Mr. W
Mr W a decade of Ads and its still my favorite

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Jas Sandhar : Creative, not off topic, and simply genius. Great commercial! 

Emily Kerstetter : This is truly an amazing commercial. Brilliant concept. The marketing/design/communications teams who created this deserve an award.

Ryan Daugherty : "Finally someday, someone accepted me for who I am" I'm still waiting for that day

jazzle : I've seen this video approximately 15323483262 times now. It never gets old.

kcin228 : I feel like a real idiot. I've seen this video a few times. On a whim I thought oh lemme watch that video again. This is the first watch through that I actually realized he was portraying the wind.

Agoonga : I didn't know Robert Pattinson had a baby with The Great Khali

Stéphane Lambert : This is pure POETRY. I can't help thinking about it each time M. W blows (my mind -;)

Devoted Anime Enthusiast : Aw that was so cute. Poor Mr. Wind.

Ripe Inc. : Beautifully done. Simple and so clever.

shoobiedoobie : Aww, Mr. W... we love you, buddy.

bastlake : John Cleese and Andre the Giant had a kid

J K : this. this is the accent I needed for this character and I don't know why.

Joshalots : He looks like Edward from Twilight

Martin Criminale : I love good #commercials. This is so ahead of it's time. In so many ways. #MrW

Pikachuuu do the Thunderstorm : Absolutely brilliant. I´m doing research on viral vids and so far i´ve found a few awesome viral/commercial spots but this one is a true masterpiece.

Eu-zy! : The only thing missing from this video is blowing out birthday candles 😭 its not your birthday Mr.W!

Rafael Vaz : Amazing Ad

Cuzette Du Plessis : Science communication in action

luffydragneel56 : Oh shit, I realized he represents the wind on a windy day....

rishabh rastogi : ok ambuja cement

salut : My hat's off to you

rgpekson : Brilliant!

Rex EdwardFairy : Mebbie... I was too intense...

Dulanto : My Science Teacher Showed Us This Video Lol

Brian Stolarski : anyone know the name of the piano piece being played in the background?

Adhesive Boi : Need to know who the actor is in this brilliant thing.

Tamis : this is me, #hispotentialisours

lin2k4 : Song name?

Tsa Szymborska : Very beautiful.

Ghetto Baboon : FrankerZ

John Christian Fjellestad : First I thought this advert was lame, but than I understood! 

Laurence Hawkins : I may start watching television again - just maybe, Very few, very few commercials are this creative or provoking.

Pogol Swood : I know it may have been obvious to some, but I thought it very clever and well done. When you come to the concept of having to sell the idea of wind power, I think it works very well.

Sepehr Eftekhar : wow. thanks lol.

PCANGELDUST : lol its the wind, realised it after the third clip

hantataru : Extraordinary.

PaladinOfJustice : That was predictable.

John Andersson : He's the wind.

Sepehr Eftekhar : I don't get it :(

gillettecrackers : Wow, what a great twist at the end.

Geoff Bosco : No, his face has an unreal look about it. It's an uncanny valley thing, I think.

Geoff Bosco : Well, I'll be! All this time and I never realized the wind was actually Autistic...

Cars Uncovered : I too am against "clean" energy.

Guywithcrazyideas : I'm related, but I'm the wind from the butt.

Brah One : I want to buy him a bigger hat.

Taco™ : I was wondering why everyone was just ignoring it and not being like "What the hell, bro?"

deadhope : The guy is the wind. A physical manifestation of it.

xelemeno89x : Well you're close. It is Gymnopedie, but no. 3!

Blurp Slurp : DAAAAMN, took me about 5 seconds after the end of video to get it! when i got it, my mind was blown.