San Diego Zoo - White Arctic Wolf Howling

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an147 : Such a beautiful wolf.

Jaekoff : Everytime they started howling I imagined them being at a furry convention

hara hara : Lyrics: oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Creatip : What he's really saying: OMG human, just shut ooooooooooooooooooppppp........

Amar : Majestic AF

WACH AUF! : Woah! So fucking beautiful. Reminds me of Zelda!

Dark knight : gorgeous wolf ,i still feel bad when i know hunters still hunt wolves

Pam Fridell : accommodating fella isn't he? those long legs on wolves have always fascinated me.

Sam Powley : Wow... That's a dire wolf if I've ever seen one.

Hyena : He could absolutely destroy everyone there with no problem, but he doesn't because that's illegal. Good boy.

IamG3X : Okay I did not know wolf is this BIG.

los pollos hermanos : Truly majestic.

Ma. D. Fa Stark : Why do they have ghost? Where's jon? Doesn't he know that ghost is in the zoo? Well... he knows nothing.

Kubik Kuratko : Dats some bigass doge!

Adjustable Wrench : Nice social wolf.

DakotaandKota : He's like 'why did you all stop howling when I did? Is my voice that bad?'

Celeste Rug : There's so many comments about how it's cruel for the wolf to be in captivity, I hope you guys realize that some animals are brought to zoos because of injuries or because they were in danger of something. Also other animals were born in captivity and if zoos were to release said animals into the wild because you so wished them to, that creature wouldn't live for very long. I love wild animals, big and small, and would also rather them be in the wild where they belong, but sometimes thats just not a option and we can't do anything about it. Most animals live longer in captivity anyways so stop complaining

Robert Mackintosh : I've had a few dogs in my life. And all special in their own way. But the best dog I ever had was when I was a kid and grew up with my pup Timber. He was half German Shepherd and half wolf. We did everything together, including dig a ton of holes. He didn't like anyone, and often would nip at even my grandfather who fed him. If you were the mailman or a delivery driver, forget about it. But never once did he even growl at me. We just played and digged holes all day lol. Most loyal creature I've ever seen. Rest in peace buddy. I miss ya.

Daniella Girl : That a beautiful scary ass wolf it almost bigger than the person holding him.

ianwyj1 : 1-800-HOWLONDEMAND

FierceDeityRick : Good Doge

James Gow : That wolf is huge!!!!!

Leo&marius : Such a big wolf.

Navas Sithivinayagam : ghost

Alicia Maria : Beautiful wolf! Now where's Princess Monoke?

Cuban Agassi : Growing up in South FL. I recall a house that I would pass by on my way tu church that had a huge white dog that looked exactly like this. And until this day I keep wondering if that huge blue eyed animal was really a dog. It would never bark. It would just stare and it was so scary and beautiful to me. I will always wonder...

Sushikitty045 : Who else wants a pet wolf 🐺

mikehdx3 : The paws are huge.

Biya A : Poor Wolf 😞


Noah Huebel : I keep forgetting how big wolves actually are.

Debbie Stanley : Aww that was so beautiful I love wolves

Jon Carey : Dear idiots complaining about the wolves being in zoos: Do you know what they call wolves in most parts of the country? "Target practice." Now shut up and let the adults get back to conservation efforts.

yona of the dawn : My god magnifificent!!

WolfGirl29 : Wolves should not be on leashes and treated like dogs. Makes me want to cry.

Lucy sk animation : GIMME THIS WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

haoconnor : Arctic wolf San Diego why does this make me sick to my stomach. If she needed a form of captivity which is heart breaking enough. Why not Alaska or Canada . . .

Laura Guardiani : Stop with the zoos!! Poor's humiliating!

Kc2ken •_• : *vOiCe CrAcK*

Gerard Vincent Batusin : Is that Ghost??? Hahaha. The howl was majestic anyway.

Ticci luhan : sounds like my mom when her make up gets ruined

Charlotte Gibson : He's so old now ....

s.w. a.l.k : this reminds me of the movie Zootopia where the main characters (a rabbit and a fox) try to get past a group of guards that are wolves - by howling. Lol. The kids will know what i mean so ask the kids about the wolves howling if your've never watched the movie. The movie Zootopia, by the way, is a great movie - full of one liners and pretty good storyline.

Jhett Greene : Wolf 1: "Stop, stop! Do you want to start a howl?!" Wolf 2: "It wasn't me! It was-" (HOWLING NOISES!) Every last wolf in the place: "AROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Matt Cobb : Why so Butifull. And that howling though

360 Fishing : thats real nice, now time to take her back home into the wild.....

the blue wolf girl : Now thats my kind of wolf

jeff schnablegger : To me, the Wolf is THEE SYMBOL of Freedom and untamed life. It kills me to see it hooked to a Leash and made to entertain Humans. I live in Wolf country, when you see them Wild...Seeing this breaks your heart

Isabella Jimenez : The wolf is like "where are you john snow help me"

WOLF LPS SHIBATM : I like wolf☺