The Nerd Crew: The Last Jedi FULL REVIEW (SPOILERS!!!)

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JackBauer137 : I've seen the movie and lets just say I can't wait till the next plinkett review

Bowz : Half in the Bag... I NEED TO KNOW WHAT TO THINK ABOUT STARWARS!!!!!!!

Bob Mob : It's amazing how perfectly accurate this spoiler-free review was.

Mike C : This gets funnier every time I watch it.

Gare : The dislikes are beautiful. People fell for the clickbait.

Dimento PLexitronum : I want to see this show slowly turn into a weird horror thing

Tylor Robertson : This was a good movie until the end, when they panned the camera to the dead Snoke, revealing inside his body, was just many Porgs operating a robot

Frisky : I really liked the Diversity in this film. Memorable characters like Black Guy and Asian Chick. And lets not forget Purple Haired Lady. Yes! Finally, the Purple Haired race is featured in a Star Wars film. I especially liked how the Rebels were all controlled by Women. It really showed that women can do more than just make sandwiches and bleed out their crevices.

BackStreetsBackAlright : Judging by the likes to dislikes I can tell this was picked up by the masses of mindless Star Wars fans. Oh God forbid you and your precious franchise gets critiqued and ridiculed a little bit.

Jim Panzee : You cant even satirise it. The reality is more ridiculous than you could ever imagine.

Mattytime : Listen, if this video doesn't end with Rich jacking off a porg, I'm gonna give it two thumbs down.

moviebuzzrocks : I need the half in the bag review to explain to me how i really felt about the movie

canestrini808 : This is every Collider video.

Nassi : this movie stinks, they should get far far away from any connecting story line, like go way back and do the darth bane trilogy

死亡疤痕 : Star Wars? More like "Star Was"

highlandcommando : This is the 3rd time l have seen this. Thats 2 more than l will see the Last Jedi.

Trey Killian : Deciding what movie to watch last weekend: "What about the prequels?" "Those are GARBAGE!" *sees the Last Jedi* ".....the garbage will do."

The Cryptic 27 : How does this fit in with the Nerd Crew expanded universe?

Paul Neave : I made sure to watch 'The Last Jedi' before I watched this and now I feel like kinda stupid!

AlternateHistoryHub : What if an alternate timeline PORGS weren't so damn sexy

Rodrigo Villeda : This movie felt like a really bad video game with some VERY COOL couple of levels that just aren't enough to make it worth replaying.

Spunky Brewster : 13k Dislikes. The hate is sweet, sweet nectar to these hack frauds.

Joaquin Paez : All those dislikes.. makes me wonder if all the buthurt youtubers that sold their positive reviews to Disney, came and disliked the video...

Rych3rInLyf3 : Mr Plinkett is going to destroy Last Jedi in his next review in 2020.

Andreas Nordvall : "We should all appreciate the minority actors who are all playing minor roles." Ahahahahahahahahahahaha

Kaio88 : I can not WAIT for plinkett to rip the last jedi apart. I love you guys

kys ilu : 13k triggered nerds. You're doing God's work, RLM.

destronia123 : Your story was 1000x better than the actual movie. ;)

Zekeman : Wait why does this have so many dislikes? Don't tell me actual nerd crew type people get mad over this?

BlackCriticGuy : But did it BREAK NEW GROUND!?

Alexander Aronson : Film was terrible

Emperor Palpatine : I really hope people that haven't seen TLJ watch this and hear all the spoilers... my favorite part was when Rey threw a Porg to Kylo and Kylo used it to beat the Praetorian guard to death.

Tertiary Adjunct : I WISH snoke murdered Luke in front of Rey.. that would have at least had some emotional impact vs what we got.

Hemogen : The dislikes only make them stronger! Plinkett review when?

Brett PGH : You boys are doing the lord's work.

Bradman : "Last Jedi" is to "Force Awakens" what "Quantum of Solace" is to "Casino Royale". Horrible immediate follow up.

DividedBy : at 4:05 when Mike makes the point about the story being epic but still being small.!..XD..God damn..the girl in the collider review said almost the exact same thing..!!

Patrick B : Is this making fun of Jedi Council? Cuz if so, spot on. Great job. Those guys annoy the hell out of me.

Kate Jo : I like my own comments

chocograph : This video made me subscribe.

BrickNGames : I hope to god in Plinkett's review he roasts this film harder than the prequels.

GN190644 : I hope they shit all over this movie when they review it.

Some Guy : The new movie almost makes me miss george.

Something SomethingSomething : This movie made me hate Star Wars again.

broken empires : I've realized that when I watch a Star Wars movie, I afford it the luxury of trying to convince myself that I want to like it, simply because it's Star Wars. My mate I and sat in the cinema for at least an hour after the credits rolled shell shocked. We tried to think of things we liked, and the best we could do was, "The first 5 minutes were pretty good." The truth is, if this movie didn't have Star Wars in the name, the consensus would be that it's awful.

Movie Man : It wasn't until the seven-minute mark that I checked the date this video was published and realized that they didn't actually seen the movie

Mr. Fahrenheit : Look at all the dislikes from people who thought it's a legitimate review, only to witness a complete mockery of most internet shows they usually watch, feeling dead inside. The butthurt is strong with this one!

Mike C : The only good thing about The Last Jedi is these guys ripping it to pieces. Maybe we can heal a bit through the catharsis. Help us, Red Letter Media. You’re our only hope. Or: begun, this Star Wars War has.

Ed On Couch : "Nobody called, nobody noticed"

Ladondorf : I wonder how many people thought Red Letter Media had spoiled the entire movie.