The Nerd Crew: The Last Jedi FULL REVIEW (SPOILERS!!!)

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Dimento PLexitronum : I want to see this show slowly turn into a weird horror thing

Bowz : Half in the Bag... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT STARWARS!!!!!!!

Bob Mob : It's amazing how perfectly accurate this spoiler-free review was.

Mike C : This gets funnier every time I watch it.

moviebuzzrocks : I need the half in the bag review to explain to me how i really felt about the movie

Tylor Robertson : This was a good movie until the end, when they panned the camera to the dead Snoke, revealing inside his body, was just many Porgs operating a robot

Z T W L R : 1:28 Turns out Chewbacca does actually skin a Porg in the movie.

Paul Neave : I made sure to watch 'The Last Jedi' before I watched this and now I feel like kinda stupid!

Jim Panzee : You cant even satirise it. The reality is more ridiculous than you could ever imagine.

Andreas Nordvall : "We should all appreciate the minority actors who are all playing minor roles." Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

Kaio88 : I can not WAIT for plinkett to rip the last jedi apart. I love you guys

TankedThomas : The dislikes are beautiful. People fell for the clickbait.

Korbis Barkly : Just saw the movie. I wish I didn't.

Frisky : I really liked the Diversity in this film. Memorable characters like Black Guy and Asian Chick. And lets not forget Purple Haired Lady. Yes! Finally, the Purple Haired race is featured in a Star Wars film. I especially liked how the Rebels were all controlled by Women. It really showed that women can do more than just make sandwiches and bleed out their crevices.

JIMBOTHY : Very cool. Very cool.

Medivth 1776 : I understand why you guys are taking so long to review this movie... But it's time to put down the bottle and come back to us.

Alexander Aronson : Film was terrible

Volvo doto : When the credits rolled and people began to applaud, all I could hear was Mr.Pinkletts "Oh". Im so fucking disappointed. I have no idea how jj abrams could fix what rian did there.

The Cryptic 27 : How does this fit in with the Nerd Crew expanded universe?

BlackCriticGuy : But did it BREAK NEW GROUND!?

Catzilla : Thank you Disney, for making such a shitty movie. I can hardly wait for the Plinkett review.

DeathScab MortSkab 死亡疤痕 : Star Wars? More like "Star Was"

423yami : The RLM fan base: WHerE’s tHE HalF In The bAG tO TelL ME HoW tO fEEl aBOut THe mOVie Also I loved this video thank you


JackBauer137 : I've seen the movie and lets just say I can't wait till the next plinkett review

Hemogen : The dislikes only make them stronger! Plinkett review when?

chocograph : This video made me subscribe.

tertiary7 : I WISH snoke murdered Luke in front of Rey.. that would have at least had some emotional impact vs what we got.

Isaiah Valeriano : 22 Reasons why Star Wars sucked: 1. The Death of Luke 2. Luke’s Legacy & Behavior out of character 3. The Death of Snoke so underwelming... was suppose to be the major antagonist 4. Casino scene was out of place and unneeded, took too much time away from the main plot. 5. Rey’s Parents are Nobody 6. Deus ex machina of Leia 7. Death of Phasma... Phasma turning into a Bond Villian 8. Humor & Tone Issues 9. Dropped Force Awakens Subplots 10. Plot Holes (i.e. Dreadnought has no shields but the Rebel Ships do?) 11. First Order Fleet Chases instead of Destroys 12. Vice Admiral Holdo Sucks 13. A Single X-Wing can Destroy a Dreadnought 14. Why didnt Kylo notice Luke Projection 15. Knights of Ren Dropped 16. Kylo Ren & Vader Relationship Dropped 17. Rey Perfect Saber Techniques with No Training? 18. Snoke doesnt know his ship can track the enemy? 19. Yoda looks weird and can control lighting as a force ghost? Why don't they fight the first order then? 20. Rey happens to be at correct spot to save everyone and lifts all rocks with no training. 21. Deus ex machina of Finn 22. Jar Jar Rose

BackStreetsBackAlright : Judging by the likes to dislikes I can tell this was picked up by the masses of mindless Star Wars fans. Oh God forbid you and your precious franchise gets critiqued and ridiculed a little bit.

Rodrigo Villeda : This movie felt like a really bad video game with some VERY COOL couple of levels that just aren't enough to make it worth replaying.

canestrini808 : This is every Collider video.

Some Guy : The new movie almost makes me miss george.

sTAγNIfTγ&fUcKLIfE : Captain Flasma crawls out of the dumpster. I'm weeping.

Peter Tarpenning : I am eagerly anticipating the half in the bag review, and crossing my fingers for Plinkett to tear this turd apart.

highlandcommando : This is the 3rd time l have seen this. Thats 2 more than l will see the Last Jedi.

Ed On Couch : "Nobody called, nobody noticed"

BrickNGames : I hope to god in Plinkett's review he roasts this film harder than the prequels.

Nomicro4u : Oh my god Jay's Minority Actor jab.

Bradman : "Last Jedi" is to "Force Awakens" what "Quantum of Solace" is to "Casino Royale". Horrible immediate follow up.

Always Right : I was sooooo excited to see this movie, but I am looking forward to the Mr. Plinkett review more! Someone has to express the stupidity and extreme disappointment so many of us have with this "film" with brutal honesty. RIP Star Wars!

Jerry James : I want to give a special thanks to ColliderVideos and SchmoesKnow for inspiring the creation of my most favorite of all RLM's video format series, The Nerd Crew! Absolutely fucking hilarious! Great job RLM, you guys are the fucking best of all YouTube movie review channels, in my opinion.(sorry Nostalgia Critic)

Edindro Whitehall : New half in the bag now because I really need you guys to hate this movie. I feel like I'm going crazy

Mattytime : Listen, if this video doesn't end with Rich jacking off a porg, I'm gonna give it two thumbs down.

mechasentai : These are better than the actual movie.

Richard Cahill : 5 minutes into thi9s film I knew I hated it. it's like a bad parody of star wars.

Javier Romo : I just saw this pile of shit yesterday. I felt like I had attendance Star Wars funeral.

zycane : Me personally, this movie WAS not VERY COOL. I literally felt dead(Jay) inside, watching this movie.


bannor216 : My wife said she wants to show Rich her boobs