How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys

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JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta : I can’t believe you got sponsored by such a prestigious organization. Great job!

iforce2d : 8:08 hersh mershan environment?? :)

Nyerguds : Okay, but how will it deal with small rocks getting stuck in the springs?

Mohamed Elsaid : He says "mars" like a frikken pirate bruh

Garrett Sanchez : Is it weird I want to be ran over by one of these wheels?

Young Blue Skeptic : This is why NASA needs to be funded more

Albos Hajdari : *mers* Credit *kerd* Super *ker* What's wrong with your A-s?

joseph jackson : One problem with using a fairly large amount of titanium in everyday items on Earth... Titanium is expensive

DarkLight : I just realized that we're good at going outter space than going deeper in our own oceans.

ShadowLight Gaming : Its not reinventing the wheel... Just the tire

NAME NAMENAME : Royal Air Force? That's an interesting way to spell squarespace...

Fawaz Shaikh : 8:09 harsh marsh

Chris Sexwale : Damn dude. Temperature, hardness, strength, elasticity, microstructure, mass, diameter, width, thickness, life expectancy, speed, radiation levels, gravitational constant, natural terrain... This wheel’s design has more parameters to worry about than an introverted engineer on a date with a model.

Bass & Beyond : mers

Hismajesty's Kingdom : Science is magic for the laymen. No really science is dope as shit, no wait humans are dope for doing science, I just wish it was more acceptable.

JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta : I met Dr. John Grant at the National Air and Space museum, and witnessed a teleconference where they decided where to move the Curiosity. It was an amazing experience, and this just adds to it.

Xander Lowe : It's crazy how just simple everyday things on Earth are so different in space and it really just makes everything harder

Sky L : I am just curious. Where is his accent from?

JustSimple A.H : on "mers"

Ains Oown Goal Mommon : MERS

Arrowkarting 88 : So this christine the metal?

Vincent Hermes : Murrrrsss.

James S : darn as soon as u were asking what is the solution for the tire i was literally thinking about the self remembering metal and was like its definitely the solution then couple minutes later i was right i'm impressed with my self pat my self on my back to bad i wasn't asked this question or knew about this

Spicy taco 59 : Despasito 2 confirmed !

II : Why not build wheels made of Nokia phones?

Peter Parker : Invention of wheel is the biggest thing ever happened to human kind


FabioST : Tough place this Meerrrrrrhs, almost as tough as Mars

Lil Fishy : "...on murrs.."

Random Person : So you just got sponsored by the RAF and BAC!! That's that's insane

ATRIVM : Silver Maple :)

Sahil Pethe : You mean to say till date the most any rover has gone in YEARS is just 45 km? -_- I would have expected at least 200km. What was the point of sending them there if all they can do is research the same area again and again lol? I thought they would have designed them so that they can search for things not possible to see from Mars orbiters.

alton gifford : The tires on Elon Musk`s car that he launched into space must be very brittle by now so if they were hit by a micrometeor they would shatter.

DarkLight : Could they have used carbon nanotubes instead of aluminum alloy? Just wondering.

GrayFlare : I can't believe you just assigned homework to all your viewers xD

Grey Seiker : I love the eve online space music with the video... it makes more lovely

Xíren Seo : I already have a 3d model of my mars landship concept... 6 crew, capable of holding 20 passengers, self sustaining, passenger space can be remade to be a work lab via field modification, comes in 3 separate sections for easier transport, downside is it needs 3 launches to deliver all the parts, and then another launch for a field workshop with a crane.. Achievable with today's tech, just needs more RnD, so the pilot and crew won't get too much radiation poisoning. Pfft Nah, RAF is looking for a rover design


NotSpooky : Innovation, not reinvented...

Toxic Bubbles : Just slap some Flex Tape over that rover boi and we’re good to go.

alexnickolaev : Hey, here's an idea for a video: nuclear power plant or a nuclear reactor in general

Karnaoubas : NiTi is the material of the elastic archwires used in orthodontics. Originally developed by the US Navy lab for their subs

Rob Stewart : That tire material reminds me of chain metal. Great video, thanks.

Anders Rullestad Eriksen : But will it blend?

Bundeswehr : Just use flextape and nokias, there, indestructible.

RexXflash : How about they spend their budget inventing a spaceship instead

TheBhaveshJain : Caterpillars tracks ?

Varun Sen : So...Goodyear made the spring wheels

Shadow Fan : could thoes wheels be road legal?

Chris Davies : It does NOT use a nuclear reactor to power itself. It uses an RTG - a Radio Thermal Generator, which converts the heat from a decaying 5-kilo slug of plutonium into electricity using peltier devices. It is not very fancy, has no moving parts, and is very reliable, but low power, at less than 110 watts total output.