Mr. W

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Joshalots : He looks like Edward from Twilight

Agoonga : I didn't know Robert Pattinson had a baby with The Great Khali

OrbitronFactory : that really... blew me away. Sorry.

kcin228 : I feel like a real idiot. I've seen this video a few times. On a whim I thought oh lemme watch that video again. This is the first watch through that I actually realized he was portraying the wind.

Frys Lan : De subsidie op windenergie gaat elk Nederlands huishouden tien jaar lang tenminste € 500,00 p/j kosten. Do not use windenergy. Windenergie wordt de grootste blunder van de politicus Henk Kamp en de Nederlandse VVD. De lobby op windenergie heeft heel veel last van "tunnelvision". DO NOT DO IT!!!!!!!!

bastlake : John Cleese and Andre the Giant had a kid

Ryan Daugherty : "Finally someday, someone accepted me for who I am" I'm still waiting for that day

Eu-zy! : The only thing missing from this video is blowing out birthday candles 😭 its not your birthday Mr.W!

jazzle : I've seen this video approximately 15323483262 times now. It never gets old.

Adhesive Boi : Need to know who the actor is in this brilliant thing.

Devoted Anime Enthusiast : Aw that was so cute. Poor Mr. Wind.

salut : My hat's off to you

waden stretts : That is one scary french guy

Emily Kerstetter : This is truly an amazing commercial. Brilliant concept. The marketing/design/communications teams who created this deserve an award.

lin2k4 : Song name?

brian hello : anyone know the name of the piano piece being played in the background?

Jack Engn : I earnestly don't understand. Would someone care to explain?

RainbowPopTart123 : I don't get it

rishabh rastogi : ok ambuja cement

rgpekson : Brilliant!

Jas Sandhar : Creative, not off topic, and simply genius. Great commercial! 

Dulanto : My Science Teacher Showed Us This Video Lol

Eternal RotMG : It took me a good minute after the video ended to figure it out, but when I did, I couldn't stop laughing.

JYC422 : what you should do is be in horror films

luffydragneel56 : Oh shit, I realized he represents the wind on a windy day....

Ecto Andrew : Yeee I got this before the climax. ;)

Wot M9 : This is the funniest video iv ever seen. Mr W is also a principal at my cousins school xD LOOOOOOOOOOOOLE

Chris Keener : I GET IT!

Martin Criminale : I love good #commercials. This is so ahead of it's time. In so many ways. #MrW

Fruitymicktoty : don't be a bad man he just showing he is the wind

Jennifer Dawn : Lazytown!

Gloria Potgieter : But the first thing he did though

Ghetto Baboon : FrankerZ

JJ : he was in stonehearst asylym. i like his voice.

Jon Sariah : Aye, a rebirth for you getting this job Mr W. You were made redundant when we stopped using sailing ships. A shame now you have this new job... it's a bloody waste of time and money. You see we can't rely on you, sometimes you are there for work, sometimes not. Also (this is not all your fault) the turbines we created for you are so inefficient that it's hardly worth you bothering. Big companies are given huge grants paid for by governments (average Joe foots the bill) just in case you decide to turn up for work. Meanwhile we must all look at these turbines destroying the view. Do me a favour Mr W and give your friend Mrs Sea shout, her tides would be better and more reliable, oh and blow the politicians into Mrs Sea when you go. Thanks.

Just a Youtuber : is wind that ugly?

PairOfDucks : Biggest plot twist ever holy shit

adj789 : A human face, open

mychannel : These actors are really bad. Every time he does something mean they don't even look at him, it's like they were expecting it.

alflex621 : watching this young and not knowing what it was. re watching it now, I feel so stupid, yet blown away.

John Christian Fjellestad : First I thought this advert was lame, but than I understood! 

Stéphane Lambert : This is pure POETRY. I can't help thinking about it each time M. W blows (my mind -;)

J K : this. this is the accent I needed for this character and I don't know why.

Cuzette Du Plessis : Science communication in action

shoobiedoobie : Aww, Mr. W... we love you, buddy.

Mr W : This is not the Mr W that you are looking for

SSBBKUZCO : From the first 3 clips I already realized that this guy is just a personification of the wind. His name made my thesis even more plausible.

T-Mass : brilliant

Peter Coffin : This is both hilarious and incredibly moving. I love it.

AmFilms123 : Superb. What creativity. :-)