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Forsst Burban : I love simple, yet hilarious stuff like this

tsukani463 : First time I ever watched this it didn't make me laugh, then, when I took a shower right after and heard it in my head I couldn't stop laughing.

T-Top Deluxe : I love how he says, "Doors open this Frideh!"

TheGamerGuy : why is this so funny

Devin Manic : I have watched this countless times and it gets funnier each time.

Tye : The original vine

Iamthem3dic : 5 years after seeing this, forgetting about it, and being reminded about it by Facebook it's still funny as fuck

EL JEFE : That fucking reaction he makes awe shiet

The Raving Trancer : This made my life

ChemLogic89 : I've already seen this at least 100 times. Still amazing!

Darth Phoenix 1977 : Who else came here from try not to laugh

jac6995 : never gets old

Noah Brogdon : I am going to blast this at school.

peri dot : 2018 anyone?

Kpopislife16 : I literally cried when my bestie boo played this for me. At first I didn't get the joke because it was so quick so he replayed it & told me to look at the sign closely. When I did I laughed until tears streamed down my cheek. #itsdinnertime. :-)

Nick_is_Here : I finally get it it says bar-be-QUEER

Tyrunner0097 : Why proper punctuation is important....

TinyBeast : I can't breath😂😂😂

Geoffrey Reeder : 0:05 when you forget to do your homework

Stickupkids : I can not stop watching this😄

DonaId Trump : Over 9 years since this was uploaded and I only see it now. Save the best till last I guess!

Geno2733 : Makes me wonder if this guy's business got an unexpected boost from this video.

Hyperblast : Lol Press 6 over and over XD

JordinAndradeJ : the fact that his face is on the billboard is the best

Dr. Cool : Oh wait, is it because it says bar-b-queer?

Hybrid_ Cuber : LMFAO!!!!

Athrizel : thumbs up if you saw this on tosh.0

Five Stubbz : Do it in slow motion😂😂😂

Nicholas Curtis : AW SHEAT!

bannedbananabruh : omfg i love this video made me laugh so much KJDGSKJDHGSKSDJHFJAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

iTerroizeBabies : I fucking laughed at this for 10 minutes.

BigBubbaPanda : Somebody needs to make a 10 hour video of this or something. That would be so awesome.

SolidHunter : My friend showed me this and I can't stop laughing

Gamer 4 life : I like how there was a billboard so it makes you think that place is real

Ultimate Fan : edward

puppyhowler : saw this on tosh.o freaking YEARS ago, and it's STILL hilarious XD

Sewshii : ....................... *AWWWWWWWW SHHHEEEAAATTT*

DragonZage : "Doors open, this Friday! So come on down to the BBQ'r! *Looks at sign that says bar-b-queer* Ah Shit!"

SmokeRingsPipeDreams : Still one of the funniest things I've ever seen! LOL

BLACKIESBOY : XD "... AW, SHIET" Reminds me of all the dumb local Florida commercials.

SmokeRingsPipeDreams : Still one of the funniest things EVER on Youtube! 

Strana Vörhal : ah, shit

Cadifinal : *A W E S H I E T*

Egg Boy : OH SHIT

Napraznicul Elias : This is just a master piece The perfectly represented add, the perfect accent and words, the joke and then his reaction This is Art at this point

Sophie Ousri : i dont get it.

lcozzarelli : @infernoburrito I totally thumbzzdup your comment , because it's spot on :)

jrpludacrous : aaaaawwwww shit!!

Tiago Seiler : Now every single time I eat barbecue I have to say: "doors open this friday, so come on down to the bbq'r"

Tiago Seiler : Duh, he's a BBQ'r, obviously...