Watch: Officer fires through window in Las Vegas car chase

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Frankie Chileman : Now that's to serve and protect!!!

Sincere One : One Bad Ass Cop!!👍🏾

Christopher Montgomery : Someones been playing to much GTA V lol

working2Bselfsufficient : When is he coming to Parkland FL to teach officers how not to run?


Warum ? : Meanwhile in america

working2Bselfsufficient : Great job officer.Respect. You deserve an award for your duties under fire.

Mother Russia : 0:36 hold square to reload

Space Duck : 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 just hope no one was shmurdered

J A : Lucky no innocent bystanders were hit by that trigger happy cowboy.

Kairaba Musa Sukai : This is America...

jerome vines : That's how you shoot behind a vehicle 👌 why hang out of your vehicle when you can shoot through your windshield because they are shooting through your windshield from their vehicle anyway so it's going to be damaged either way 👍

S A : dead Mexican alert.... someone break out the veladoras and setup a makeshift shrine

MoiQ : What about bystanders beyond the SUV???

working2Bselfsufficient : Attn Illegals this is what happens when you want to commit murder in USA. You arnt getting away. Maga 2020.

[̲̅K̲̅] : a little reckless, but a job well done.


Angie Cates : Now that’s a awesome cop.

santiagowechsler : Well done

JC #1 : Did any by standers get shot ? Any kids in the vehicle ? Etc. .. 🤔

dafttool : Even in the movies, they are smart enough to know not to shoot through the front windshield. And when given the choice between 2 hands on the wheel & 2 hands on the gun, he chose the later :/

JC #1 : How is it legal for a cop to Chase and randomly shoot out into the public ? Bullets travel a good ways .

Ezequiel Parini : Thank you for your service ! Great job LVMPD.

Martin's World : Wow that was freaking crazy! But if it works with no innocents getting hit.. well cops 1 bad guys 0

Don Scott : Looks like a video game

Bobby Polfus : Next time, pullover.

Austin Butler : Man I wonder how many people found bullet holes in there buildings and cars after this 🤔

A. Bianchi : excellent

divine indigo : smdh. couldnt even wait to draw the gun safely outside the car. These cops are too trigger happy. He fired more than times and almost emptied two clips

BLT4LIFE : I wonder where those 30 rounds ended up going.

James Ricker : That is against so many police department rules. He's in serious trouble.

geamskop lp : Der typ weiß wie man auto fahrer anhält

hnm9san : Good job!!!

Jack Perkins : This dude served our country and made sure the man driving and shooting could continue no more. Amen good police looks like he learned something from gtaV

Lucid999 456 : Awww one less dreamer

michmadman52 : wow wtf did that person do to lose thier live run wtf you sick bastards

Jasmine Rodriguez : Now thats dumping

michmadman52 : cop needs electric chair life for a life

zombie8me : Respect to LVMPD!!

Juan Guzman : Damm the graphics for this game is so real, this game for sure gonna win Game of the Year.

Jeremy Bryant : Thank you officer!

christine mckinney : Shoooot'em,,,,, shoooot'em again !!!

Alan Vu : So that's how the new gameplay of Grand Theft Auto VI looks like 😂

EL Gee : He just emptys the gun on that car no wonder one is dead....... shamefull

ve insan aldandi : wtf why he shoot car driver he can shoot car wheels

Josh Willard : Smh

Jose Puente : 7-11 not lucky for that dude

Joe Smith : He must 've saw a black man with a cell phone.

trumptrain 2020 : This cop should have been at the Florida and Texas school shootings he would have saved all the kids he's very brave

Nevig Eman : Sick murderous pig.