World’s Biggest Music Stars Having The Best Time On The Graham Norton Show | Volume 1

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Comments from Youtube

Burghandy B : Lmfao!😂😂 "Why was Prince playin the bass in my face?" I think people like to think MJ is weird but that line made him seem so real and down to earth

Ayaan khan : Emma-" Did you sang those lyrics" Graham-" He wrote them" 😂😂😂

Lauren Earle : Jamie Foxx honestly has one of the most beautiful voices

Totoro : Emma Stone's shock and innocence is the best 😂 This show never fails to make me laugh.

Cracky Sr : I wanna hear Graham Norton read 14 year old girl blogs more, he gets the voice perfect.

LightFuse : Allegedly

Kung-Fu Kenny Family : *We want Graham to host the Oscars👑*

Riley Christensen : *Can Graham please host the golden globes?*

KilimitiFrriuuu : One can safely say that Graham is a Really fast reader.

lily chris : The Taylor Swift fan comments slayed me, like, dead.

Thinkeverclear : Graham Norton should receive some honorary Oscar for being the best talkshow host. This man is so f*cking good. It always seems that his guests are really enjoying themselves on his couch. Never the dull standard questions you hear on other talkshows, always something fresh and funny. Chapeau for Graham Norton and his team!

Rihanna And Little Mix : I love how Rihanna loves her memes and finds them hilarious and doesn’t take it seriously ❤️

Kay X : The blonde having a seizure on the left at 6:06-6:08 always cracks me up

ann : I NEED GRAHAM TO DO MORE OF THESE FAN TWEET THINGS. the taylor swift one and zayn hair one have been so hilarious. i need him to share our tweets more lmao

Kung-Fu Kenny Family : Ed sheeran is the best friend that we all wish that we had , chill and funny , love this Man he deserved the success he gets❤

Perceus Skywalker : 6:40 the accuracy of that fangirl impersonation is scary

Simon : 2:12 props to Johnny Depp for that move xD

Aspiring Marauder : > alleged Oh Sheeran baby

Narceus55 : Johnny Depp clapping with his glass of wine under his arm is the most Johnny Depp I've seen ever

Patricia Mendoza : Wahahahha emma is so cute she's so amazed by jamie then when they analyze the lyrics hahaha woahhh !! Hahahahahahah

R R : So are we just gonna ignore the white lady shaking her head on the sofa whilst will and jayden are singing the fresh prince of bel air theme tune 😂😂

Sabrina Zanoletti : I am from Honduras and honestly i love this Irish man

Vanshaj Khera Music : Music Stars with Graham Norton. A lethal Combination.

Batman : Ed should come back to this show, he's one of my favorite guests in recent memory

Ayaan khan : when will smith was performing , That lady in the back made me cringe

Tarannum : Will smith and taylor swift part was amazing 😘😘😂😂

Kira-gracexo : I love the Graham Norton sow. Jamie was the best in this video. Will Smith was the funniest. But where the hell was Cher and Dawn French checking out that microphone?! I don't forget the old episodes!

niken sitompul : I just love the way graham reads the tweets 😂

karlaevh : @oscars Graham Norton better host the Osars next time...

Linnéa : Jaden smith was so awkward

J G : 1:10 "no" 😂

Daniela Martínez : Robbien Williams, please!

Vanshaj Khera Music : British People are as classy as wine.

DeltaEagle57 : Micheal Jackson: "I gotta put the kids asleep." Curb your enthusiasm music plays

Sajel Dunlop : BRENDON URIE <3

Anisah N'Diaz : Wait a minute, how could I don’t know jamie fox is a brilliant singer???

Chris L : Heather Graham definitely dances like a white girl.

Furious Sherman : 7:03 I would never have guessed that I'd ever see John Cleese and Taylor Swift sitting on a couch together.

mijachin : Jamie Fox should’ve been like “it is what it is”

Ethan Williams : Jaden Smith is the visual representation of living in your parents shadow

Chase : Damn low key did not Jamie Fox could sing that well, really amazing!

AL INDIVIDUEL : @2:12 I wish I can handle my life the way Jhonny Depp handled his wine glass

George Crissall : Y is ed digging at blunt? He made it before u pipe down 😂

Martin Biesel : World's biggest music stars.... Ok

Nicole Worley : I love how Andrew Garfield looks a little bit in love with Jamie

loveforeignaccents : Jamie Foxx and Rihanna... yay!!!

Ryan Jones : What song was jamie foxx singing

Martyna M : Taylor ♥️♥️♥️

HollyBlueAgitated : get Eminem