What is a turnaround?

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Brandon Salt : Her personality is beautiful.

Markinpuff : This was a social experiment, no doubt.

Linescrew1 : She has a big personality.

Dark Horse Woodworking : 1:12 ....I’ve watched this several times and I still didn’t hear or comprehend anything. “Two” many distractions I guess.

Xarkus : Came for the titts, stayed for the titts.

STiP0 : I've learned absolutely nothing.

*ADA* • ђɩɭɟmaɾk ɟaŋųʑaɟ : Quem veio pelo Mundo Bizarro Jr?

young nyan leonam : Quem veio pelo mundo bizarro ?

Lord Stinson : "Tits are the best thing that has happened to the mankind." - Gandhi, 1935

S Sweeney : I swear I stared so hard I could see straight through that shirt! Brown Nipples, areola and all. Swear I had super powers!

Jason Mangano : This information on turnaround is the breast I've ever heard.

Jason Smith : Seriously who dressed this girl?

Anshumaan Bag : Ozzy sent me here.

Gyrbae : We're such horny bastards lol

Acquiescence : For the good of humanity, please do porn. Or marry me. One or the other is fine.

Mark NC : The one video on YouTube where the content somehow possibly miraculously exceeds the thumbnail.

Terry Thompson : Who is this woman? She is gorgeous!

LUAN : *_Mundo Bizarro?_*

Jensen Mcleod : So after 3 and a half minutes... Anybody know what a turnaround is?

Siboshi : Anyone else nutted 10sec in

S Roberts : i wouldn't waste my time turning her around. WHAT A VIEW MATE😮

Pepper Shaker : Why is this on my recommended list 2018??? I can’t understand it... already watched it six times...

alan lloyd : That's the breast video I've seen

Fredo Corleone : I bet you guys are here for the lesson, isn't it? :)

Browless D.O : ... why is this recommended to me??

JAY TV 03 : #vim pelo +Mundo Bizarro /Jr Quem veio tbm pelo mesmo da um like :D

Sagar : *strictly* *for* *men* fb page brought me here

It's Dj Dozer : I wanna motorboat her personality

Rich Anderson : Uh oh. My wife is wondering why I've been talking about turnarounds so much lately.

blueyesamurai two : Wow! Please breastfeed me.

Bäț4ŤåGăM3rಠ_ಠ S2 : Tamanho da criança


Leonardo Moreno : Juliana Morgan é o nome dela

willian 2024 : Aí que delícia

22 22 : NOBODY clicked on this video because they wanted to learn about turnarounds.


Michael Bryant : I love her big beautiful eyes.

cruhg : like a deer in headlights, we men are

Hey I know you : I wanna shag her

naren pravin : anyone here after post in "strictly for mens"😁😁

Scott McClure McClure : What she say

Scrotus Maximus : NICE!!! ( * Y * )

LordOfNothingreally : 1.7 million people came to learn about oil refineries' turnaround policies. ; )

Halo2nothing11111 : All of you guys should be ashamed. While you were ogling this pour woman, I was learning some useful information about agriculture. Who's laughing now?

Steve Parker : Seriously a beautiful girl with a glorious figure that I'd worship with the baby oil.👅

Scorpio Snake : Turn Arounds huh . She sure knows how to make Men Turn Around .

thegrimyeaper : TITTIES

kev villa : i just wanna turnaround... you

Hyuri Araújo : tá doido. olha o tamanho desses seios? Mundo Bizarro Jr alguém???

FAMÍLIA MÁRCIO SANTOS : Interessante kkkkkkk