San Diego Zoo - White Arctic Wolf Howling

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an147 : Such a beautiful wolf.

Hyena : He could absolutely destroy everyone there with no problem, but he doesn't because that's illegal. Good boy.

Creatip : What he's really saying: OMG human, just shut ooooooooooooooooooppppp........

Dark knight : gorgeous wolf ,i still feel bad when i know hunters still hunt wolves

ClipsTheater : Truly majestic.

WACH AUF! : Woah! So fucking beautiful. Reminds me of Zelda!

James Gow : That wolf is huge!!!!!

FierceDeityRick : Good Doge

Ma. D. Fa Stark : Why do they have ghost? Where's jon? Doesn't he know that ghost is in the zoo? Well... he knows nothing.

Leo&marius : Such a big wolf.

Jaekoff : Everytime they started howling I imagined them being at a furry convention

Noah Huebel : I keep forgetting how big wolves actually are.

Adjustable Wrench : Nice social wolf.

Jon Carey : Dear idiots complaining about the wolves being in zoos: Do you know what they call wolves in most parts of the country? "Target practice." Now shut up and let the adults get back to conservation efforts.

mikehdx3 : The paws are huge.

WolfGirl29 : Wolves should not be on leashes and treated like dogs. Makes me want to cry.

DragonDemonTj7797 Pura Raza!!! : Woooooooow!!!!

Ticci luhan : sounds like my mom when her make up gets ruined

haoconnor : Arctic wolf San Diego why does this make me sick to my stomach. If she needed a form of captivity which is heart breaking enough. Why not Alaska or Canada . . .

IamG3X : Okay I did not know wolf is this BIG.

Gerard Vincent Batusin : Is that Ghost??? Hahaha. The howl was majestic anyway.

Laura Guardiani : Stop with the zoos!! Poor's humiliating!

yona of the dawn : My god magnifificent!!

s.w. a.l.k : this reminds me of the movie Zootopia where the main characters (a rabbit and a fox) try to get past a group of guards that are wolves - by howling. Lol. The kids will know what i mean so ask the kids about the wolves howling if your've never watched the movie. The movie Zootopia, by the way, is a great movie - full of one liners and pretty good storyline.

Lucy sk animation : GIMME THIS WOLF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erza Belserion Scarlet {Kid} : Woah! He’s huge! 😲

360 Fishing : thats real nice, now time to take her back home into the wild.....

Hakan Kartal : Is this wolf the last white arctic wolf in the world? Or is this wolf sick? So if not why this wolf in zoo? And why there people make fun with this wolf? Is that his place? I watched the video and when the wolf was howling, i felt so much sad.

DakotaandKota : He's like 'why did you all stop howling when I did? Is my voice that bad?'

Galaxy Wolf : As soon as I heard that beautiful Howl,I smiled!

Daher Hani : poor wolf. Hope in another universe they have human beings howling lololol

enis dedic : That's a big dog...

Name not found : Forrest doggo.

Alicia Maria : Beautiful wolf! Now where's Princess Monoke?

Captain Yu : I dont know why. But that howl give me goosebumps. 😂

Charlotte Gibson : He's so old now ....

AlliSnake : Wolves are so beautiful!

the blue wolf girl : Now thats my kind of wolf


0nyx Flying : Omg looks like ghost

Felix Sanoguet : Wolf's are my favorite animals

the wolf nocturn kawaii : I like wolf☺

kailey young : Has the word "Arctic" in its name yet forced to reside in a tropical climate. There is something very wrong with that.

hara hara : Lyrics: oooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

pablo fernandez : it's a magic sound

herpson derps : Ocean parks, Zoos, and Circus makes me sick. Send these animals back to the wild where it truly belongs.



Alaura Rooks : So Cute.

Admiral Adonis : i wanna pet this