Reggie Watts Demos the EHX 95000 Performance Loop Laboratory

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bernard wallace : Reggie has always seemed like such a cool down to earth dude even when hes out in space.... So entertaining!!

triggerhare : Mike and Reggie in the same room. I’m not high enough for this.

Brett Howard : Reggie looks so good! I love seeing him so healthy and killing it :)

Mike Taglione : "Particular Organization of Molecules", Love it!

Flexprog : "blablahblah...Quantum Mechanics." Yes, I understand, Reggie, totally right ;)

scubapig : The man is music. Never seen a bad Reggie Watts performance, some are just more brilliant than others. This was particularly brilliant, I think. Love 'im.

Whoknows Knight : « You’ve been listening to this particular organisation of molecules » lol. Love you Regie

ShamousVideos : Mike Matthews should be the presenter of everything

BuildYourOwnBass : like a musical comedian, but instead of more accurately imitating the authentic sound of a traditional instrument, he allows us into his mind to "hear" what he's hearing INSIDE HIS HEAD. eye contact is a dangerous drug kids

TrySomeVitaminD : This is probably the best product demonstration you have ever done. You must of been so pleased to be there when it was finished. Well done!

The 72u7H : panning the dry output = moves away from the mic to breathe


Linixion : Quantum mechanics...

Garrett Lang : no matter how absurd the first few loops sound at the beginning of each improvised song he always manages to make everything in to a brilliant song

Emran Talukder : very sonic experience with headphones

Riffed Wood : That bass line in the first song tho

absurdist cat : 14:54 Reggie Watts metalcore

rich f : N-a-b-i-s-c-o. that was a trip..... wow

josh zilla : I wish he would make sample packs lol

David J Kordsmeier : One of my living musical and comedic heroes. So much breadth he blows me away.

Juan Pablo Borio : Remind me of LittleDragon! excelente!

Virtual Remedy : lmao the metal at the end has me dying. too good

ao el : Lol that was dope. Reggie you're a real one

Cheeky Dragons Nouns Anytime : This guy always looks like hes having a great time lolol

beurksman : Panning the dry output

Keith VanKlompenberg : So, can I tap or midi sync a tempo and send a click just to the headphone out?

Alacritas : Wow! One of the greatest Reggie performances ever...

lupen crokan : Reggie is the best !! ;-)

SMA WJ : i've said it before and i'll say it again, one man should not be this talented. Leave something for the rest us reggie!

Aram Azhari : Haha that metal at 14:30

drummer261982 : Nabiscoooooooo!

Zach Jones : I should've bought this instead of the roli blocks....*facepalm

Steve Sharp : I bet this sold a few hundred thousand of those units.. Love reggie, and that interface looks very solid.

Callum Moodley : 11:38 - 12:00 was so sweet 🔥

Try Again : Reggie-4-life!!! 🔥🔥🎼🎵🎤🎧🎶🎹💯

Captain Philosophical : He's a stable genius.

Stefan F. : Reggie is a hands down genius.

Kablehead : Reggie Watts! The greatest of all time. Wonderful performance!

Thomas McCoy : next level man bun

Dominique LeBlanc : Reggie is THE man!

BLTN : 4:49 yea that was really cool man.

Manuel Clément : OMG the last part is crazy and you don't see it coming... Reggie you are amazing

Aaron Martin : Mastah loopah

Ladi : Reggie is mindmelting

Jean-Carl Iannitello : Good stuff

Branislav Bukurov : very motivating

Kazuya : made me smile seeing this in my sub box

Grzegorz Sadowski : that's exactly what i wanted to youtube by the newest of reggie watts

Yoru ofthenight : man his stuff always makes me laugh ;'D

Edzel Mejia : This guy is ridiculously awesome. What- eveeer.