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Rogue Shadow : 💜Hey, I'm live-streaming on Twitch now! 💜Catch me uncut and uncensored LIVE! 🔗 💜Be sure to follow and consider subscribing!

Gurosama Bltch : the world we live in... a robot is having a seizure while morty is trying to help him out, and then knuckles does a backflip on his body

NomNums Sweets : That’s wonderful that so many people or strangers actually physically cared about this human being. And not only that but all of you stayed with him till he left which was awesome

XLunaMoonX : That Rainbow Wendy is so stupid. She/He should have more respect.

XLunaMoonX : So, it might of been an Elipsy. If you see the rainbow Wendy girl, that would of been most likely caused by her. There were flashing rainbow colors outlines of her character. That might’ve caused his eyes to just have seizure/elipsy. I really hope that guy is perfectly okay.

Aaron Florian : *guy seizures and doesn’t move* Annoying kid: dO yOu KnOw ThE wAy

mooppy mcd : "If he is actually having a seizure, you just let it past. " Life saving words. People should never intervene unless the person is choking on there selava

anthony simpson : This is amazing how many people stopped to help him even though there was nothing they could do

No : imagine waking up from a seizure and see a shirtless fat man

Plob : Ban the damn Wendy’s skin 1. She probably caused the seizure because of the epileptic skin 2. She was joking around about this dude that literally just had a seizure. Saying “HES DEAD” is not very funny 3. She never said sorry or anything

Emma S. : It was probably the Wendy. The bright flashing colors of the character. For everyone it’s different, but flashing quick changing colors give people seizures. Also, I just noted that the Wendy kept wiping back and forth, that could also effect him in the flashings.

iiSwoozy : They should add a feature where there is a mode that you can turn on if you are prone to seizures, to restrict the bright flashing lights.

Tomás Mardones : Now for real, I'm actually so proud of this community

Cold Twig : *Each minute you keep that skin on is a knife going 1 inch closer to you Wendy. Got it?*

Rhythm : *and they say people online have no heart*

Ryan M. : Good to see the gaming community actually stopping the bullshit and getting serious for a second. Especially when they were saying to take a break. Taking care of someone genuinely in need. THIS is a community

Thy Grill : That's crazy how he doesn't even remember having the seizure. I couldn't even imagine what it feels like

__Anime__Is__ __real__ : “I’ll give him a kiss to make him feel better.” Awww :>

Dramatiic : That moment when you hear somebody saying, “he’s dead he’s dead just leave him” *TRIGGERED*

a cat : That Wendy has a punchable face 🙃

Do It With Dan : Did that knuckles break character?

Dat : Never eating at Wendy’s again

IEatChildren Q : 4:45 I think that the Wendy rainbow skin should be removed because this can cause epilepsy seizures

ANONYMOUS boii : Imagine that the last thing that you see are Morty, knukles, anime people and wendy giving you your last light show. But all seriousness everybody was cool back there, I'm soo proud of my, community 👍👍👏👌

I Used This Account For My Nintendo Switch Kek : I hope the Wendy's character has a seizure herself.

Kantirant : I hate the feeling of wanting to help someone so bad, but you know you can do absolutely nothing. Drives one crazy! FeelsBadMan


Alexis Rene : The guy w. The LED skin was pissing me off the most Bc he could’ve been making it worse

nothing matters : The Sonic was still a kid but trying to help that's how good of a kid he is like if you agree

Catty : I think Vr should have a button for things like this so users can send help a signal to Vr staff and they can send help in case of emergence like this.

Tactical Absol : I think it's awesome to see most of them taking it seriously and trying to counsel him. I have a friend with epilepsy and he describes it as being unconscious so it's accurate that he didn't understand he had just had one

Gacha Ace : i love how morty is trying to help him

Samantha Rose : Aside from the few assholes, this made my heart so warm seeing how everyone expressed genuine concern and tried to help as much as possible. What a great community.

gille rico : Thank you for raising awareness about Siezures. I myself suffer with the condition and would like to participate in the same things other people do, such as VR Chat. Thank you for responding to the situation in such a way and for making me feel a little bit safer among people such as yourself. Sincerely, Rico

CupcakeKitty sprinkles : Everyone was so kind and asking him " Are you okay?" Also that grown man he was so kind telling everything to do. Even this game kinda went to trash these people are super sweet.

Gregory Leon : That colorful person could be the reason he went into a seizure in the first place right?

DylanJJFish : at least he didn't monitize the video

*Just A Random Girl Wandering Around YouTube* : Wow •first was dog having a seizure •second was cat having a seizure •and now a guy having a seizure in vrchat Cool 😃👍🏼

Doge : 4:45 Wendy's giving the dude seizure..

ThatCrazyNeighbor : Thats scary...In emergency situations, there should be someway to contact the emergency system within the game to get over the phone and get in-game step from step.

Joseph Porter : Morty was funny af because I felt like he was really there because his movements were so realistic

thehunterwhiteshark : People mad At wendy lol. I think 50 charachters surrounding him and talking prolly have the same effect

I Commented : who tf was that guy that literally was just like, "No he's just dead" like tf????

Wayne Bowns : I’ve been using VRChat for 3 years, unfortunately when this happens there’s not much you can do, showing compassion and consideration is the best any of us can do, I’ve only ever known of one other user having a seizure whilst on VRChat.

daniel_my_daddy on IG : its probably that rainbow wendy that can trigger seizures

Angie P u r e : I like how people say the Wendys character is the one who is bad. And then, the position the person who had the seizure, his head was turned away. And wasn’t really look at the Wendy character. But still, she joked about him being dead. But then the Ugandan knuckles when on him with his head turn. But the person who had the seizure was in the floor.

SamuelPiece : We’re literally in the world of ready player one. Lmao

Linda Kelly : Seizures are scary, especially if you have never really seen one. The only thing to do for a seizure is let it happen. If you are in the same room with them you can place something under their head like a pillow and try to keep them on their side. That's about all. If they have never had a seizure before they should go to the hospital. But if I went to the hospital every time I had a seizure, they would have to give me my own room. Also, people with epilepsy are more susceptible to reacting to VR, 3D and even IMAX in some cases. It all depends on what triggers their seizures.

DoggoLuvs : I have epilepsy myself and it’s hard to go through. It’s emotionally and physically draining, waking up from one feels like waking up from being thrown down a Rocky Mountain. Your dizzy, shaky and it’s hard to walk. I’m glad to see all of you amazing people coming together to help him and be there for him!! ❤️❤️❤️

Elliot faded : Am i the only one that was genuinely concerned to the point i didnt noticed the Wendy