Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

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We unbox and try the 70$ Eastar EFL-1 from Amazon and my very own flute! Jump to 9:00 for the Test! Would I buy this cheap flute? How does it sound against a professional flute? TBH IT IMPRESSED ME FOR A BEGINNER FLUTE! EFL-1 SOLD OUT! FIND EFL-2 (90$) HERE AMAZON US: https://amzn.to/2GzQXVe It's a must watch and you won't believe your ears! Help us and become a producer for The Flute Channel over on Patreon be a proud supporter of what we do here. Pay as little as 2$ a month and help us continue to make more videos and content! ✩ PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=2355558 ✩ MERCH - http://store.theflutechannel.com ✩ Twitter - http://twitter.com/theflutechannel ✩ Instagram - http://instagram.com/theflutechannel ✩ Blog/Website - http://www.theflutechannel.com ✩ Facebook - http://facebook.com/flutechannel/ #amazonflute #canyouhearthedifference #cheapflute #Iboughtacheapflute

Comments from Youtube

knivesintoasters : I dont play flute. I dont have any interest in playing flute. I am watching this video at 3 am. Honestly still interesting

maimai_8664 : Welp... her playing a $70 Amazon flute still sounds better than me on my $800 flute...

Pardon me are you Aaron burr sir : Only the musician matters. My violin teacher can make my violin sound like honey, and I can make a Stradivarius sound like garbage in 2 seconds

Its A Catto :3 : Just a random clarinetist passing by. Nothing to see here

Jessi 3005 : Did anyone actually search for this video, or is everyone just here because of YouTube recommendation

Mauricio Romero : How does this video have 2M views? why am I watching this? Edit: watches the whole thing, now thinking of ordering the flute.

PardonMeAreYouAaronBurrSir : I feel like I'm one of the few people here who actually plays the flute 😂

Diego : The cheap one sounds like a flute

もんリラヒイ : I’m a decent flute player. She makes me feel like I’m the worst on the planet..

Super_squishy_awesomeness _ : No idea how I ended up here but I watched the whole thing

Aaron M : How does youtube look at my viewing habits (pretty much all wrestling and video game videos) and decide this should be on my recommended list? ...and why did I watch the entire thing and the follow-up vid? Great job!

John Miles : Well, if her "normal" flute cost $20,000.00---as eluded to by another one of The Flute Channel videos---I really couldn't tell much difference between the two. I would definitely get the Eastar flute if I was a beginner.

Sean McDonald : Today i found out there is a thing called "The Flute Channel". . . . . .

Gia Francesca : My cheapy beginner flute cost about $300 so for $70 i was expecting this to be made of plastic! that’s crazy, and even the accessories are great! This flute looks perfect for kids and/or marching. If any of my future kids pick up flute I could see myself starting them on this flute before letting them inherit my better mid-range flute during HS

Christopher Smith : As an experiment I would like to see a whole orchestra playing cheap instruments like this and see if anybody noticed....

SERENITY_WOLF : I play the Electric Triangle

Sleena Hays : It works as a great beginner flute. No need to spend tons of money if your child doesnt know if they want to take it further

skinpro2000 : The $70.00 dollar flute sounds just as good as the expensive one, if you were playing in an orchestra or in a conservatory no one wouldn’t be the wiser. Maybe you don’t like it, but it would make a fantastic starter flute for someone. It’s not the instrument that creates the wonderful music but the person playing it. I bet you that Kenny G would make wonderful music with that flute, while other people can use your flute and make horrible noise. A lot of musicians can’t afford a thousand dollar flute, this will make music more accessible to a lot more people, I’m grateful that this company is making that happen!

Yusuf Islam : I went on a dash cam car crash binge and then this video was recommended. I watched it and it calmed me down.

David Lodge : As a drummer I’ll need two flutes.

Adam Colon : I can't hear the difference... but I did hear a million double-entendres

Alan Choo-Kang : Another one who didn't know how they got to watching The Flute Channel. But I watched the whole video and impressed how much Flute you can get for $70.

Lewis Blackwood : I was expecting them to be all snobby about it but they where actually genuine about it

Palak Thakkar : I like how when she plays on the cheap $70 flute, she still sounds better than me on my $1400 flute......

DutMasterSmut : came here randomly.. left with the urge to listen to some jethro tull.

Kevin Lee : Okay, YouTube, I watched the damn video. Now leave me alone.

Bella Jordans : Not bad for $70. It's not as smooth sounding as hers, but it's better than I'd have thought it would be. I also have noooo idea how I got here. I had been watching opera videos when this came up. I have no idea why I even wanted to watch this but I clicked on it and I also watched until the end. LOL

❶ Octavian Simon : I don't know how did i end up here from watching a woogie boogie video but i like it 😂

Duy Mach : Me: Why is this in my Recommended? *Clicks video Me: What am I even watching? *Watches the whole video

Piece Digital Games : Here I am, yet another person brought to you by YouTube recommendations. I stayed to wait for them to get super snobby, but they didn't, which is nice. I kinda wish they went deeper into the comparisons, though. As someone who's not deep into the art and theory of music creation I would've liked to have more of your thoughts on why the flute isn't as good as something more expensive (other than cheaper parts, which is a given). To me they sound about the same.

DiscoD777 : She makes the cheap flute sound good to my ears

corn : I watched one concert band video and got this instantly recommended. I can't say I'm disappointed, though. EDIT: Also, why am I even here? I suck at flute. I play trumpet. Once again, though; still not disappointed.

Valera 8 : I'm an oboist, I can't notice the difference with tge eyes closed. Sorry

MatildaDrummer : Why am I watching this? I have no interest in buying a flute and I play the drums xD

Xabz : the white gloves are for band stuff i think

andrew buckley : Omg that's a t-shirt waiting to be printed Don't pour water down your flute

Unoriginal Bean : don't even know why i'm here, i play the tenor sax saw this and was like"OoOoOoh"

Valerie Theodore : I love how like half the comments are about how you have no idea how you got here, but you watched anyway. Im in the same boat lol

Alexandre Mendes : Random guitarrist passing by, just came to see if there were more instruments for me to be mediocre at.

V I : Like most others, I don't know why this clip popped up. I watched the whole thing too. I think it's because the people are really nice, and it's interesting to watch super talented people play beginners level gear.

Eric Penner : I'm not sure why this video was recommended to me, but I really enjoyed it. YouTube gets it right sometimes.

Jake Herron : ummmm no idea how i ended up here i have literally no interest in flutes but i watched the whole thing to the end lol

k75pete : Why was this video recommended? Why did I click on it? Why did I watch it all? I have no interest in flutes. But I still watched the video. I think my life is richer as a result.

Krystina Bowers : The gloves are for people in marching band. You cut the tops of the so your fingers can go over the keys.

68jeffrey72 : My wife bought me a brand new acoustic bass guitar off of Amazon 3 years ago for $80 and I still love it! I'm no musician, but I love playing and I love learning. Never be ashamed of buying a cheap instrument when you are starting out. There were moments where I could tell no difference between those flutes. It comes down to the player. Thanks for posting. 😁

Andrew Vermeltfoort : I was watching a documentary on ancient egyptian pharaohs and some ended up here. I did enjoy the video though.

Dee Bartels : White gloves are for band. They cut the finger tips off so they can play. Makes the band look uniform

Victor Calvillo : That’s a weird looking guitar I will be posting guitar videos again (: maybe actual full covers and might take requests , please check out if I do post 😓

Deanna Cannonball : I didn't see if this was commented before, but I could see this being a good flute for marching band - you don't care if it gets dinged up and sound quality is not as much of a concern because you're just trying to be heard over literally everything else that's blasting at top volume. This would also explain the white gloves!