Flute Expert tries $70 AMAZON Flute VS Her Flute

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Heather Boyd Wire : Thanks so much for being such a lovely model for my flute earrings! ❤️

Super_squishy_awesomeness _ : No idea how I ended up here but I watched the whole thing

flintp51 : That flute is aimed toward school kids. Those gloves are part of the uniform i.e. marching band.

The Dynast Queen : Today I learned: There are differences between cheap/pro flutes and that for the umpteenth time Youtube still has no idea how to recommend me things based on my actual interests yet I keep clicking confusing the AI even more. Such an interesting day, thanks flute people :)

LongshotRecordsTV : I'm no flutist, but I think it sounds pretty good.

nzssa_ : Does anyone else really enjoy the random YouTube recommendations? I feel like I learn something new every time I go on a video binge

Nick S. : It's 3am. How did I start with "how to fix a noise in my dryer" to the Flute Channel?

Ray Alli : Anyone else just saw this in their recommended and clicked on it out of curiosity.

Kerri Chandler : 3:00 - The white gloves are for people in marching band. We had to wear those.

Phoenixspin : I was just about to buy a $20,000 flute. This will save me a lot of money. Thanks.

Benjamin Franklin : Man, I'm gonna buy one. At 11 years old I wanted to join band and learn to play flute. I was essentially told that I would never be able to play flute due to the shape of my lips (Caucasian fellow with juicy lips). I ended up spending 6 years playing a 3 valve baritone, which I hated the whole time. Gonna buy this flute and try to learn to play myself. Thanks for this review.

pettytheft79 : YouTube recommended algorithm gone askew or a veiled Amazon advertisement? We may never know. Like who knew there was a flute channel?

Tamberlox : Who else had this on their recommended? Either way, I don't know anything about flutes and still enjoyed this video!

Edgardo Aponte Jr. : I don't play a single instrument, YouTube algorithm brought me here

David Alarcón : 1) YouTube recommend this , and even tho I don't play the flute , I did enjoyed. 2) I like the editing. It's dank.

Vanessa Simone : Well, YouTube has come up with some pretty bizarre suggestions for me, but going from African tarantulas to flute comparisons has to take the cake.

connorsfilms : Alright YouTube, I watched it

SwissSpace : It's time for a new episode oooooooooooof: *Why the hell is this in my recomended!?* But the video is actually good

Book Your Imagination : For $70, i think it's an awesome flute!! The sound was good, all the accessories, this flute could be the difference between a child who never has a musical experience & one who starts modestly, but develops a lifelong love of music.

Bryan Fletcher : Don’t know why this popped up on my list of recommended videos as I have never watched any video about woodwinds or any other instrument before. Watched the whole thing anyway. Sounded pretty good especially for the price, maybe in person there is a more noticeable difference?

Chip Estrada : Play some Jethro Tull

Kaitlin Reichert : I've been playing flute for about 8 years now and I will be majoring in music next year, but I honestly hear like no difference between the two

TheSaigonSaint : I watched the video as a guitarist, and it seemed like you are more down to earth when it comes to price/value ratio. I love it when a talented musician plays a cheap instrument and she doesn't hate it cause its cheap. Guitarists I know are often snobbish when it comes to gear, then they play punk rock on it. This was refreshing!

Sutton Lea : Today I learned that there's a channel on YouTube strictly for flutes.

Kenneth Uy : how did i go from watching an explanation of how to convert binary to hexadecimal numbers in japanese to a flute comparison video

Chris E : I’m a truck driver, I want a flute so I can play it while I’m driving, The radio sucks

Meghan Carroll : late night parties: nah late night flute videos: yah for someone who knows nothing about instruments, this is pretty dope

Aspiring Violinist Newbie : I am into violins, but I found this video quite interesting. With a $70 violin, you'd drive the neighbourhood cats out of town.  Unless you spend a few thousand, don't even bother....I found. But this cheap flute sounds actually awesome. I might try one for fun :-)

person906 : in any case, probably at least 70%, if not 90% of your sound comes from your skill and experience, not the instrument.

Ezra : I have no interests in flutes or even look up instruments on YouTube. I watched the whole video and learned something though lol.

mugensamurai : She's too good. I can't tell the difference.

Andrea Echevarria : Wait! There's a flute channel? I shouldn't be surprised but I totally am. There are only so many hours in the day You Tube. Stop sending me cool stuff to watch.

Simon Levesque : I live in Québec. That Girl is french Canadian for sure.

Duy Mach : Me: Why is this in my Recommended? *Clicks video Me: What am I even watching? *Watches the whole video

BRAD : Shoutout to youtube for this great video, Never seen a flute in my life

vashu k : YouTube recommend this and now i know a dank editor who plays flute

Wren Mason : 46k subs. 2 mil. views... whatever y’all did to get into everyone’s recommended feeds you should do it again lol

Tuutti : Honestly, this video simply made me want to buy a flute. I'm half a year in to piano but seeing all the accessories this flute came with I just found myself going "that's some darn good value for $70".

Dana Foster : I’m glad I found this... on Amazon, I keep seeing cheap cellos that come with so many accessories and thought it was too good to be true. I guess these cheapies would be good for someone just starting out on an instrument. Subscribed!

Aphreyst Wik : Wow this video got me to buy a flute. It's been years since I've played but my old flute it's just too run down and I'd just like to tootle around some weekends. I can't wait to relearn how to play. 🎶

Some Girl :D : Is this an ad? Because im about to buy the flute, even tho I've never had one😂

G erman C arrasco : It is great that even people of without much resources can buy one for themselves or their kids. This democratizes instruments that were limited to elites.

Christopher Smith : As an experiment I would like to see a whole orchestra playing cheap instruments like this and see if anybody noticed....

diverhose : Nice, thank you! Still not buying one (not interested) but you two did an awesome review!

Dudtrish : I reckon that lady (being a highly talented orchestral musician) could probably make the crappy plastic recorder that I had in primary school, sound just perfect. I think we are listening to the skills, not the instrument!

Mike B : How did I end up watching a video about an amazon flute

009 Nightcore : Thats the EXACT same flute I have. I dont have a teacher... Im learning it alone. Its hard, but I can already play Titanic and Tetris on it. I sometimes can't get the C. The bottom one. It takes all my breath away. Lol. Any tips?

Trainable Monkey : Could you do a review of the 2 flutes played by a beginner? As someone who had stopped playing for a decade I noticed a huge difference between a $200 flute (same model I learned to play) and $2,000 flute in the store. I sudpect if my "chops" or embrochure were better the gap decresses. There was a young woman who had been playing solidly for a few years and the expensive flute was slightly better.

Chrisnikk : I just bought it. Wish me luck yall.

James Cliff : Uhh..I was watching videos on how to grow mushrooms....and this video came up as a recommendation? This was an even bigger trip!