The Other Takes of Charlie's Song (From The Gang Tries Desperately To Win an Award)

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Macie Jay : I'm convinced Charlie Day doesn't even act when playing Charlie Kelly.

Neurotripsicks : He's been laying around he's got a new bite now he's ready to FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! !!!!!!!!!!

Adam : I always wondered what made sunny such a good show, now i know, its just pure raw fucking talent

CAVEMAN : Having Danny Devito filming you sing with his phone must be one of the greatest achivments a man can get

Hugh Mungus : I want a paddy's pub album

Joe Ferris : yo whats up with the director and editor looking like weird versions of dennis and mac?

Cooper Carr : He hits those high notes really well!

J.M : I would buy the album of Charlie singing about Oysters.

J Colin Mizia : Can Charlie Day cut an album as Charlie Kelly?


jontyriondaenerys : Charlie Kelly: can't read or write, but can play the piano so well it doesn't matter

Ross William : I would totally listen to an album of Charlies music.

TeeJay Small : Everyone talking poorly about the new seasons must be watching a different show. This show gets better and better with time.

Dougie Dreemer : The best eps are always centered on charlie's character.

Christopher Griffin : The "insane" Les Miserables take sounds and looks absolutely mesmerising. I'd give you all of my Rum Hams' for a full rendition of it!

Gi O'Hara : Charlie is so amazingly talented

sneakysnickersnoopy : That ending sounded like a Radiohead track

superfreegoat : god damn it i need the full versions

Shaqstheman000 : I love how the lyrics of the song at 1:08 actually have a deeper meaning. Spiders = Critics of the show Oysters = Executives and award judges Hole = Show Trying to build a house and tell me 'live in it and drink the soup' = Executives and judges trying to put the show in boxes to make it more generic so it can appeal to wider audiences and win awards. I don't need you in my home = I don't need you telling me how to make my show Oysters and spiders living together = Critics and academy sharing the same views and ideas. Onions = Bitter/Bitterness

DFM Bass : That 70s pop part was weirdly good.

J S Ellis : It was fantastic...and then I was spit on!

DIMusicA : Am I the only one who thinks that Charlie is the silliest and craziest, BUT the LEAST EVIL from the group? Everyone else is way more manipulative, egoistic and evil than him.

kidpwnz : best character ever.

: that high note tho

Freezing Dart : I love how there's legitimate talent within Charlie's character, but it hasn't learned how to utilize it.

Asif Khan : my god that Muse-like piece from [02:47] is just incredible, i've listened to it so many times now, it's genuinely beautiful! 

Clayton Riisoe : I fucking love this show. I fucking love you Charlie!! Ive watched every episode a pathetically high number of times, but I still watch them.

bmstr : Charlie Day is a genius.

Hugo Teixeira : Cmon...we need the full versions of the takes here...that part at 2.48, that ending looks epic...

Muzzly1234 : A true showcase of Charlie Day's brilliant talent.

Giorgio Tsoukalos : every time charlie huffs paint on the show he smokes a bowl to really sell it.  hes stoned right now.

Cooper Makowski : Keep it gay, Keep it gay, Keep it gay!

Robert Rossignol : Charlie needs to make an album

and then i said : Nothing short of genius.

Segimaru : That last part touched my soul, I love Charlie Day, he's a national treasure.

MrFiddleedee : 2:52 Thom Yorke?

Lucas Raine : I really want full versions of all these...

Tay Roberts : There is a spider....spider....spider......deep in my soul....soul...soul...

SE71N : 2:48 Charlie's got some mean pipes!

Derp Mcherp : paddy's pub song for you come now please  listen  *Holding Keys * AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Tony Carnevale : i want a full version of Charlie's Insane Les Mis more than anything. what a powerful progression.

Tony Borda : I could listen to him sing for the rest of forever.

Cameron Jackson : he kind of sounds like some weird new wave band

Twowla : Does that last take remind anyone else of Muse?

daner : Charlie, albeit illiterate as a rat, has a musical capacity reminiscent of a bethoven or mozart.

Nick Sheufelt : Most of these sound like Modest Mouse on meth, haha.

Caleb Buerger : Omg Danny filming it on his phone hahaha

aferjbkeio : omg at 2:00 hes just straight ripping other shows lmaaoo I think your show all suck, (?? idk this line??) I know it's not lies, your tv is so terrible your acting is mediocre

Tyler Kemp : Charlie is so incredibly funny! His screaming is always epic. A good example of that is when Charlie and Mac are trying to fake their deaths. God bless It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Valeria E : The first one where he just screams is beautiful