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It's Thinzy : But its the only way I can seal the pain inside.

Chris Kogos : 0:07 you can Well if you say so

Versaucey : Flex Seal can prevent leakage, holes, rust and corrosion but sadly it can't prevent Child Support.

there is a duck in my pfp Boi : if you eat flex seal it would cause a lot of damage *so, your telling me that I should eat more flex seal to fix that damage*

Kotte Animation : Johny Johny Yes Papa Eating FLEX SEAL? Yes Papa

Justin Y. : This means we should eat flex seal


Henry Clay : I'm glad Phil has stopped me from trying to become waterproof on the inside

TheRedCap : T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E

Alejandro Morales : What a legend

Wholesome Lad : I accidently drank 5 gallons of flex glue will i be ok Phil?

Somali pirate who's actually somali : Yes Eat it. You can.

Zoulle : The fact that people were eating this stuff in the first place

C0de_N4me : *D* *Da* *Dat* *Dats* *Dats * *Dats a* *Dats a * *Dats a l* *Dats a lo* *Dats a lot* *Dats a lot * *Dats a lot o* *Dats a lot of* *Dats a lot of * *Dats a lot of d* *Dats a lot of da* *Dats a lot of dam* *Dats a lot of dama* *Dats a lot of damag* *Dats a lot of damage* *Dats a lot of damag* *Dats a lot of dama* *Dats a lot of dam* *Dats a lot of da* *Dats a lot of d* *Dats a lot of * *Dats a lot of* *Dats a lot o* *Dats a lot * *Dats a lot* *Dats a lo* *Dats a l* *Dats a * *Dats a* *Dats * *Dats* *Dat* *Da* *D*

Svettanka : i'm gonna do it anyway.

VINOS : The only thing I want to protect is his smile

Blu Wizard : In Soviet Russia you don't eat flex seal, flex seal eats you!

Yeet God : **show pictures of ppl eating flex tape while playing curb your enthusiasm theme song**

Mr LimmeTv : You can't stop me *I wanna coat,seal, and repair my insides*

Jesus Christ on a bike! : I love the fact that you can tell he was on a beach somewhere with his family when the flex seal people called him telling him to make an emergency ‘don’t eat flex seal’ video.

Max Faleyev : Well, there goes my plans for the weekend

El Matador Del Mar : Thats a lot of dammage hahahahaha!!😂😂😂😂😂😍😂

leavemebeehoneybe : I hope I can stop my period by eating Flex Seal. Thanks everyone.


Charlie Kelly : But I want to be damaged by the products you make so that I can use flex seal for everything

Demon if the River Styx : I lick flex tape qnd nothin happens. What could go wrong in eating flex seal?

Türk Kafası : You can go seel You can protec But most importantly It will do a lotta damage

Jordan The Gamer : *A L O T T A D A M A G E*

Depression Session : So what I'm getting is: something something, *EAT FLEXSEAL* , something something.

Captain Qwaz Caz : *But can I sniff it?*

TheDieseased : That would cause *_A LOT OF DAMAGE_*

Lucy K.L : He looks so happy about it

NuclearDonkey : Well damn that's weekends plans out the window

Davidci Codex : But... what if the damage is inside?

Dragoon GT : you see the title.. you see the length of the video.. you see the thumbnail.. *you know its a dank meme.*

dayum son : He said it with a smile. That means he's being sarcastic. That also means Flex Seal tastes like Tide Pods. Go ahead and eat it everyone

Kratos Aurion Plays : That would cause A LOT OF DAMAGE! This guy must be aware of the memes lol

Daniel Zeng : Remember when jontron told you that he would eat his flex tape? That’s why he’s hasn’t uploaded in 7 months

Yellow Pancake : meh that's not that much damage

Israel Luis Geer : In other words by coat seal and protect flex seal is an effective condom

10,000 subs no vids? lol : Now that’s a lot of damage!

Tails the Green Ninja : Who would want to eat Flex Seal? Can someone make some edible Flex Seal?

Rusty : use flexseal product family to protect......... i have questions.... 1. can i use them to protect myself from debt? 2. can i use it to protect my family from robbers? 3. can i use it as a condom?

AFallingTree : What would stop people ingesting flex seal: A. A warning sticker and clearly written instructions B. A meme

Youknowhimwell : Thanks fill

CravingPvpZ gaming : What if I cook it first then can I eat it?

xGrifDog96x : did he just say its okay to eat flex seal cuz thats all i heard

Berd McNerd Jr. : But eating them will protect and seal my stomach!

Meritless Memes : im so glad he embraced the meme, its so wonderful.