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Gurosama Bltch : the world we live in... a robot is having a seizure while morty is trying to help him out, and then knuckles does a backflip on his body

mooppy mcd : "If he is actually having a seizure, you just let it past. " Life saving words. People should never intervene unless the person is choking on there selava

Joseph Porter : Morty was funny af because I felt like he was really there because his movements were so realistic

SharkBoi : Imagine waking up from a seizure surrounded by a bunch of anime and cartoon characters

Kirsty Hill : Im pissed off at the rainbow wendy shithead, extremely insensitive. I hope they understand how awful they were

Ryan M. : Good to see the gaming community actually stopping the bullshit and getting serious for a second. Especially when they were saying to take a break. Taking care of someone genuinely in need. THIS is a community

ContactingTheDead : *It’s sick that people are trying to joke around, when there is clearly an emergency happening.*

Sammy NightMRE : 7:48 "The entire community is coming together for the betterment of this person, Don't be that one guy," DJ XAGE aka Morty You are amazing, man

Rose X Agent 8 : I’m not gonna blame the Wendy’s person for having flashing colours but I hate the fact she was making fun of the guy while he was in need of medical attention

Trinity Connolly : Rainbow wendy- "he ded, this bish ded." Me- "If u dont stfu you'll be dead in a second"

Regina Castellon : the little knuckles kissed him 13:04

Jeannie De lim : *_The rainbow wendy's player name is 30PTIMUS 3129. Hope this was helpful._*

Rheanna Ruth : The Wendy’s girl was being awful, she was most likely the one who caused it and even when you told her to back off she still stood close to him

Phoenix 101 : Imagine having a seizure and waking up to so many people around you especially morty like oof

CRASHING POWERZ : I love the fact that the guy who had the seizure allowed you to post this, no sarcasm, this is a real problem that could happen at any time, I’m glad that the guy actually allowed you to post this, the guy is smart and I’m glad that you (Rouge) posted this, I personally don’t play VR Chat, I wish I could but I don’t have a VR headset, anyways I glad you posted this because this should really be thought about, even though the chance of this happening is slim for you to see, try to treat it like the person who is right there in front of you, and be respectful to them, especially in this situation because the last thing you want to hear about, is the assholes who danced on a person during a seizure or some fatal heart attack on the news. Mind these kind of people, because of this happens in front of you, try to help the best you can in anyway (which is barely none, I know, with restrictions due to no real physical contact with objects in the game). Be polite, and respect people, in ANY CASE!

linkin : i hate that the person who most likely caused the seizure with their avatar came back when they heard that he possibly had a seizure and started dancing in front of his avatar. smh people can be so disgusting sometimes

Calvin Does Stuff : *Wendy probably gave him a seizure*

Aidan Dwyer : The people that were joking around are messed up.

Wheezing Bons : The Wendy is the most hated person in vr? Orr?

Do It With Dan : Did that knuckles break character?

Revoke : This is so beautiful. Faith in humanity restored.

Enrique Pinero : Proof that VR chat is cancer. Props the the ones that cared but the rest shows how detached from reality most people are.

Marisa : I think it’s sweet that so many people were worried but it’s not really necessary to call the police unless the seizure last more than an hour but in this case it looked like he might’ve been on his back which is bad because he could’ve choked on his spit but it’s a good idea to be next to someone for a while though my boyfriend usually lays next to me for an hour after a seizure just in case I have another one. I don’t know if the guy who had the seizure will see this but I really recommend cbd oil if you can afford it usually if I miss doses of my medication I get really bad jerks and they stop within maybe 10-20 minutes spraying the oil 3 times under my tongue (I have grand mal and focal seizures and my neurologist said my jerks are tonic clonic)

CalicoCat : I'm glad to see people in a virtual world caring about this man.

Tactical Absol (Covert K9) : I think it's awesome to see most of them taking it seriously and trying to counsel him. I have a friend with epilepsy and he describes it as being unconscious so it's accurate that he didn't understand he had just had one

Oh Nevhun : Guys guys guys! Now I know the Wendy character was being insensitive but harassing the person isnt the answer! I'm sure the person didnt mean to cause a seizure! The joking was unnecessary but maybe they were just nervous and trying to calm their self down. Im not justifying but going on a "witch hunt" is wrong and shame on anyone whos passing their username around.

DatBoyDats : Thats next level honestly. Imagine seeing someone going through that in front of you and everyone is standing around virtually unable to help you. Btw forgetting the whole seizure episode, I think it’s kinda funny. Imagine looking through your vr headset while you’re going through an episode, and see Lugia, morty and all these epic fictional characters standing over you checking if you’re okay while Wendy is in the back giving you a pretty wild light show. Lmao 😅 But tbh that’s still sad, what happened, everyone was really cool here.

Sheikh Tahmid : Kudos to the dude roleplaying Morty, didn't go out of character through the whole thing

Coconut Productions Central : I love how the anime girl is like the adult of the group.

Gregory Leon : That colorful person could be the reason he went into a seizure in the first place right?

Ezekiel G : 15:00 Bro when that morty got triggered i literally died😂

JapanForSale : This might turn out to be the catalyst for not only the VRChat devs but the VR industry as a whole to come up w standards for emergencies like this one. For example, if someone goes down w a seizure or a heart attack, what's the guideline for the other players? What can they do besides just stand around being helpless? IMO, after seeing this, I think it would be wise if VRChat allowed a player to enter their emergency contact information into their avatar profile. The contact list should ideally be readable only by staff to prevent abuse. They should probably also include a yes/no prompt right at start up that asks if the player has any previous medical conditions that might be aggravated by content in this game. You know, safeguard themselves and their users. This game has the potential for longevity and greatness, and I really hope it doesn't get brought down by unfortunate circumstances like these.

Matty Lee : You know what that hardest thing about this video is ..... some of the people in that chat room were so disrespectful. Putting fingers up in his face, laughing, saying He's dying etc, pretty harsh guys !

LEAH DUKE : They should have an option to change the look of characters that may trigger something like this.. it's not safe. I'm insulted by the Wendy's model.. that person using it.. rude.. immature.. disrespectful.

Kantirant : I hate the feeling of wanting to help someone so bad, but you know you can do absolutely nothing. Drives one crazy! FeelsBadMan

mauro amarante : -is he okay ? What happened? -yeah he had a seiz... -HeE sTaRtEd dAnCinG!!!

zariana : wendy was really pissing me off tbh

Dead Af : The lil sonic/blue knuckles was so cute tho. U can tell he is still a kid but hes so nice and mature. The realistic morty is so helpful too.

blue thunder : While these gamers are actually helping, other people around the world are just watching and recording videos to post on social media on people having seizures.

AesthetiqDes : thank you for raising awareness <3 I have epilepsy and I find it really cool your spreading awareness for it bc I mean ive had seizures since I was 8 months

Lavender ᎪᏞᎬxᎪᏁᎠᏒᎪ 1D : And people say gamers don't care about anyone.

Phox gamer : Omg i just heard a little kid say "Dont want me to kiss it to make it feel better? *kiss*"

Rebecca Nix : We knew Wendy's was a savage on twitter but this is going too far. Not cool Wendy's

Elliot faded : Am i the only one that was genuinely concerned to the point i didnt noticed the Wendy

Nice Shirt : They should’ve given him space. Beyond that, everyone should’ve stopped talking so much, and just let one or two people speak. The best thing to do when someone has a seizure is to backtrack. You want to draw a mental map of the day’s events to determine what caused the episode. By crowding around that guy and talking all at once, they didn’t accomplish much. They were right in saying that he needed to take a break, but the last thing a seizing person needs is more sensory noise going to the brain. By crowding around him and making all that noise, they were lowering the seizure threshold(i.e. the likelihood an episode will occur).

Zypher Hedgehog : Why yes. Because I would say "Do you know the way?" When someone is having a seizure. People suck sometimes- :/

SpiritWolf : In one of my past college classes there was a student that had a seizure in the hall. He left the room, probably realizing he was going to have one, and collapsed after he closed the door. My class definitely heard him fall but it took a second for us to react. When I saw him, he was on the floor outside the classroom and several people were calling 911. It was very worrying, but he did end up alright and back in class. Things like this are always scary at first, but the best thing to do is to call emergency services. I mean, you can't really call 911 for someone in VRChat, though.

Shufei : The jerk with the strobing outline bling needs to shove off.

iAmCrunchy1 : I can’t take the morty serious but damn this is crazy!!