Kids Show FAIL

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Manuel Gonzalez : Austin Powers' gay cousin

BowserTheSecond : I know that's not David Tennant, but it sure as hell looks like him.

CodPatrol Les Grossman : Still too funny 😂😂I think I remember this as a kid but yeah some dudes playlist brought me here. Was being nosy as fuck

R Hirshi : big cook little cook, in this episode small gets dessert on his face because of ben's clumsiness, whilst he was trying to whisk the icing. small says "yum" because presumably he has a sweet tooth. and?

Mysllaw M. : me in 5 yrs

CodPatrol Les Grossman : Looool Henza Rules favourites maaaan brought me here.

MisterPikol : this still exists ?


jNS278 : austin powers?

Andy : he said sorry small hahahaha

RFMusicVideos : I Iove how this video is flagged

poop : Austin Powers porn?

Dougie Haggerty : Big cook Little cook, ahh brittish telvision

SouthShallRise : he's not sorry

Andy : The Kids who watch this are somewhat happy, Theyre also in other Terms, "Somewhat Gay".


godly04 : why couldn't that have happened to the ridiculously hot MILF who used to host my kid's show? for fuck's sake


That Guy : I understand why someone flagged this

Daviysoh : Bukkake on guy's face? This is so gay.

Joel Roberts : I didn't see that in the recipe?

rockectsciencesuckz : press 2 for 8 times then stop

deveaux77 : Ow my eye!! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it

bigzaklyon : What the fuck, it's not David tennant! It's fucking Dan something. I'm pretty sure at no part of his career was David Tennant ginger xD

bigzaklyon : @xenohuh7 What? That's not david tennant, its Dan something :P

Purple Squid : GUYS ITS OK. he's gonna lick it up.

myshowvids : @Dyyro dude ur fucking disgusting bro

verlysdonk : @xenohuh7 i believe so

xenohuh7 : david tennant O_O

Dyyro : Wow, I'm surprised nobody has said "I found this easy to materbate to"

TomKennyIsLovely : Oh my God! O.o

xacupofteax : that's david tennant, right? lmao!!!!


DJZombiLincoln : Did that guy nut and not even notice?

Hayley Johnson : I used to watch that show!!

MrPathorn : Why it restricted only for 18 and up? Why don't make this video for only 4 and below

Drakosgames : Press 4 for some chewing o_o

Eric V. : WHOA HO HO HO!

JohnHardThomasMisterGame FourthEarlOfTheSandwich : Well I know now why ive never heard of that show

Nitroglycerine1000 : omg, its david tennant..

Nits25 : Ironic how he can be called "BIG ben ;)" and the other guys name is "small".

Joe Blow Spumoni : be careful where you aim that thing ben!

Wildhavlat : Ooooh ben you bater' ;)

HippoButtSecks : This is big cook little cook motherfuckers! LOL!!!!!!!

James Daviau : OMG! 10th Doctor who got seriously bukkaked over there! D: naughty, naughty! What would Rose say!? XD

Andrew Lawrence : Why is there an age rating? This show is aimed at 5-year-olds.

TakTitian 5 : press 2 3times then press 4 lmao:D

Kenneth Griffeth : is up with all these lame ass top rated comments they choose for the end of each video...They should make a video titled " Top chosen comments we put at the end of each one of our videos FAIL."

1D10T Bill : did he die?

Tom moT : mmmmm salty