Reggie Watts Demos the EHX 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory

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Dawless Jammin' : FINALLY!

Mike Taglione : "Particular Organization of Molecules", Love it!

Matt Keenan : Whispering Metalcore Reggie might be my favourite Reggie

Zack Perkins : Damn I didn't know he lost so much weight good for him!

tacoburito : Reggie really has a great radio voice

yasseford : Mike is fuckin' hilarious, I can only hope to be half of what he is. And of course, Reggie is god.

Andrew Reed : This is awesome but can you pan the dry output?

Aaron Mayfield : NABISCO

The NotSoGuitarGuy : He's like Bobby McFerrin and Razel made a love child with a character from a Douglas Adams novel. Never ceases to amaze me, this guy.

nobodyhere : Can Reggie stop being so awesome all the time, just for a minute? Makes me feel so incompetent.

HybridChoky : Reggie has lost weight and the ehx looper has gained tracks. XD

Brett Howard : Reggie looks so good! I love seeing him so healthy and killing it :)

ShamousVideos : Mike Matthews should be the presenter of everything

Juan Pablo Borio : Remind me of LittleDragon! excelente!

Kazuya : made me smile seeing this in my sub box

delnuggets : the metal at the end was amazing 😂

Keith VanKlompenberg : So, can I tap or midi sync a tempo and send a click just to the headphone out?

Em : very sonic experience with headphones

Thomas McCoy : next level man bun

Aaron Martin : Mastah loopah

Riffed Wood : That bass line in the first song tho

Left Past Saturn : So much Yes!

Flexprog : "blablahblah...Quantum Mechanics." Yes, I understand, Reggie, totally right ;)

TrySomeVitaminD : This is probably the best product demonstration you have ever done. You must of been so pleased to be there when it was finished. Well done!

SMA WJ : i've said it before and i'll say it again, one man should not be this talented. Leave something for the rest us reggie!

BuildYourOwnBass : like a musical comedian, but instead of more accurately imitating the authentic sound of a traditional instrument, he allows us into his mind to "hear" what he's hearing INSIDE HIS HEAD. eye contact is a dangerous drug kids

triggerhare : Mike and Reggie in the same room. I’m not high enough for this.

Kablehead : Reggie Watts! The greatest of all time. Wonderful performance!

Stefan F. : Reggie is a hands down genius.

kupassyatina : softtouch switches i hope?

Hello Jikken : Hahaha heeeeesss baaaaaaackkk

On It Video Production Charleston SC : Can the tracks be multiples of the first loop? Example: the first loop is 4 bars of drums and your second track is 8 bars of chord changes. Do the loops engage and disengage on beat 1 automatically?

Gipsy from the Future : can i just the vocal send trough a compressor before going into the looper? or does the looper have some compression capabilities?

James Provenza : Please make a new 16 second digital delay in a POG 2 size enclosure. ;-)

Abe Matt : he's a scat god

Oasis Hurler : Can I like this four times.

beurksman : Panning the dry output

ShamousVideos : This is the best video I have ever seen

Matt Chesney : This is the greatest demo ever lmaoo

drummer261982 : Nabiscoooooooo!

rich f : N-a-b-i-s-c-o. that was a trip..... wow

Garrett Lang : no matter how absurd the first few loops sound at the beginning of each improvised song he always manages to make everything in to a brilliant song

Captain Philosophical : He's a stable genius.

DKruNEye : This is amazing in so many ways!

absurdist cat : 14:54 Reggie Watts metalcore

Brent MacDonald : one looper is the "9-5-0-0-0" ... two paired together is call the "ninety-five thousand"

Sun Tzu : You rock Reggie Watts!

Jsn Sdx : I had rabies and when the video was finished it was gone.

Bokke Pruiker : Two legends. One room.

bernard wallace : Reggie has always seemed like such a cool down to earth dude even when hes out in space.... So entertaining!!