James Hill, "Billie Jean" With His Imaginary Band

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James Hill from a performance at Don Quixote's International Music Hall in Felton, California. Video has shot on 06-05-11. To learn more about James Hill, visit his website at http://jameshillmusic.com/


Tony Music : I was carrying my ukulele in its case at school and my friend asked, "You play an instrument?" I replied, "Yeah, I play a little guitar."

Patrick Veldhuis : hold my beer i can do this.

MrUndeadEd : Michael Jackson would have been really proud

Akirito's Ukulele : I saw this so many times but still I cannot believe what he does!

J.L. Cantrell : what a great entertainer

Tim Warner : He plays the uke, he plays the crowd. Genius.

Hank MCcoy : I think that this guy should have a youtube battle with jake shimabukuro that would be epic

Scott Shiff : That is without question one of the greatest and most original covers of a classic song I've ever seen and heard. Amazing skill to make all those sounds with just his hands and the ukelele.

Mister Auto : The only way it could be improved is if he broke out into a moonwalk

Cqkezilla : do you believe in magic ?

R : As a musician, it is wise to only play at about the 40% level of your potential so when it's right you can unleash your hidden talent. This guy is deep.

Salma Mo : And here is me, proud of playing F chord without looking at the uke, and totally escaping from E chord cuz I just can't, lol He is just amazing :)

Tim Warner : Wow! Musician,comic, communicator. He's got the lot.

Mike The Drummer : This is awesome and he's super funny lol

Hypermagical Ultraomnipotence : How did you do what the hell my brain doesn't... I know slap bass, the idea, but-- how did. WOW.

Valen J. : ya but can he play riptide!?

Fizz Waters : Dear James, Is there any chance you would do a tutorial on this?

Today's Topic : It like he has multiple personalities and they're all musicians. Oh and a story teller.

Ragav Venkatesan : It is that off-beat snare that is the most amazing bit of this cover... 6:13 ish ..

Mason Richards : The Tommy Emmanuel of Ukulele.

billy fatbowe : ...tHIS GUY IS THE wEIRD aL yANKOVIC OF THE uke........lOl..........;--),,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Jacob Pinard : Why am I watching this I have 3 projects due tomorrow to start working on

Ian Herd : his voice when singing sounds a bit like Lou Reed. lol

Joseph Phipps : We need a tutorial ASAP!!!

J. Angelo Alconaba : I BELIIEEEVE!!!! HIIII!!!!!! good job man...inspired me to learn the ukelele.

MrDude88 : I believe!

Sakkir Hussain : brother got soul

Eric Beaty Creations : Truly one of the masters of uke!  Awesome!

bloozer666 : Now this is talent and showmanship!

Vaisakh Somanath : I believe. I really believe.

Adithya Worotikan : Thank you for the such entertaining performance. nice video dude.

Rumer Priestly : And here I am struggling to play an E...

junfan31 : I do believe brother lol  :P

yobrojoost : To me, the most amazing thing about this stunning performance is how he can just talk and joke to the audience whilst playing! I've never managed to do that and I'm not a bad player!

zores : i believe!!! am i the only one, who "watched" it with closed eyes?!

DaVeganZombie : The fact he isn't using any loops but moves his legs and body to make you think he is, is fucking brilliant. This is amazing. Bravo.

RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs : He's right having a band in modern day tax slavery. Is so hard to line up. So one man bands are the new.

damagecase13 : Nothing but talent in every way possible!

Chris Garner : I need the sheet music for this.

Elphaba Thropp : I thought I would know how to play the uke.... And then this guy comes along.

Duwayne : Makes it his own.  Epic.

That Indian Ukulelist : I'm speechless

miskee11 : excellent performance. great combination of showmanship and talent

fdiaz05 : Freaking impressive!!

eclecticstudio : Superb playing and performance. His style reminds me of David Bromberg back in the day; a very expressive voice to go along with very creative arrangement.

EmoCxt : Dual neck guitar: I can do insane solos James Hill: Hold my beer

charlidog2 : Stumbled across this; instant fan. Very talented.

Guangyi Chen : This is fantastic and blow my mind.

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