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Ryan M. : Good to see the gaming community actually stopping the bullshit and getting serious for a second. Especially when they were saying to take a break. Taking care of someone genuinely in need. THIS is a community

Joseph Porter : Morty was funny af because I felt like he was really there because his movements were so realistic

Max the Sheep : That Wendy’s girl has no soul

Earl John Medallo : Did morty have some knowledge for a moment right there?

thats the tea sis : *gets quiet* *one person talks* *EVERYONE STARTS TALKING*

Tactical Absol (Covert K9) : I think it's awesome to see most of them taking it seriously and trying to counsel him. I have a friend with epilepsy and he describes it as being unconscious so it's accurate that he didn't understand he had just had one

BlessedHawaii : *the most serious group of people I’ve seen on VR*

Random Flower : Wendy's colors probably caused it. It's not good for people with epilepsy

Jason Cordero : I just though of the rainbow wendy burning in hell while still dancing xd

Random Person : 13:04 "I'll give you a kiss to make you feel better" That lil adorable kid is making me cry 😭😭❤❤

iAmCrunchy1 : I can’t take the morty serious but damn this is crazy!!

Kirsty Hill : Im pissed off at the rainbow wendy shithead, extremely insensitive. I hope they understand how awful they were

ContactingTheDead : *It’s sick that people are trying to joke around, when there is clearly an emergency happening.*

Sammy NightMRE : 7:48 "The entire community is coming together for the betterment of this person, Don't be that one guy," DJ XAGE aka Morty You are amazing, man

Sune Kuro : The whole time Wendy was around, I just kept saying, "cover him with your body!! Keep him from seeing her!" Because she kept going around him and we didn't know if it was caused by her.

Kantirant : I hate the feeling of wanting to help someone so bad, but you know you can do absolutely nothing. Drives one crazy! FeelsBadMan

Lucas Green : Even freaking knuckels stopped and tryed to help

Gordon Ramsay is Savior Yaks are back : God dammit wendy

KitKat Clancy : It hurts to watch this as a paramedic, I get chills, I've never felt in control when dealing with seizure patients with medication and tools, but this happening on VR straight up helpless. That was def a Grand mal seizure although in this case it's not usually as horrible and as long lasting but VR will effect this.

Dabi : Fuckin wendy


KindaJared : Everyone is being so nice. I have seizures too. Everyone who is joking around needs to stop. Poor bb. He’s strong. I don’t get through them without going to the hospital.

barbaro267 : I'm not surprised that a game like this would cause an epileptic seizure. There's no way to reduce the risk other than choosing a game with less color variation and movement, reducing playtime, or just not playing at all.

lil kim : Imagine spending on all that money on a rift/vive, just to find out you can't use it because you have epilepsy

Rose X Agent 8 : I’m not gonna blame the Wendy’s person for having flashing colours but I hate the fact she was making fun of the guy while he was in need of medical attention

shulei draws : Am i the only one that was genuinely concerned to the point i didnt noticed the Wendy

JungminE : At first i thought rainbow wendy was the one who had a seizure

MalixKiller 01 : He shouldn't be playing VR if scepitable too seizures.

Ma'am Bunny : Everyone hates that Wendy now Edit: I now go to KFC and/or McDonalds

Twiatchy Biatch : The chances that Wendy caused the seizure are little to none, as simply flashing colors doesn’t cause them. Red and blue *incredibly bright* flashing lights cause them, like that on a police car. As there’s many different conditions that can cause seizures to happen for different reasons, it’s otherwise unclear of what may have caused him to undergo it. Some conditions require triggering, some don’t. It may very well have been simply bad timing. My point is that Wendy was neither bright enough nor flashing enough to cause anyone a seizure. Before you assume they are, please actually familiarize yourself with what causes them. I speak from experience of having multiple close family members and friends in my life who are highly epileptic.

CRASHING POWERZ : I love the fact that the guy who had the seizure allowed you to post this, no sarcasm, this is a real problem that could happen at any time, I’m glad that the guy actually allowed you to post this, the guy is smart and I’m glad that you (Rouge) posted this, I personally don’t play VR Chat, I wish I could but I don’t have a VR headset, anyways I glad you posted this because this should really be thought about, even though the chance of this happening is slim for you to see, try to treat it like the person who is right there in front of you, and be respectful to them, especially in this situation because the last thing you want to hear about, is the assholes who danced on a person during a seizure or some fatal heart attack on the news. Mind these kind of people, because of this happens in front of you, try to help the best you can in anyway (which is barely none, I know, with restrictions due to no real physical contact with objects in the game). Be polite, and respect people, in ANY CASE!

Laughing Gasing : The Wendy girl probably caused it tbh, flashy changing colors etc

Hawaii Cookie : I swear if I knew who that wendie is I would smack them so hard they will have the next seizure

memelawd : My first seizure was caused by playing my Nintendo DS from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. My doctor said that if my seizure would have lasted a couple more minutes I would have been brain dead.

Rheanna Ruth : The Wendy’s girl was being awful, she was most likely the one who caused it and even when you told her to back off she still stood close to him

Ender05 : This was really scary for me to watch but I'm happy I watched it because my little cousin (he's only 7) has had seizures before and I want people to know how serious seizures are

Jeannie De lim : *_The rainbow wendy's player name is 30PTIMUS 3129. Hope this was helpful._*

MaliciousCC RBLX : I love that everyone was tryin to make sure hes ok

blue thunder : While these gamers are actually helping, other people around the world are just watching and recording videos to post on social media on people having seizures.

Doggo World : Nothing greater than the vr community comes together to help someone... BUT WENDY PISSED ME OFF MAN I feel that character models/skins like the rainbow Wendy’s shouldn’t be allowed in vr...

Fat Black Auto San Andreas : "We need a trained professional" -Immersed Morty

HankyDanky : Is Furious Power Of playing as Phil Margera from Jackass?

vivian_wuz_ here : Wendy serving up eplepsy burgers

LexiTheLesbianCat : Jesus wendy is gonna give me a seisure 0-0

Ariel Carroll : That Wendy’s girl is evil

Chilling Spiegel : You guys handled that pretty well I would’ve freaked out

SharkBoi : Imagine waking up from a seizure surrounded by a bunch of anime and cartoon characters

Enrique Pinero : Proof that VR chat is cancer. Props the the ones that cared but the rest shows how detached from reality most people are.

kaos kreeper : To Wendy, WANNA be a Docter? You did a great job :D now burn. Also, Wendy's is stupid, and you guys did a great job and were so nice.