How to jailbreak an iPhone so You Can Play Game Boy Games

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Eth Hakr : that is the creepiest and most funny jailbreak video i've ever seen :D :D

Rogue : this is such a rippoff i tried it twice but the babies bled out before i finished, wow dude, so fake

eevee2joltyon : A chicken died for this

Griffin Farris : *classical music plays as he does satanic rituals on a chicken with human baby's head* And this is how to jailbreak an iPhone

Michael Dwyer : My friend just shared the link to this with me. What a simple and safe way to jailbreak! I've been looking for an effective way to do this for a while now and I've finally found it. Though my phone now smells like a mixture of chicken and mint, and the screen is hard to see, it makes gaming so much fun! I can't wait to do this with my iPad. Thank you for such a wonderful "how to" video

Nosaj : Not my proudest fap

Evan C : i feel like theres one person that actually tried this thinking it would jailbreak their iphone

brooke / bcxvie : this should have more views. this guy is a meme god.

Astros Ft : Ops i summoned satan

Shrek for the XBOX : What if you're a vegan does it work?

xkirax23 : Works on IPad?

Quien Los Conoce Papa : How Did You Discovered This Awesome Trick ????

Patrick Presley : i want to jailbreak my 6s but sadly i cant afford a chicken :(

Bryant Saputra : shit, I'm laughing so hard when his hat falling down

Queezar : Any one else here from ifunny?

TheDrift King : Hey Stewart the Sock, I laughed so hard at this video I lost my voice and my voice now sounds like a dying horse..,,.. Lol 😂😂😂😂😂 that's the most I've ever laughed at anything.....

Tilly Dunne : I've been waiting for a quality YouTube video for a while now

Emily Meehan : I'm vegan will it still work if I substitute the chicken?

Asa Picton : Like if iFunny brought you here

Weese : Does it work for the Windows phone?

Fyodor Dostoevsky : Does this work in India?

Pepe The Pikachu : ifunny brought me here

Monkey ninja77 : God I love Ifunny

Maksim Shapkin : the song in the background really fits the situation you're currently in.

Oh it's just a Chicken nugget : Can you make another video with more details?


chelsey : is there a vegan alternative

Brandon Berry : Bro thanks so much! Now i can play pokemon!

HD Gaming v1 : FAKE 100% I tried didn't work FAKE don't try

siromara : will this work with my laptop?

Matthew Brennan : From what I've seen on your channel I wouldn't be surprised if you used a real baby head

Xavier Rose : Finally a video that doesn't make me want to drink bleach :)

TicTacYo100 : How do I draw a pentagram?

Aeyen The Lobster : Leaked footage of arts and crafters killing someone

Goatku G : instructions unclear, the chicken is now pregnant and wants me to pay child support.

Austin Smith : instructions unclear phone stuck in baby

Alek Rosas : I feel like some kid actually did this in hopes of playing gameboy games

SpunkMouth69 : Does this work with Windows Phone?

Unleashed Squid : Thank you so much for this tutorial. I've been looking for a way to do this forever. Note for the future-it is absolutely necessary to use sharpie. The blood of the firstborn child will not work. I repeat-do not use blood.

mokeydudester : Did anyone else hear "SOH CAH TOA" in the chant?

sora : guys it worked!!! omg rate 5 stars like and sub scribe to him it worked !! I can play Tetris

Christopher Von Yethrowe : anyone here from ifunny?

Thomas Burgess : Posts on Instagram about this sent me here. Super funny.

Lenore : Uniladgaming brought me here

DragonBent : With out satans approval

Brocco Obama : like if you're here from ifunny ☺

Living Death : Thank you so much I love my new gameboy!!

Jack Chase : Omg how can this be real XD I'm dying in the comments. I love you Stewart!

Salvo Priolo : This is so helpful... Thanks

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