointing out the difference between the hype Elon takes advantage of and the reality of any immediate future.

Calvin George : He starts by saying predicting the future is futile, then tries to predict the future.

Hansen Nansen : People in this commentsection is so insanely stupid. Neil isn't a nosayer to space exploration. How can people construct such an unfair and stupid thought?? Read "Space chronicles" ffs! All he is doing is setting it straight between private enterprice, statefunded endeavors and people's uninformed and naive expectations for the future of space, because of Elon's lunch. To really progress in spaceexploration, people need to start educate themselves and become scientist and engineers, not going around in a dreamstate screaming "Elon made a spacelunch, now we are going to live in space, halleluja". We need a new culture where people think critically, take care of their health, work hard with honesty and become responsible for the country's future, instead of luying in bed just in the underwear, eating mcdonalds, watching youtube and netflix before going out pretending that they know something.

Son of Jorel : Neil assumes there will be no profit in space, but that may be his number one fallacy. Once the right company finds a way to make a profit on the moon or Mars, others WILL follow. PROFIT,. is going to make the universe go round d.

Karl Jordan : Neil's good but has nothing on Elon musk. Neil doesn't think big enough and has dumbed himself down to cater for a more simple minded audience like rappers and actors etc. Elon is the man who can see beyond and it takes that type of thinking to push humanity further! Love you Neil but let's face it your no Elon.

Nana Poku : 2 types of people in this world.. people who talk about things and people who make them happen. sorry neil, u fall in the former. keep talking and leave the doers to do... kudos Elon

Shreyas Malde : Neil Degrasse Tyson is the biggest hypocrite I have ever seen! Preaching the common people all his life that they are fools to not look up at the Cosmos, and when finally someone is actually trying hard to get people to space he cries foul!

Maria Jimena : I think deep down Neil is jealous of Elon's dream coming true. Is normal for humans to have these emotions and he has a really polite way to handle it. But I think he should be helping to find solutions not problems.

Memento Mori : People need to relax. Neil makes legitimate points here. He has nothing against private enterprise or Musk; he simply is skeptical that they will be what drives space exploration. You can disagree with that, but don't dismiss it by shitting on Neil. Chill.

Stan Jones : Why is Tyson speaking out now against the space program? In 2012 he was such a strong advocate for space when he made a very articulate and convincing argument to the U.S. senate based on practicality. What happened?

ValhalaFiveSix : All these morons who said in this thread Tyson is wrong then explain why we haven't been back to the moon in over 50 years? Why there are no corporations period on the moon? Mining or space tourism or anything? We have had 50 years half a century to build a moon base, we could have put telescopes, mined, shot reality shows, yet there is nothing by man going on on the moon. You people don't understand reality.

Argasy Argasy2 : Lets face it Neil. Elon doesnt care what your opinion is, hes going to Mars and come hell and high water he will do it! Its not about profit for him, its his damn dream and has made it the dream of many many more people out there! Btw Neil, be careful of absolutes. BTW. Neil looks abit winded or tired when talking about space x.

Oğuzhan Öztürk : I love Neil but am really dissapointed hearing all these.. I am not a typical fanboy and Neil's argument here has a bunch of realistic big holes in it.. lets go through some of them together.. why would we do this? either if we stay we gonna die or someone will make a buck out of it.. well lets look around ( not with stupid trump eyes but with normal ones ) how is it going with the planet? we are accelerating everyday towards some major, most likely selfmade destruction. Even if we somehow manage to save the planet the nature, people will still be interested in making a buck out of it and no it wont be because of tourism only. Lets say we have 4 people on mars and a bunch of small big different equipment and while these people are trying to grow tomatoes or going around searching stuff they will start coming across different materials different finds etc..meanwhile sending the second group will be cheaper to send there since there is already a base which needs some upgrade.. now we have 8 people and the second group came with some new equipment which will allow them to start building stuff there on their own.. and the third and the we have a lot more rockets taking off landing it will get cheaper and one day even bringing material will be profitable depending on how important the material is. Since people can watch and see what is going on they dont have to come back or even survive to convince people back home that it is worth to go there if it is the case.We are not waiting colombus from the ocean without even electiricity. In the freaking 9 months while you are on the way to mars there will be a bunch of new technologies coming out to begin with. If there were people on mars or moon we would love to put up some nice telescopes up there which we can actually maintain upgrade and service day in day out unlike telescopes in orbit or outter space.Even if i just convince some super rich adrenalin freaks to go there as tourists, the knowledge gathered the findings the experience all that stuff is worth supporting those freaks. All kinds of data will be added to our archieves and people like Neil will have more to work with. One day someone like Neil will say " someone called elon musk was a weir dude and he tought X was possible and while trying they found Y out and didnt know back then what Y ment.. but thank god they found it and today we finally understood it and bla bla bla.. It is a freaking win win win situation where you cant lose as humanity even if you couldnt come back and lost in deep space. Companies will be running after this asteroid that asteroid to dig whatever material they need. As far as i know settling somewhere means you live there you work there you create there so it should not be like sitting around doing nothing. Maybe they build a brick wall first to keep the place safe from heavy dust storms..maybe we send them a 3d printer of somekind which they can build stuff from the material they have on the mars surface.. If we keep supplying everything from the earth with limited resources with a big gravity against lifting stuff etc.. yes it would be a kind of masturbation but costs cant stay like this in front of innovation.. even the stupid space elevator idea is becoming more and more considerable everyday.. Maybe we dont need settlement there but we need this experience.. maybe we will never need another planet to live on but we will need stations to travel, we need to go to places to learn and discover, we need to be able to go mine materials and harvest different energy sources in order to achieve human goals and answer the needs to survive. I always tought of having a station on the moon to launch heavy cargo to earth which was brought to moon from asteroids or mars etc. I mean come ooooon there are millions of ways to make it profitable and as many reasons why it is necessary. Why try to find a way to get rid of an asteroid the first time while you could already be able to go live elswehere while you could be already resourcefull and rich and well advanced that getting rid of that asteroid would not be a big deal at all?? We are not talking what is or is not possible for this very moment so the ideas might seem like a dream.. But remember he was coming to date from 1900 predictions on 2000s so we are talking about the next 100 years pretty much. These are not dreams and Neil is being a bit too pessimistic about it instead of realistic. There is no question he wants it all to happen tho.. he is a scientist he would say yes anyday if you were investing in science, he just thinks you wont and it wont one will go and or settle..

medviation : Elon Musk is not predicting the future. He's building it the way he wants it. Neil will choke on his words when Elon actually builds a Mars colony.

gabox01 : It's a good thing that Elon Musk isn't as short-sighted as this guy.

flobie1kenobi : how much did they pay you to bash private enterprise at a "world government summit"? (also, maybe they should attend the world cameraman summit to learn how to hold the camera still and switch to the presentation screen too.

B. P. : Saying it's impossible really is a good motivation, and a compliment to what Elon Musk will do soon...

zapfanzapfan : Showing the slides would just be stupid?...

Geoff Handsome : Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a dead meme.

Adam Rahman : I never thought Neil was very smart... But now I can see just how unsmart he is.

Bedtime Paradox : You spent years on talkshows and podcast criticizing the goverment because they dont give enough money for space exploration. But your opinion about SpaceX is complete the opposite. Despite all the success that they show, year after year, you just keep criticizing them. Please explain all that hate… I have just stop following your talks because you have just lost the credibility .

Marcos Nogueira Martins : I thought Elon Musk fans would understand science... And I'm sure most comments here were written without listening to the video

blabla62871 : so... based on this presentation, we can say, probably all predictions by Neil deGrasse Tyson are wrong :) in other words.. there will be colony on mars :D

wengz2002 Ponkz : What did Neil deGrasse Tyson done other than talk talk talk and try to be funny???

Shreyas Malde : Neil Degrasse Tyson is not pro space, he is just pro NASA! If he was really pro space, he would support the developments made in space irrespective of whether it is done by government or private sector!

madguy : F#@/* TYSON

atombrain111 : Everyone here bashing on Neil but refuse to admit that without government funding there is no spacex and no colony on mars. It's a hard sell to congress who already had a bloated budget and falling dollar and trillions on debt. Where is the money going to come from? The people commenting here are failing to listen because Neil has a different view and still have no answer that that problem, funding.

Josef Janoušek : I just want to hear laugh of Elon watching this video..

master7chief : Why all the down votes? I get that some don't like his skeptical sounding opinion but as he stated, he's a realist; he did not diminish what SpaceX accomplished. He's simply reminding us that while the reusable design is now proven, the greater issue is that the private sector does not have strong enough economic justification for space colonization and that's where we may be misguided in our space goals. Asteroid diversion and mining would be more technologically and economically beneficial than colonizing a naturally uninhabitable place. Dr. Tyson asks WHY populate a place less inhabitable than Antarctica considering no one is lining up to go there and it actually has breathable air among other things. How does that = a down vote? Everyone is suddenly energized after last week including myself, and rightfully so, but what will we ultimately to do with our economic resources once the excitement wears off? I think that's the point he's making.

doctorale666 : NDT is correct, can't blame him for saying the truth. SpaceX came up with some impressive technology that is true (financed with the government's help through many contracts) but they didn't pioneer anything, so far all they did is low Earth orbit, that stuff was done back in the 50s! oh and overshot a car into the asteroid belt and that about it. To top it all off the Falcon Heavy wasn't even a complete success. Now I'm all up for this cool stuff but lets temper our expectations a little here, SpaceX haven't even managed to put a dog in space let alone humans on Mars, come on people.

ThisNoName : Even Einstein lost touched with progress eventually. RIP Neil!

wayneyd2 : Neil deGrasse Tyson need to shut up. He has no vision on anything.

rediornot : why aren't we seeing any of his slides?

David Gifford : Never been that impressed by Tyson, he's not failed me here, demonstrating a profound lack of imagination and confusing politics with technology. Walk on by, nothing to see and learn here.

Alec Jordan : The video with the slides has been removed by the uploader. This is very displeasing.

Dallas Gross : ive never liked neil degrasse tyson. this makes me not like him even more. like come on man. why cant it happen? dont be so negative

oneplot : i think people are wrong to accuse him of been anti space exploration, rather he is making the case for a more intelligent use of space development

Daniel Bohatkiewicz : My brother told me this 25 years ago. -Me, "Why don't we go back to the moon?". His answer, "Cause there weren't gold nuggets and diamonds all over the ground when we got there.".

Dan Mog : We're not gonna be able to do shit if people like you are constantly trying to kill the incentive and the momentum. Ambition is key to progress. We're on the right pace to colonizing other worlds in the solar system, Plus if we're gonna stay on earth forever and not try to get the most fundamental of answers then what is the point of doing science and tech anyway. It is very shameful, indecent and lazy standing around saying we can't. Really depressing to hear these words come out the mouth of a Man like you.

Donavan LoForte : Here's my two cents. $0.02.

UNSTOPPABLE-AR MARI : Neil, I don't wanna lose respect for you, please apologize for all the critics you made against Elon Musk and acknowledge that you were very negative about the whole private investment to space. That doesn't make you a less of a man, only a better one.

Reneesh T R : This man's speech made my really bad.

wengz2002 Ponkz : Why Neil deGrasse Tyson so pessimistic and antagonistic to Elon Musk??? Is that the mindset of a scientist? So disappointed of him! I used to like him before when he hosted Cosmos!