Starbucks, blind, guide dog, finding the counter, finding a table, Antonia getting her treat!

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C J : I found your videos through recommendations and I'm so thankful I did!. I'm visually impaired. It's lovely to see your day to day life and Toni is so sweet!

John Gerson : What a great dog, words just won't do her justice. Thanks Joy.

mrvillTV : Antonia is precious.

Amelia Kaza : why is she retiring? just found your channel and love your vidoes! :)

Stanky Fish Gutz : it's amazing what these dogs accomplish on a day to day basis.

suzanne c-j : What a good girl! Can't wait to see the new puppy :) hope your day was wonderful !

Andi Leigh : It’s absolutely amazing how she knows to find the counter.

Canis Lupus : Both you and your dog are adorable, I'm honestly really glad I found your channel, watching your videos always puts a smile on my face. You're just so sweet and kind, and you have such a great personality. Your positivity about life inspires me to try and change my life for the better as well.

Kelsey Jones : Just curious but if there is a line does she alert you or does she always take you up front?

Arose : Haha won’t drink water without ice! I love that!

Taengkwa Sturgell : I love listening to you and Antonia working together. I'm sure Antonia loved her treat!

Naomi Bruestle : Love the dog so much.

M M : Did you once live in Texas? Do you ever come back here? I would love for you and my daughter to meet. She is also totally blind and has bilateral prosthetic eyes.

The Kindred Witch : She's she is so beautiful! And so very smart thanks for sharing I hope you enjoyed your Starbucks both of you

A court of clockwork hallows : Are you going to keep Antonia as a pet after you retire?

Selma Jensen : How do you know if you´re Recording?

Doanique : i cant imagine how nice it is for you to be able to trust your buddy and rely on her. im sure it helps your life so much to have your pup with you

Azalea : Since she's retiring soon, do you already have a prospect? (Also, awesome job to Antonia and whomever trained her, one of the best guide dogs i've seen)

JK : Came across some of your videos by pure chance and they have put a smile on my face and cheered me up a lot. Many Thanks Joy.

BOT Cavin : I hate dogs but these dogs dont bark and are aqtualy helpfull

ᏆᎾᏗᎣᎭ O.o : My cat would also rather drink from a cup. I use tervis cups with the lids on them at home because she thinks that every cup is for her to drink from.

mel_jayne : I just found your channel through youtube recommendations and your videos have made my day 10 times better. I love watching videos of Antonia working!

High Tower : that is just awesome!

Il Selvaggio : This is awesome. God bless!

longboard boi : I wish could see how cute her guide dog is

Stephanie S : Good job Antonia! She's such a pretty girl.

Blumengeschenk : Du und Tony sind sooo herzig. Wie ein liebes Paar. Schön. Danke Dir Joy

anne l : *awh when is Toni going to be retiring?*

Brianna Terese : WAIT! Did I just hear “puppuccino?!” Im going to have to get that lol!

A court of clockwork hallows : I just didn’t know if that was allowed by the guide dog organization

JustA Fan : Hey Joy, do you have any social media? I would love to follow your life and challenges and educate myself a bit more on people in this situation.

Vince Haylem : I’m so happy to find your channel!! Such a good girl!! I wish to meet her some day and you! These videos are so educational! Thanks soooo much!

JadenAsu : Toni is just so wonderful! What a hard working old girl!

Lmpfapo1 : Wow I never knew how crazy smart service dogs are

TrinPlaysRoblox : What's new puppy's name ?

Megan Howie : the dog is like oh yum yum

Maria Sindile : I love your channel! Just stumbled upon it :) you and your companion are so wonderful. I wish you all the best. Can't wait to see the transition to a new guide dog. Happy retirement to your lovely companion!

JustACutie : I found your channel yesterday and I'm ADDICTED. Keep up the good work of educating us :)

Kimberly Schwartz : Hi Joy! (I feel like you are my close friend now btw). I am hooked on watching your videos daily and wish I lived close to you so I could actually spend time with you, your beautiful Antonia & your kiddos. What a beautiful family and I would love to be able to spend time with all of u! I love this video& I give two of my doggies decaf coffee with milk. They LOVE IT!! I have a question for u!! What will happen with Antonia after she is retired? Will you keep her as your beloved pet? (I hope so??!!) Also, I know you will get another guide dog and I was wondering, does disability, or the government pay for blind or other disabled ppl to have service dogs? (Btw, I do NOT see your blindness as a "disability" whatsoever, but, for government terms, this is how it is labeled, as we all know!! Lol). Love u, Joy!! XO

Unordinary Fella : You and your dog are so amazing

aaa : What a lovely video! Made my day :)

farloperra cg : Loved this. Shes awesome

cailey sullivan : My puppy dog loves ice too lol!

Lauren Taylor : What a gorgeous doggy! And treated so wonderfully too! You two are a great pair 😊

Ashleigh : Your dog is great and these videos are so interesting! I hope you have a lovely day

Monna TheCat : Where is she gonna go when she retires? You don't get to keep her?

Small forest dweller : What will happen to Antonia when she retires? Will she go to another home or will you keep her? :)

Alexis Rivas : When is Antonia retiring?

gtamaniak2145 : is it safe for dogs to eat whip cream?

bill : Nom nom nom