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Gregg Popovich : Reported this vid for extreme violence, gore and brutality

The Rogue Wolf : The fight over who is the floofiest remains unresolved....

Christopher T Munro : That poor malamute never stood a chance against such savagery!!!!!!!!!

Sandy Hooker : did the dog survive?

Sir Gilly : How gentle is Niko.. 😁

Patrick Savage : You should call your house “The house of fluff.” So many fluffy beings in there.

Snowme : Being a mom is hard work, but Niko loves it

philip russell : Niko is so, so gentle.

Mosanso : A Savage attack, as the young lioness asserts her dominance over the larger member of the family

Myleen Lujan : "Im fluffy" "No, I am" "NO. I am!" 😁

LordEradicus : "You do know I could eat you at any time, don't you?"(Said the kitten to the dog):)

Floccinaucinihilipilificator : I can't even try to comprehend just how much bleaker the world would be without those lovable bundles of love. We don't deserve them /Hugs ShibaChow.

Leslie Brooks : Too brutal to watch, a left, a paw, and then the muzzle oohh too brutal to watch lmaooooo

Dennis Cook : That rotten kitten, beating up on that poor helpless malamute.

Sharon Brusturis : Beautifully patient dog!!

Vinay Moses : This is the most beautiful 🐕 Malamute EVER !!

Paula Erdbeer : What woman would he be calling in Manhattan? WHO ANSWERS HER OWN PHONE!!!!!!!!

WingedBull1 : Ohhhhhh What a darling Nikko sweet mother, Please give her a kiss from me please.

Phillip Lopez : The dog wants it , and the kitty knows it ?

Gerald Lamp : I see two kittens, Niko is about as dangerous as a ball of wool. Same goes for Phil, two big floofs capable of eating their own weight in sausages. The only way they could injure another is with their need for infinite belly rubs.

Charles Kuckel : NOW THAT'S a patient and mellow Malamute for SURE! Every time kitty attacked, doggie just goes "I don't think so". THAT kitten was lucky that the doggie wasn't angry or the kitty would've wound up being kibbles and bits!

Sirithus Meesomsup : Niko and milo so cute!

throbgrist : I couldn't handle it past a minute in. All that blood ... Oh, God, the blood...

Shiloh the Ice/snow Wolf-Kitsune : That’s me and my big sister

Leanne Paxton : Typical kitten behaviour! They are playful but can be vicious with it! I have 2 cats, Niko and Bella and for the first year of their lives I was constantly scratched up! Plus, they are 1 year apart in age, so I had 2 exhausting and painful years of it! But they are also very cute and I wouldn't be without them. You're lucky you have a dog who doesn't mind playing with it and getting beat up on a daily basis. But once that kitten is a bit older and calms down, they will be the best of friends. You have beautiful fur babies. Thank you for sharing them with us. 😊❤🐈🐕

Historian Adventurer Wanderer Metalhead : Look what the cat dragged in!

Regine dela Cruz : Niko is so gentle. 😍😍😍

Pallavee Singh : Such an adorable pair! Absolutely gorgeous!😍❤️😻

April Taylor : Brave kitty!

Bryce Pardoe : Lion attacks wolf

jewl 721 : Milo was so young here. They became best of friends. Beautiful. Xoxo

Adam Foster : The horror

Teresa Simpson : You can tell just how much Nico loves his kitty.

That Guy : Call the police

Nick williams : So cute

bacchus808 : TIL niko is Milo's chew toy

Brian Chandler : Brave little fur ball!

Roger Allagan : This much savagery is unsuitable for many unloving hearts..! I'm having daymares after watching this...

jondrell13 : Baby Milo-mute and Niko, love it! Our Mal, Rogue just got a baby kitten that she just loves to play with.

vsboy 25 : They are both fluffy toys

pug momma : Why would you let something so vicious and cute roam the earth?

Arrheni L. : There are no Malamutes, only self-heating pillows for cold Alaskan nights.

Scribbles : First How old are your mamalutes and how much do u excersise them?

Sunil Verma : Babies fights 🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍

Casimir III : so he's cheatinɡ onul you with a married woman?

Pumpkin0330 titi : And where is Phil during this process?

Abby Reynolds : That Milo was a brutal little kitten

Dave Anderson : I had to turn this off after the first minute, this attack was savage and shows why dogs should not be kept as pets......BANTER

Tejaswitta Ravikumar : This is definitely an old clip!

Earl Haupenthal : No, please stop! That poor dog... I don't know which is better "Kittycat vs Niko" or "Godzilla vs Mothra".