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Shauni Williams : Whoever this guy is he is going to make it big. What an amazing talent. He reminds me of the actor jim carey.


muggedinmadrid : he's like an outlandish cartoon made flesh

MakWak productions : Jim Carrery is the Greatest Comedian of all time, no one can ever replace this guy in comedy, God made only one Jim Carrey

Scarface : Wich pixel is Jim Carrey? Nah just kiddin, great video man ;)

Brian Dorn : Not bad for a pet detective.

242jams : it's a hell of a talent to do impressions with just your face

samchez thomasino : ADHD is a gift in many ways and Jim Carrey is a perfect example of this.

Alyssa Jimenez : Its crazy how he can do all those different faces! He's extremely talented in a weird way lol that's so funny!!! Haha he's my top favorite different and cool.

Eddie Lo : feels like you're on acid when watching this

Tony El-Khoury : that guy is an alien

Dawn2Dusk23 : Omg the muppets part was INSANE. His face is...fantastic. Lol

TEAM A : This kid will go far in the film industry if he keeps up his potential!

YouTubeName : Damn, some of his impressions are like human Hirschfeld caricature drawings.

MD Interactive : Extraordinary talent. 

Plutot Crever : Way ahead of his time. He was out of nowhere in 1983. These facial morphs are jaw dropping and still unmatched (especially the James Dean and Easwood one). This guy is extremely smart and perceptive to appropriate all these small details.

George Vreeland Hill : Jim Carrey = Genius.

Vinay Seth : How does he manage to contort his face like that?? Is it a medical condition? lol

Rain Angel : The Elvis impression made me so happy lolololololol

Zacharia Yonis : One of Canada's best

Snorri Erickson : Andy Kaufman 2.0

Theodore Bouchet : His Jack Nicholson looks like Stifler

ChrisMagoo99 : The James Dean one legitimately frightens me every time. It's too good

NateTheMovieGuy : King of impressions

Mr Wisdom : Jim Carrey is still the best ! 🇨🇦

Some Saiyan With A Devil Fruit : but seriously he needs to do an elvis cover album xD

Tree Topper : fall in love with Jim all over again

Nick Joost : 2:49 looks like Christian bale when he was a damn skeleton

Hayden Cook : Holy shit that was good

ivan kovacevic : this talent really had to be recognized from the first appearance

GlowInTheLightPRO : Man. What a legend.

GerArt13 : Dammit how he just transforms! xD

gamingnotacrime : God of comedy is an understatement. BTW @ JIM CARREY, you're super duper over due for another stand up comedy.

Jessica Rabbit : total genius

Will I am Musiq : Very impressive

David M. Johnston : Oh my gosh he can actually morph his face to look like the person he's impersonating!

ATV STUDIOS : This Was Jim Carrey's First Television Performance

Remember To Smile : ladies and gentlemen, the cure to depression!

jeanniebottle1 : Very funny man!

Dirk Diggler : The mark of a truly great impressionist; telling the audience who you're doing.

Alcachofablog Official : Nailed it

Ralphy Blevins : LMFAO, You can definitely see that Jimmy was influenced by the late-great comic genius Andy Kaufman with the Elvis impersonations. All in all, Jimmy is one of the best comics that ever lived for sure. Jimmy makes you laugh no matter what he does guaranteed folks!!!!!!!

Sheila More : 😂😂😂💕He is good

Tim Jespersen : 4:00 James Dean, WOW.

epic ride 786 : is any body watching this from 2016

Gumdrops : Why is this uploaded by a Basshunter fan? XD

Some Saiyan With A Devil Fruit : maybe one day someone will surpass him but likely won't be for a while :)

Aprizzle : His Kermit impression is so cute 😊

juan9306 : LOOOOOOOL! I totally lost it at E.T: LMFAO!

Jason McCann : hahaha that was genius.