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Kantirant : I hate the feeling of wanting to help someone so bad, but you know you can do absolutely nothing. Drives one crazy! FeelsBadMan

iAmCrunchy1 : I can’t take the morty serious but damn this is crazy!!

shulei draws : Am i the only one that was genuinely concerned to the point i didnt noticed the Wendy

Luke WolfyBlue : Omg omg omg *breaths in and out* thx god he is okay

Fat Black Auto San Andreas : "We need a trained professional" -Immersed Morty

Ender05 : This was really scary for me to watch but I'm happy I watched it because my little cousin (he's only 7) has had seizures before and I want people to know how serious seizures are


Real bacon : That was a literally a Seizure. The heavy breathing, the spazing, they become dazzed and confuzed after... trust me my dog had a seizurers.

Jimin's Mami : The assholes who joked around and made fun of him during this all deserve to go to hell. They don't know when to stop playing around and take things seriously and it's horrible. Like the guy had a seizure for crying out loud! God, at least there's still good people in this world. Thanks for the video man.

Dubstep Reality : *VRchat, What’s your emergency?*

Chilling Spiegel : You guys handled that pretty well I would’ve freaked out

treybay99 : This made me tear up seeing how much people actually care for people

Pluto Supporter : That poor guy. If I was there, I would walk up to the Wendy and tell her to stop. It was a SERIOUS seizure, and she must have been the cause. The guy must have had epilepsy, and the flashing Wendy flailing around must have triggered it. But the Wendy was NOT taking it seriously. Sitting there, INFRONT OF HIM, flailing her arms around. Wow.

Heather Ciconia : Dude imagine being him waking up from being unconscious to see a crowd of Uganda Knuckles and anime girls around you lol

TMNTlover152 :3 [Timber] : I keep seeing comments about how someone playing as 'Wendy' caused the poor guy's seizure. Who's Wendy? Sorry I'm just confused ;; Edit: 4:38 OOOOH I see now. WHY WOULD SHE DO THAT TO THE POOR GUY???

Lost Coyote : It can be the most heart breaking and helpless feeling watching somebody let alone a loved one have a seizure. For a while my mom was getting 'grand mal seizures' that lasted up to 40+minutes, at first when we didn't know the kind and she had her first horrible attack I called 911 right away- "How do you know she's having a seizure??" ..... I about lost my words in disbelief. Flopping on the floor like a fish with muscle spasms she's had tiny ones but nothing like this-, Could you please just hurry?! I don't think I was ever so annoyed with a operator before. Much less not being able not to do much besides having to stop our yorkie from biting her feet. Thank goodness it's in the past, finding out the cause and so far we haven't had another. My heart tore up, not being able to just be there and soothe him through it.

TheNametree : All this and epileptic wendy still wont get the hell out

sketty nͫiͤcͫeͤ : guy concerned: i think hes actually dead normie: *do u kno de wey to uganda*

Niya VoicesVA : ᵂᴱᴺᴰᵞ, ᵂᴴᴬᵀ ᵀᴴᴱ ᴬᶜᵀᵁᴬᴸ ᶠᵁᶜᴷ?

Yooran Choi : If they still had the headset on that would be the weirdest thing to look up to, Morty, a fat guy in his underwear, a giant red Pikmin, Lugia, a leprechaun, etc just crowded around him

Donold Cone : The Wendy caused it

Kittycat YT : When everyone went from retarded to kind Was heart warming

Xcarath : My friend was the morty guy and he told me that he had a seizure bc he viewed or heard a murder and then he stumbled snd he had hard breathing over 5 mins

ҡɛʟքʏ ҡɛʟքstɛʀ : *that flopping wendy*

Nova Rodriguez : I thought at first that wendy was the one having the seizure i was dying of laughter but it wasn’t.

ĐP Playzz : a 2 year old was asking r u ok?? (atl it sounded like it ) so cute

graceful bean : the wendy didn’t cause it, because she walked in later. but she didn’t make it any better

FIRE367 : This is Just heartwarming and Very Sad at the Sametime.Whats heartwarming is that Everyone Gathered and trying very hard to help this person this is why VrChat is such a Beautiful Game.But whats Sad is They cant do anything just to stay calm and observe this peron in hope for the best! That aside those troll was joking around that really made me Sad.a person is having a seizure and they have time joke around.for those people who joke around that was not funny and i hope you know that by now.

BonBoy Gaming : IS ANYBODY HERE A DO- nvm this is a videogame.

JOOSY MEMES : I feal so bad for that person

RyanHardt : I love how there were so many different silly avatars gathered together to look at this serious problem. Pretty lucky that it was recorded, noice.

Sergeant Lightning : 1:48 thank me later

Nycrade : Watching this video makes me cry bcs i sometimes have seizures like that too...

London Lontoolcool : Rainbow Wendy is sure a sinner

Better Go : I say there should be a settings tab just for epileptic people or individuals that have seizures. Like, we all believe he got the seizure from flashing colours from that douchebag Wendy right? So an option to remove all like, strobe lights and flashing rainbows lights etc could be removed. I genuinely think it’d be a good thing to implement into VR Chat.

VivianTheDragon : That Wendy is the reason why I'm never gonna play VRChatm..

Jasmen Jackson : I used to have epilepsy until I grew out of it. It was a horrifying experience and surprisingly I remember two seizures I've had. I hope he had someone stay with him after he had that episode...

Nuollifer De'Chaul : Haven’t watched yet, but I’m getting Logan Paul vibes from this. Don’t prove me right.

iiHawkinq Kinq : i want to die

Wonkabonka : Next time tell the person having a seizure. To contact someone, preferrably someone in the house. Dont let him sleep or Try right away. Give it 30minutes. Dont drink water after a little time, wait a bit. Dont necessarily need to stand up, but move the arms and legs for blood flow. Thanks for making this video.

Foxy Plays Fnaf : 2 questions 1: What's a seizure? 2: when the guy fell down he looks like he is dabbing (I AM NOT RUDE I JUST NEED TO SAY WHAT IS IN MY HEAD. I BELIEVE YOU. I JUST WHANT TO SAY HE IS DABBING WHEN HE FELL)

Nolicol : fuckin rainbow wendys REEEEEEEEEEEEE

Renz Arrubio : I want to kill the one who keeps saying he’s dead

babylala gaming : Seizures do hurt like hell in situations like that need to be calm as possible

Jack ass H : God bless him and all of u for making sure he’s alive

Himiko toga : ... Then why the hell is he still holding on to the controls... Edit: I mean I had a seizure once, while I was at a mall buying frappe coffee I felt sleepy but I thought that was normal because I didn't slept much, suddenly I had a dream after that I woke up at the ground people staring at me blood at the back of my head, turns out my head hit the corner of a hotdog stand next the frappe stand, I felt no pain though I just felt sleepy I had to stitch the back of my head then I yea, I dunno how he managed to hold the controls that long for it's like you were sleeping

GuardiansOfSamsung : How fucking wild would it be to have a seizure and the first thing you see after breaking through it is Morty from Rick and Morty standing over your body and asking if you're okay. But for real, I have mild seizures and I came close to having a grand mal one once, but the ones I have are always limited to me becoming immoble, but I don't move. So I could just stand and have a 1 to 10 minute seizure. I don't know how scary it was for this man, especially with the added negative effects of the VR headset. I truly hope he's doing better. Grand mal's are really really dangerous!


lol girl : I hope the guy is ok!

cass4340 cass4340 : I can’t believe vr got rid of Uganda knuckles but they let the flashing lights skins