Kids Show FAIL

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Manuel Gonzalez : Austin Powers' gay cousin

Jinho Hwang : cumshot


BowserTheSecond : I know that's not David Tennant, but it sure as hell looks like him.

poop : Austin Powers porn?

Myriadman : "This video may not be suitable for minors." Holy s**t! Its a show for kids! Wow! But I get why its labelled so.

remos100 : this is way better than pornhub

VACT : "wohoho sorry... NOT" xD

April Sharp : hahaha.. that was good!

SooldierPL : headshot! :)

Krysune : @xsanta0001 Spamming videos wont help dumbass

patori2 : i love the sound of the cum smashing his face

CodPatrol Les Grossman : Still too funny 😂😂I think I remember this as a kid but yeah some dudes playlist brought me here. Was being nosy as fuck

Dr. Edvardas Naujalis : dont worry ben!

SethEcX : This video may not be suitable for minors. LOL? Kids show that may not be suitabl to minors haha.. what the FUK do kids know?? This may not be suitable to christians is what it realy should say.

SethEcX : austin powers?

That Guy : I understand why someone flagged this

spuddy83 : I came buckets.

Guru Larry Gaming : See how many Yanks won't get the show :D

Pitomba125 : the white stuff is sperm

Tristan : seth green?

GoPro Flying : Yeah, its a UK program, the guy who had the cumshot on his face is suppose to be a tiny person about 6" high that for some reason lives in a kitchen! Not that I've ever watched it...of course!

MrPathorn : Why it restricted only for 18 and up? Why don't make this video for only 4 and below

Sipodge : Big Cook Little Cook - Where I get my dirty mind from X.D Just joking!

kaozbender : thats fucking great

Sean Fox : lol

StolenProductionz : Lol, first of all 5* 2d It has been flagged.!!

Mak : cum shot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Huuballawick :

Zeldarulah : "This video may not be suitable for minors. " Extreme Irony

RickyMillar : they sometimes do it on purpose xD like loads of disney films have sick twisted things in them

SouthShallRise : he's not sorry

ArdjMetal : What the fuck.

AAB777 : lmaoooooooooooooooooooo

R Hirshi : big cook little cook, in this episode small gets dessert on his face because of ben's clumsiness, whilst he was trying to whisk the icing. small says "yum" because presumably he has a sweet tooth. and?

nartnayr : lol ligelized children porn

WALZ97 : yyyeeeeeaaaaahh on cbbebies

SoundclickBeats : Damn, I remember watching this as a kid.....


RedSHARK6 : no small got aids though and died

Cliffwalker43 : This video may not be suitable for minors. lol it said tht!

10Dante4 : wow when will he get it?? and kick himself

10Dante4 : dear does he sleep at nights after this??

LowCostVideo : Thats about the size of my load too!

seriall1337 : @ktown4life1337 learn to understand a typeo.

ccricers : Cumshot? Uh, more like a cum cannon blast to me.

electrogear : "Don't worry, I'll just lick it up" I wish my girlfriend said that.

electrogear : @MrCurrybasher You're right, she's just a nude poster on my bedroom wall! That's why she never speaks??!! Oh but I'm sure I heard her say "MrCurrybasher is a cunt". That must have been a figment of my imagination too...

electrogear : @rayblaze94 Are you talking about me? Lol

MethodicalMadness : Wrong, wrong, wrong!