Sinead O'Connor ripping Pope picture - Fight the real enemy
In the wake of more news of child abuse by the Catholic Church perhaps we owe Sinead OConnor an apology

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Sinead O'Connor rips off Pope Wojitila picture.


Anai Bendai : She already knew the Catholic Church was evil. She was way ahead of her time.

blipco5 : Back in the day when she tore up the Popes picture I thought she was crazy and that she ruined her career over nothing. It turned out she was right after all.

Jane M : Came here after news of priests molesting over 1000 children in Pennysylvania. Thanks for being a truth-teller ahead of your time, Sinead.

Mr EX : So she only rips up a picture and get's blackballed for it. Years after the fact when asked if she'd had the moment to do over, would she change anything "HELL NO", she replied.

Rodzilla : Wow, turns out she was the smart one. Who knew how far that scandal went? Hundreds of priests covered up over the years. Tens of thousands of victims. Looks like she was right.

ThePowergoats : She was ahead of her time with this.

d : One of very few "celebrities" that deserve my respect for standing up for the right thing and addressing child abuse withing organized religion. 

Rushil N : That lady's got balls. It seems brutal but she is condemning the church's implication in the sexual abuse of 1000s of children.

Leslie Stevens : Reddit today: "perhaps we should apologize to her"... perhaps? lol

Doug QUIDAM : I loved it when she did this and still respect her for it today.

TitanTantrum : I think what she did was very brave, she did this to show the true "enemy",the head of the catholic church, who had been condoning sexual abuse in the church for years. Even though John Paul II is gone it still is going on this very day all around the world. See no evil is a great documentary you all need to see, you will understand.

Art Vale : You go girl! I just saw a movie called Spotlight--exposing the Catholic Church for what it really is.

MisterX867 : Best SNL moment ever

EdMcStinko : I used to wonder "Bulletproof bubble? Why do people want to kill the Pope?" Now I wonder "Why don't they use an RPG? That might work"

Inyourlap : This is gutsy.

JMcmstr08 : I still have childhood memory of this. Staring at tv and thinking “why does she hate the church man with big walking stick?, she’s crazy”. I didn’t even know that adults hurt children like that (back then). Alone she stood up about it, with the whole world watching. She’s so brave , nothing compares 🕊✌🏽

William Heckman : When I saw this live i didn't know how to react... I felt it was kind of rude yet I was curious what her stance was... 20 years later after reading some of her reasons why she did it, I am in full support of her actions.  This is 100% rock and roll.

jerome carroll : she mad the first few steps to awareness of  corruption  and child sex abuse by the catholic church and got blasted by the entire nation, id bet there are many who are eating their words now about lambasting her for it. Very brave woman

Nicolás Valencia : THAT'S A REAL ROCK STAR.

LTC cherno : Hey, did you guys hear they've opened an academy for child predators? They teach techniques and most importantly how to get away with it! It's called the Catholic Church. And they're taking applications.

Bijinius Cross : 0:20 - 0:28: The most awkward silence in the history of popular music.

remywood81 : I remember reading a quote that Joe Pesci (who was there) wanted to ''Slap her face.'' You can hear muted outrage and bemusement in this clip. Turns out, she was right...

Azer Simple : The Catholic Church is among the most vile and malicious institutions in the world.  I support O'Connor's actions, and despite it having been quite a while ago, the issue is still pertinent today.  This was a strong message, but a necessary one as well.

Jacob Kettler : Well now she has converted to islam lol

K Cummins : She was right. NBC and the Daily News in particular owe her an apology.

Susan Littleton : This is making the rounds again. Prayers are being said for Sinead all over the world. Thank you Sinead, our Courageous Earthly Warrior Angel.

Ellio Bedonni : ¡Ay, es que la amo! <3 

Lou Cypher : She was ahead of her time because now most of us know religion was the best scam ever.

Dennis B : I saw this live and was very entertained by it.  That took guts.

yehoyeh : Sinead O' Connor a true talent, legend and visionary. I salute you Sinead


steven franklin : I remember watching this, absolutely stunned. I said, "Did you see that?" even though I was alone in the house. A gutsy move to make. It could have ended her career forever.

Wilmer Palacios : years was right...know you chance the world...thanks sinead

Will Sherman : Great interview with Dr Phil. I have worked with kids who have been through what you've been through. People need to listen to the children and the victims.

Amanda Webster : I love you, Sinhead! You were right and soo ahead of your time.

bronxkevin71 : Sinead, we all owe you an engraved apology!!❤❤❤

Tolya1979 : I miss the good ol' days of SNL, when they had cultural programs.  F*** YEAH, SINEAD!

BigSmoke20061989 : She was right!

unlockthepower : While she wears the symbol of the actual real enemy.

Reverend Flash : She ripped UP the picture, not OFF.

Cyber Grunge : They made such a mess after this.. But Seanid was right, the only one that took the courage to tell this horrible truth, and they distroyed her carrier!!!

Jackthestripper : Ah, back before political correctness when you could do these sorts of things without ruining your career. Oh, wait....

Mike Beares : I just bought a heated electrical blanket and it is awesome

Leslie M Andrews : I'd gladly tear up Francis photo onstage anytime!

Damien Green : She was so ahead of her time! It's very brave what she did and she turned out to be right all along!

Andy Means : And nobody clapped for her.

Jeremy Lee : the truth is we never need a religion. all religions are made by human,not God. you can pray at home instead dirty sexual abuse church, you can talk directly to the Most High. we never need religion to help us having a relationship with God.

Anonymous : Interestingly, she was spot on about the Catholic church, in that that they had been harbouring child abusers for years, and as a result was thrown to the lions, because back then the public refused to believe in what she was saying. I would say she deserves an apology.

N.F. Craig : Good on her!