The Nerd Crew: The Last Jedi FULL REVIEW (SPOILERS!!!)

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STΔΨΠIҒTΨ&ҒUCҜLIҒΣ : Captain Flasma crawls out of the dumpster. I'm weeping.

Bowz : Half in the Bag... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT STARWARS!!!!!!!

Bob Mob : It's amazing how perfectly accurate this spoiler-free review was.

moviebuzzrocks : I need the half in the bag review to explain to me how i really felt about the movie

Ultracity6060 : Why so many dislikes? Did people who've never heard of RLM just stumble into this?


Tylor Robertson : This was a good movie until the end, when they panned the camera to the dead Snoke, revealing inside his body, was just many Porgs operating a robot

Z-T-W-L Roper : 1:28 Turns out Chewbacca does actually skin a Porg in the movie.

Kaio88 : I can not WAIT for plinkett to rip the last jedi apart. I love you guys

Frisky : I really liked the Diversity in this film. Memorable characters like Black Guy and Asian Chick. And lets not forget Purple Haired Lady. Yes! Finally, the Purple Haired race is featured in a Star Wars film. I especially liked how the Rebels were all controlled by Women. It really showed that women can do more than just make sandwiches and bleed out their crevices.

Korbis Barkly : Just saw the movie. I wish I didn't.

Mike C : This gets funnier every time I watch it.


Paul Neave : I made sure to watch 'The Last Jedi' before I watched this and now I feel like kinda stupid!

Jimmy Cage : I'm dead inside.

Medivth 1776 : I understand why you guys are taking so long to review this movie... But it's time to put down the bottle and come back to us.

AZ Battle School : Get the chick director of wonder women...she is awesome

Jim Panzee : You cant even satirise it. The reality is more ridiculous than you could ever imagine.

423yami : The RLM fan base: WHerE’s tHE HalF In The bAG tO TelL ME HoW tO fEEl aBOut THe mOVie Also I loved this video thank you

AlternateHistoryHub : What if an alternate timeline PORGS weren't so damn sexy

chocograph : This video made me subscribe.

Volvo doto : When the credits rolled and people began to applaud, all I could hear was Mr.Pinkletts "Oh". Im so fucking disappointed. I have no idea how jj abrams could fix what rian did there.

Edindro Whitehall : New half in the bag now because I really need you guys to hate this movie. I feel like I'm going crazy

JTCurtisMusic : As Luke would say: "Everything you just said in that review was wrong."

bannor216 : My wife said she wants to show Rich her boobs

Bowsar1337 : JJ abrams isn't white. The clue is in the J

Rodrigo Villeda : This movie felt like a really bad video game with some VERY COOL couple of levels that just aren't enough to make it worth replaying.

zycane : Me personally, this movie WAS not VERY COOL. I literally felt dead(Jay) inside, watching this movie.

Yuri Durin : "Superman razor, by Gilette, a MUCH CHEAPER option for removing your moustache than spending 50 million dollars on CGI" ON. FUCKIN'. POINT.

Johnny Taco Studios : How does this fit in with the Nerd Crew expanded universe?

Patrick B : Is this making fun of Jedi Council? Cuz if so, spot on. Great job. Those guys annoy the hell out of me.


Bobby Sherbet : Half in the bag!!! I need to know what you really think so I can ignore my feelings about the movie and think exactly the same. Then I can completely shoot anyone down who thinks differently, but making out it’s all my opinion

Dimento PLexitronum : I want to see this show slowly turn into a weird horror thing

Backstage Bum : I'm starting to think they didn't watch the movie... or did I duuno.

Darksied : This really is a good depiction of every panel of people like this.

destronia123 : Your story was 1000x better than the actual movie. ;)

Richard Dunn : This is not the review we're looking for...


Poisonedblade : Are they gonna review the new turd or are they waiting until next week to watch it?

Mourad Aznay : I really hope Mr. Plinkett will destroy this utter shit Star wars movie. This movie makes me wanna appriciate the prequels..

Ed On Couch : "Nobody called, nobody noticed"

Ross Stern : The movie did actually make me wonder what a Porg taste like that's the weird part

Something SomethingSomething : This movie made me hate Star Wars again.

AZE Plays : I hope they do a plinkett review of the last Jedi. I did not like that movie.

Flaming Skorch : Give us Half in the bag already! Im craving it after watching the disaster that was episode VIII

Alex B : I wish these spoilers were true ! It would be such a better movie !

Dace Chasing Hawk : "Casting minorities to play minor parts". Lol. I never laughed so hard.

Retrostar619 : Savage. But necessary.

Rych3rInLyf3 : Mr Plinkett is going to destroy Last Jedi in his next review in 2020.