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Wonkabonka : I havent watched the entire video yet. But you cant say that the Wendy caused the seizure. A seizure can happen at any time. My dog had seizures and it could happen out of nowhere. Unfortunately you have to wait it out

Do It With Dan : Did that knuckles break character?

norpY : It's actually nice to see that most of the people were actually really worried for a total stranger and were offering help in any way they could. It kinda gives me a lil hope for humanity


Jack ass H : God bless him and all of u for making sure he’s alive

Kimmy Marcy : The day the Wii warning screen was right

I'm Tired : This actually fucking scares me. I 100% feel like that guy was having a seizure. And to make it worse if it were to happen again, we don't know where he lives or if he lives alone. So by the time anyone finds him, he could be dead or in some body relapse stage.

LittleMissGamerGal : For anyone who reads this, if you come across anyone in this situation. You need to stay calm, quiet and make sure that the person is fully responsive once they have had their seizure/ epileptic fit. Please get this message seen so everyone can properly respond to a person in this situation. Thank you

bog704 : Hey guys. I’m first aid certified and just wanted to add this; if someone is having a seizure the most important thing to do is to Time how long it lasts. Which is something you could do in a situation like this. If it happens in real life you should just let it pass and not try to hold the person from moving unless they are in immediate danger. Edit: Also encourage the person to see a healthcare professional as soon as possible following the seizure and let them know how long it lasted.

Infinity : I'm praying this teaches people that flashy avatars aren't a good idea, even if it's for a joke. You never know what can happen.

RandomNoob 0962 Xbox : Guys, if you encounter this, don't laugh and make fun of the person, do your best to help them and make sure they're ok. Don't be rude and childish, be mature and respectful.

amoyutot : this is like rise of vrchat's REAL community.

GoatCrossing : It was probably because of the Wendy's lady that was flashing colors. Edit: There's not much you can do when someone is having a seizure, the best you can do is move all objects away from the victim so they won't hit anything and injure themselves.

ZameTV : I fucking hate that the Wendy guy is still on that character because he has a hella lot of led lights and his moving around like crazy in-front of him

Jasmine Gooden : Im glad that people actually care

GuZ 1001 : I think he saw the rainbow girl and had the seizure when he made eye contact with her and had the attack then. hope he is doing okay

Sebastian Nakitachi : The Wendy that was there with us really pissed me off. Very disrespectful in a situation like this. Those of you who spoke up thank you. I believe if anyone else sees something like this happen again with anyone else, please make sure there are very few trippy characters like the Wendy model. And make sure to give the player some space don't crowd as it can cause more anxiety during the seizure. Refrain from being very loud. This deserves to be spread more than it is, and i hope the VR Chat Devs/Moderators see this video so they can try to help with it in case it happens.

5567 5555 : I love how the Vr community is cancer and doesn't care about anything but when a fellow player gets hurt they all do all they can to help.

[111ème] Commandant Faith : Got the same experience with one of my players while we were playing on a milsim with my unit. The player had a seizure and when he calmed himself (30-45 mins after, the op was already stopped). I managed to get his father's phone number. When I called his father, he tough it was a joke because it was 2Am in the morning. We ended calling him 10 times with all the players playing in the unit, one of them called the french equivalent of the 911 : the "SAMU". The guy was fine after, but we were all really worried about it. So if you can witness these types of things, do your best, take it seriously, and get the phone number of a relative of the victim. Or just get his adress and location and send the 911. Thanks a lot for this video mate.

Knee Ger : Honestly the best thing to do woulda been to get everyone to move to a corner of the room and been quiet. The last thing he needed was all them voices and colourful moving images.

TeresaTheArtist : That scary seeing that in VR 😨😨

кιмσяα ναllιєя : I hope VR Chat sees this and removes any bright LED skins

PresidentGoobin : This is actually fucking scary

Harry XD : Meanwhile the Ugandan Knuckles looking for the way next to a man that’s just had a seizure

CitySurvivor : Damn. Some ppl are rude , some are awesomely concerned . I like communities like this

Raashid Mansha : This is intense

ItzChris K : FUCKING rainbow Wendy is still there. LIKE BACK TF AWAY CHANGE YOUR AVATAR ASSHAT.

Shaun Designs : He must have thought he was dreaming when he woke up on a stage with Ugandan knuckles looking him in the face.

Jaysquirks : It’s nice to know people care.

Shiux : I also had epilepsy 2 years ago it's luckily cured! Hope the best for that guy!

FoxeY LeRenard : The blue knuckle is the proof that knuckles can be smart

Ruse Kitten : All I can think about is this poor guy regaining consciousness and staring into the beady eyes of a knuckles.

DoggosarenotPuppers : Has technology taken us too far?

Wonkabonka : Next time tell the person having a seizure. To contact someone, preferrably someone in the house. Dont let him sleep or Try right away. Give it 30minutes. Dont drink water after a little time, wait a bit. Dont necessarily need to stand up, but move the arms and legs for blood flow. Thanks for making this video.

james cannon : I had a seizure while playing a PC game for the first time a few months ago. Condolences to everyone else with epilepsy :) Just watched it and it actually made me cry omg. Idk what I looked like nor have I really seen what they look like in actuality. I really hope this guy is ok omfg

Aeryix : this annoys me, i genuinely think it was the LED/RGB wendy that just kept shaking about which caused him the seizure. there should at least be some warning that there are flashy avatars in the game. also the fact that they kept that avatar while dangling in front of him despite knowing he was having a seizure didnt help either which is what annoyed me the most

Alicia Walton : The little kid that asked if he was okay 😭😭😭

Livisthius : All those people caring about him. That warms my heart.

Chiaki Enoshima : During this video I started crying. This was is terrifying. This a a big concern and I'm glad they allowed consent for this. We really need to bring awareness for this up. You really handled the situation well. I'm so proud of everyone there. I am so upset at the Wendy. "He dead, he deeeaaad" that was so rude. That's horrible. There were people being so rude at this and I can't stress on how rude that is. Thank you for taking care of the situation. The Len, sonic, and Morty were also really helpful. I'm so glad people went to help and tried helping to him after. Thank you.

Oliver Ferrier Brown : That rainbow one probably caused it and they danced over his body

Son Goten : im guessing it was the wendy person since it had muticolered places

Amby : The most unnerving part is the way everyone's talking. It's like having a seizure but a million people in your head. Sounds frightening as hell.

Tim Pace : Dude shouldn't play vr chat if he is prone to seizures.

S4ULJ4BOY10 Overwatch : I love how people really cared for him and it made me feel good

Hardcore Gamer : 4:55 I wonder who caused it?

Rudyy Thompson : This hurt my heart yo.

mistake child 101 : Vrchat is very mixed up like heeps of people talking at the same time no one knows what's going and its dangerous that people are having sezures and you can't do much and people just think it's a joke but it's not

CrackBabyAllstar : Poor dude:( but i wanted the guy as morty to say awww jeeez

Smiley Weavile : It was probably triggered by the rainbow Wendy's flashing colors

Mowgs Gaming Channel : The strobe wendy character is probably the cause.. He said he has epilepsy and these people are dancing around him with strobe lights.. Very smart..