How NASA Reinvented The Wheel - Shape Memory Alloys

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JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta : I can’t believe you got sponsored by such a prestigious organization. Great job!

Bass & Beyond : mers

Chris : Damn dude. Temperature, hardness, strength, elasticity, microstructure, mass, diameter, width, thickness, life expectancy, speed, radiation levels, gravitational constant, natural terrain... This wheel’s design has more parameters to worry about than an introverted engineer on a date with a model.

ShadowLight Gaming : Its not reinventing the wheel... Just the tire

Garrett Sanchez : Is it weird I want to be ran over by one of these wheels?

Young Blue Skeptic : This is why NASA needs to be funded more

Mohamed Elsaid : He says "mars" like a frikken pirate bruh

joseph jackson : One problem with using a fairly large amount of titanium in everyday items on Earth... Titanium is expensive

DarkLight : I just realized that we're good at going outter space than going deeper in our own oceans.

Anders Rullestad Eriksen : But will it blend?

iforce2d : 8:08 hersh mershan environment?? :)

JustSimple A.H : on "mers"

Walter Kocher : ...But can they reinvent the Wall, that, as we have been told, came BEFORE the wheel...

Peter Parker : Invention of wheel is the biggest thing ever happened to human kind

Ervin S : So happy that conor mcgregor got into science

Xander Lowe : It's crazy how just simple everyday things on Earth are so different in space and it really just makes everything harder

Carter Stong : Rip mars rover

P. Tarkin : MERS

IIFriedFriesII : Credit cerd

NAME NAME NAME : Royal Air Force? That's an interesting way to spell squarespace...

FabioST : Tough place this Meerrrrrrhs, almost as tough as Mars

Hismajesty's Kingdom : Science is magic for the laymen. No really science is dope as shit, no wait humans are dope for doing science, I just wish it was more acceptable.

tarius _ : wheels work and so does a wall

Deviant RK900 : The wheels on the Rover go round and round...

GrayFlare : I can't believe you just assigned homework to all your viewers xD

Capissotor : Early BC -Wheels 2019 -Spring Tires 2050 -Floating wheels

Vincent Hermes : Murrrrsss.

Spicy taco 59 : Despasito 2 confirmed !

Varun Sen : So...Goodyear made the spring wheels

Random Person : So you just got sponsored by the RAF and BAC!! That's that's insane

Ian : Tyyyrre , merz

WillOfTheWeb : The narrator has an Irish ☘️ twangy to his accent.

elnubnub : What about resistance to sandblasting and grinding from the wind + sand??

Big_Joe : This is a great alternative to rubber, but I'm sorry to say that it is not reinventing the wheel in any way. The idea of a wheel is rotation in order to move a vehicle or to transport something heavy, no matter what material the wheel is made from. Thus nothing has changed since they created the pyramids using logs as wheels to roll over and transport the huge stone blocks. The principle is the same in the case of the Mars robots: TO ROLL OVER. Therefore, change the title.

JohnnyDaPrankstaGangsta : I met Dr. John Grant at the National Air and Space museum, and witnessed a teleconference where they decided where to move the Curiosity. It was an amazing experience, and this just adds to it.

Sean Lumly : Consider a new alloy developed: *Most wear-resistant metal alloy in the world* "A materials science team has engineered a platinum-gold alloy believed to be the most wear-resistant metal in the world. It's _100_ times more durable than high-strength steel, making it the first alloy, or combination of metals, in the same class as diamond and sapphire, nature's most wear-resistant materials. "If you're ever unlucky enough to have a car with metal tires, you might consider a set made from a new alloy engineered at Sandia National Laboratories. You could skid -- not drive, _skid_ -- around Earth's equator _500 times_ before wearing out the tread."

Lil Fishy : "...on murrs.."

Patrick O Beirne : Goodyear Reinvented the wheel

Nolan Flynn : Rip Oppy and its incredible journey

II : Why not build wheels made of Nokia phones?

MRJellyBaby2516 : one word fixes all of this B I T C O N E C T

JROCK 70 : It’s thick or thicc, NOT TIK (@ THE WHOLE VIDEO and 2:16)

Work With Nature : Just use graphene for the wheals!

Whateverbeast : You have some video in your advertisment

PanzerDragon : Just use flextape and nokias, there, indestructible.

Emil Hartfelt : 08:09 hersh mersh environment

Arrowkarting 88 : So this christine the metal?

Ammar Siddiqui : It uses a radioisotopic thermoelectric generator. Basically it uses the energy from a decaying radioisotope such as plutonium to move fluid to generate electricity.

Reniun : top of the morning to ya boyo

Toxic Bubbles : Just slap some Flex Tape over that rover boi and we’re good to go.