typical 90s sitcom intro

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DragoPhoenix : Turn the quality to 144p for the best experience

tiffanyferg : hahaha this is so great

Andrew Y. : You have the most underrated channel. Keep it up man, this is gold! Hopefully one day your content blows up.

Wolf Mob : That dude was using a xbox controller as a phone lol

Ummair Ahmed : What is the song

aesthetic bitch : I'm sorry but... BRADY?! OLSEN?! Did I just notice something no one has?

BardiXgamer Official : 0:34 The name of the Asian Reporter from Family Guy

wwefroogy : Desagna Diop ? Lmaoooo whyyy

René : why isn't this a thing this is H I L A RI OU S

Jonas Schilcher : Whats the title of this music?

RandomLollipop : wheres the twin towers if its "typical 90s sitcom intro"

Kurai : This makes me happy. Just. Happy


Nerdy_Jr.2737 : Tricia Takanawa lmaoo

Sammy : This was so funny xD

Harvard Teacher : God bless how u make this video

HTGames : I love this so much

Elizabeth Herrera : This video is so accurate, only 90's there wasn't porn on family shows!!!!!

Chris Monvel : jajajajaja the guy at the kitchen XD

supah comix : all the actors either became rapists,drug addicts,or dead after the season finale

Gloom Of Creation : 0:29 jeffrey dahmers victim

killerbrovid : I searched "music in sitcoms parody"

The_Everblack : Lmfao I wish this had more views cuz omg I’m dying rn

cpenn1385 : I loved it. It was too funny. You guys are good

Jayce : Hahaha this is awesome. You guys nailed it!

Elizabeth Bentley : that was beautiful

Euskalbikoizketak : A masterpiece.

daisy zo : So funny lol. Well done

It's Yo Professa! Bazorkian : Too funny.

RKJR : 10/10 would watch

saifulbrine , : This is disaster

Hendrik Vlogs : so great!!

Poochucker 007 : Love it

Malu Rhee : whats this song omg HAHAHA

Raymond Holt : yeah my favorite show family dosnt matter

XoverMamba : that big guy is so damn annoying

chef an$ : lmao chill

CrissaL : hahahahahahahhahahahaha

Tammy C : lmaaaaaoooo

Jaymes Franko : Hahaha gfrat

brittaney bunjong : lololol

marthakinz : lol

IndianLover4you69 : lol

Andres Nunez : Yup.

GdlookincookinwKaye : hahaha OMG, caught me off guard hilarious!! :D

HTGames : am I allowed to use this music??

Zach-Da-Boss-YT : I was the 400th like and this is sooooooo true

Demon Hunter : this deseves a trophy

DeMya Nicole : lmao yooooooo I'm weak

chris jensen : im dead