The Mind of Jake Paul in a nutshell

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Apni Bhangra Mutiyaar : The video says under three mins but I swear this lasted hours lol

Carina S : *im scared*

Konradkh : have your name ever been shnae dowson? You're a sociopath

pandaluver11100 : Why does this feel longer than the whole 8 part series

Jordan H : I watched this willingly but I feel tortured.

German Angel : Oh my god guys I just got the chills

Choccymilq : So basically... I’m a sociopath *becomes god and dabs*

liz : what do you want *slight neck brake*

Pointy_ears98 : I both want to scream until I pass out and laugh uncontrollably at the same time. Very weird feeling.

IAmNotNicole : I was laughing really hard at him tapping the phone to listen to Jake’s message, but then the slow jaw drop got me even harder, and then the snap up and head roll got me even HARDER 😂 But the whole time his mouth was just dropped open, I was laughing until my ribs split 😂

Naia Sobers : This video makes me feel a feeling I’ve never felt before Edit: I hate each and everyone of you in the comment section lmaooo

Jessie Vector : So real I couldn’t tell it was an animation

Nick B : Imagine if life was really like this omg

Loli Kiwi : Save yourself the 8 hours and just watch this video

Couch Potato : *oh my god you guys I just got the CHILLS*

Daniel Sambar : _“A sociopath is basically someone who is just more savage.”_ - Balding Forehead

LeBaguetteFedoraMan : 1:58 "Have you ever existed? *SOCIOPATH*" 2:08 "Did you know that approximately 1/25 people is a sociopath?" So does that mean that 24/25 people don't exist?

Rinie린이 : I think the part about the therapist is exaggerated bc she was saying textbook facts about sociopaths, but the part about Shane overreacting to every thing that doesn’t even matter is spot on 😂

MOSINO/ : *The new toy story movie is looking great.*

BishAint SHOOK : Shane needs to watch this💀

Dark Paradise : I’ve never seen this horror movie!

Amy Ruby : This video changed me

Mcdiggin 'it : I never knew you could bend your bones that way...

Fl!ngo Dingo : shan got the _C h i l l s_

Just a MEATBALL : Ok am i the only one who dont find these scary? They make me laugh

「Raman」 M。 : Ok so basically im sociopath

Guilmix's Reviews : right in front of my salad?!

Ramen mummy : Have you ever existed? *SoCiOpATh!* Shane: :( )

My Purple Boots : I don't see anything different than Shanes Documentary...

Ahmed bash : Holy macaroni Jake Paul just sent me a voice message

Aryanna Halstead : *ew omg* the sounds they make when they turn!

gospel shishtar : Ok well I'm gonna close my laptop and throw it over a bridge

Maya : this is completely and utterly terrifying

Paula Happep : Well this is art

i-win : Jake Paul just sent me a V O I C E M E S S A G E


Emma Seddon : mom can you come pick me up im scared

Aaron : This guy is literally just great value pamtri

Kelly Dixon : I don't know why but I kept laughing, very good content.

StickMaster500 : *Sponsored by Walmart*

McKenzie D : It really be like that tho 😂😂

LightenStar // TurboLighten : The animation is uncomfortable.

The Obeast : 1:23 That's what I should do when I want a friend to come over. No explanation or anything.

Bulletdreams Workshop : If the human race is suddenly erased from existence, I hope this is the only video proof that survives to show future beings the traditions and culture the human race practiced.

VeryHard : When someone doesn’t smash like *_s o c i o p a t h_*

امجد العامري : You nailed the facial hair lol

Jasmine Skye : i love this trailer when does this horror movie come out???

Shrek Baby : This was too real and I hate and love it


Ps2 Gamer : If u did a part 2 like this for the whole 8 part series that would be funny