Sinead O'Connor ripping Pope picture - Fight the real enemy

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LTC cherno : Hey, did you guys hear they've opened an academy for child predators? They teach techniques and most importantly how to get away with it! It's called the Catholic Church. And they're taking applications.

FanArtFlan : If she did this a bit later, she would have been applauded. She was just ahead of the curve.

blipco5 : Back in the day when she tore up the Popes picture I thought she was crazy and that she ruined her career over nothing. It turned out she was right after all.

Lane Bright : A lot of you guys are so stupid! You realize she did it because the Catholic Church was covering up allegations of sexual abuse of children by some priests in the Catholic Church? Do some research before you just judge someone! She was doing it for a reason not just because she didn't like the Catholic Church! She is a catholic herself! She was just demonstrating how it is wrong for priests to molest children and then for the pope to cover it up!

ThePowergoats : She was ahead of her time with this.

Mr EX : So she only rips up a picture and get's blackballed for it. Years after the fact when asked if she'd had the moment to do over, would she change anything "HELL NO", she replied.

Jane M : Came here after news of priests molesting over 1000 children in Pennysylvania. Thanks for being a truth-teller ahead of your time, Sinead.

Doug QUIDAM : I loved it when she did this and still respect her for it today.

Azer Simple : The Catholic Church is among the most vile and malicious institutions in the world.  I support O'Connor's actions, and despite it having been quite a while ago, the issue is still pertinent today.  This was a strong message, but a necessary one as well.

Inyourlap : This is gutsy.

love williams : My mom saw it live when she did this. I was very ignorant about the Catholic church and all the pedophilia and cover up. And my mom said, " She's absolutely right," and proceeded to tell me how the church is covering up the raping of children by moving these priests around.

Leslie Stevens : Reddit today: "perhaps we should apologize to her"... perhaps? lol

Rushil N : That lady's got balls. It seems brutal but she is condemning the church's implication in the sexual abuse of 1000s of children.

MisterX867 : Best SNL moment ever

William Heckman : When I saw this live i didn't know how to react... I felt it was kind of rude yet I was curious what her stance was... 20 years later after reading some of her reasons why she did it, I am in full support of her actions.  This is 100% rock and roll.

EdMcStinko : I used to wonder "Bulletproof bubble? Why do people want to kill the Pope?" Now I wonder "Why don't they use an RPG? That might work"

Art Vale : You go girl! I just saw a movie called Spotlight--exposing the Catholic Church for what it really is.

TitanTantrum : I think what she did was very brave, she did this to show the true "enemy",the head of the catholic church, who had been condoning sexual abuse in the church for years. Even though John Paul II is gone it still is going on this very day all around the world. See no evil is a great documentary you all need to see, you will understand.

Anai Bendai : She already knew the Catholic Church was evil. She was way ahead of her time.

Mr. loltrigger : she was a woman before her time

Cpt Quinn : So many edgy teens in the comments

Lou Cypher : She was ahead of her time because now most of us know religion was the best scam ever.

K Cummins : She was right. NBC and the Daily News in particular owe her an apology.

Thought Crimes : The Vatican is the Whore of Babylon! I can't believe how right Sinead was so long ago.

Kinh Konn : Blowing the candles out as she extinguishes her career.

JanoElBozo : It's amusing, in Poland currently there is a play which basically shows a figure of John Paul 2 being given a fellatio. The actors, director and theater staff received multiple death threats, theater was threatened to be bombed... Reminds you of certain religion extremists? Just shows that extremists are extremists, no matter the garden variety of crazy. And kudos to Sinead, she really was ahead of her time, doing such a thing in 1992.

Bijinius Cross : 0:20 - 0:28: The most awkward silence in the history of popular music.

Frankie B : She was telling the truth

Jumbo is Legend : she was raped by a priest that's why she did this no lie

Dennis B : I saw this live and was very entertained by it.  That took guts.

Efrain Rios : Amazing the response of those papal worshipping fanatics for her to be brave to tear up a stupid picture of a religious hypocrite on live television. :-/

Guardians Creed : if she did this now she'd still have a career. the world is more acceptable of hating religions now than back then. Maybe she knew about the bad things the priests do. who knows

N.F. Craig : Good on her!

Jacob Kettler : Well now she has converted to islam lol

Mach68 : I won't lie. I would have done the same thing she did.

breezyvibe : The Catholic Church is a joke. But O'Connor is possibly Illuminati anyway . .

Fernando Davalos : ...AWKWARD...

Jason David : It's JUST a PHOTO for fecks sake! ... She hardly started a FIRE by burning a CROSS or spouted ANTI-CATHOLIC EPITHETS. She doesn't like some guy. Ok, a lot of people don't like some guy!

Johnny G : The Catholic Church is the bride of Satan. Always has been, always will be.

Jako32 : This is 199friggin2! 8*o. Really doesn't seem that long ago and dated but it's almost 25 years ago when this was still unthinkable!! Woman had MAJOR b*lls every bit if not more so than what Madonna did in late '92/'93!! Sinead was truly waay ahead of her time w/ this issue when the majority of the world was in a fog (or denial) but mainly 'out of the loop' and was simply like WTF is she doing.


Cyber Grunge : They made such a mess after this.. But Seanid was right, the only one that took the courage to tell this horrible truth, and they distroyed her carrier!!!


strawberryfields4eva : I'm don't idolize the pope but that pope was sure more of a hell of a good, kind, person than Sinead. He had a lot of compassion for people, did a lot of charity, just good things for people! And he had a lot of faith. He was about love and she is more about hate as you can tell. It's really disrespectful of her to do that. There's no reason why the pope should be an "enemy". Celebrities just love to feel important and don't think twice. The pope is a person. And a good one at that. Sinead is talking out of her butt.

Trish Powell : Amen, sister!

Ellio Bedonni : ¡Ay, es que la amo! <3 

Randy Woodworth : An act that ended a mediocre career

steven franklin : I remember watching this, absolutely stunned. I said, "Did you see that?" even though I was alone in the house. A gutsy move to make. It could have ended her career forever.

James Black : now that took some balls

Wilmer Palacios : years was right...know you chance the world...thanks sinead