The Mind of Jake Paul in a nutshell

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Shane Dawson is currently doing a "The Mind of Jake Paul" documentary series where he explores Jake Paul and whether or not he exhibits tendencies of sociopathy. Is he a sociopath or not? This video can be seen as a summary for the series. If you're short on time I think this version is preferable. Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy The Dark Side/The Mind/The Family/The Enemies of Jake Paul, by none other than Shane Dawson. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you to my very generous patrons: OOF Pot Smoking Hippie Owen C Daniel Dchuette Cn_dragon1 SMfreeze Lewis Urschel Abelisk --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Support me: Patreon: Merch: PayPal: Top 3 donations: 1. freeze: $7.70 2. Trevor Wright $1.60 3. Edoardo Codeglia $1.42 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me: Subscribe: Discord: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: 3d videos playlist: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join my discord if you want some fun. Also you better subscribe. Sound effects:


Jordan H : I watched this willingly but I feel tortured.

Ahmed bash : Holy macaroni Jake Paul just sent me a voice message

Couch Potato : *oh my god you guys I just got the CHILLS*

LeBaguetteFedoraMan : 1:58 "Have you ever existed? *SOCIOPATH*" 2:08 "Did you know that approximately 1/25 people is a sociopath?" So does that mean that 24/25 people don't exist?

Roxy Beaudet : This video is sponsored by Better Help

liz : what do you want *slight neck brake*

Bulletdreams Workshop : If the human race is suddenly erased from existence, I hope this is the only video proof that survives to show future beings the traditions and culture the human race practiced.

Ana Hashem l انا هاشم : Have you ever existed? *SoCiOpATh!* Shane: :( )

Um Tea : I don't see anything different than Shanes Documentary...

I y a n a : I don't get it you just reuploaded Shane's video

Ana Hashem l انا هاشم : Have you ever existed? *SOCIOPATH!* Shane: :< >

Emma Seddon : mom can you come pick me up im scared

Sumit Ahmed : Ok am i the only one who dont find these scary? They make me laugh

Rinie린이 : I think the part about the therapist is exaggerated bc she was saying textbook facts about sociopaths, but the part about Shane overreacting to every thing that doesn’t even matter is spot on 😂

Emma D : This was the longest 3 minutes of my life

امجد العامري : You nailed the facial hair lol

supersuperior 990 : Today we Wil be findin ouut if jak pal is a sociyapath.

The Obeast : 1:23 That's what I should do when I want a friend to come over. No explanation or anything.

Salted tea : I never knew you could bend your bones that way...

「Raman M」 : Ok so basically im sociopath

Insta is mkultrakid : Thanks for the rundown Saved me 8 hours

Mimikyugigas : Weird ASMR but ok

Cat PawsitivityTM : right in front of my salad?!

Kelly Dick : I don't know why but I kept laughing, very good content.

Some Random Person Who likes Cheese : Oh my god guys I just got the chills

Crafty Ukulele : Have you ever existed? *SOCIOPATH*

Stryklius : 0:26 *scientists discover the fastest and most efficient way of transportation*

chilly : i love shane but im cracking up at the way he just ":O"

Aiyana Ruiz Ackerman : Is that supposed to be Shane Dawson 😂

Madi Rife : I really want Shane to react to this

Les Byul : oh my god you guys i just got the chills


I LightenStar I : The animation is uncomfortable.

Trinity Milos : I watched this at 3am and I died laughing the whole time, STOP LMAO

pandaluver11100 : Why does this feel longer than the whole 8 part series

m a y a : this is completely and utterly terrifying

McKenzie Daffron : It really be like that tho 😂😂



naiaxo : This video makes me feel a feeling I’ve never felt before Edit: I hate each and everyone of you in the comment section lmaooo

Coco Fish : why was this creepier than the actual series. (I stopped watching Shane's series bc it got boring and seemed too staged)

Lina : 3/10 not accurate enough the person Shane hired in his video wasn't a professional as you cLaiM here

Isabela Beine : wow i never saw the eps of bizaredvaark

RetroXZeta ??? : Have you ever existed? SOCIOPATH lmao good thing i don't actually exist jokes on u haha

Cayden Stewart : “Do sociopaths breathe?” “Yes” *Gasp* *intense music plays*

TiBBs TiBBs : *So basically, I’m a sosial path?* “Yes.” *le epicly dabs*

Erin Rose : The real move is to watch this at 1.5x speed tho 😂

Rosalinda Herrera : This guy that was recording the camera. Cursed found footage real not clickbait

Flux Bullets : People will look back on this video and make up creepy pastas/conspiracy theories. I can already see someone in the comments saying “who’s still here in 2022 🤣🤣🤣🤣”