San Diego Zoo - White Arctic Wolf Howling

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Georgia- Shady313 : I hope one day this amazing wolf howl to the top of the mountain free🍁

Hyena : He could absolutely destroy everyone there with no problem, but he doesn't because that's illegal. Good boy.

Creatip : What he's really saying: OMG human, just shut ooooooooooooooooooppppp........

Dark knight : gorgeous wolf ,i still feel bad when i know hunters still hunt wolves

Noah Huebel : I keep forgetting how big wolves actually are.

Brookie Macc : *everyone howls* Wolf: GUUUUUUYS YOUR ALL SO ANNOYING AAAAAA

Los Pollos Hermanos : Truly majestic.

Ticci luhan : sounds like my mom when her make up gets ruined

Jon Carey : Dear idiots complaining about the wolves being in zoos: Do you know what they call wolves in most parts of the country? "Target practice." Now shut up and let the adults get back to conservation efforts.

WACH AUF! : Woah! So fucking beautiful. Reminds me of Zelda!

Ma. D. Fa Stark : Why do they have ghost? Where's jon? Doesn't he know that ghost is in the zoo? Well... he knows nothing.

FDR - FierceDeityRick : Good Doge

WolfGirl29 : Wolves should not be on leashes and treated like dogs. Makes me want to cry.

mikehdx3 : The paws are huge.

an147 : Such a beautiful wolf.



Daher Hani : poor wolf. Hope in another universe they have human beings howling lololol

Leo&marius : Such a big wolf.

Jaekoff : Everytime they started howling I imagined them being at a furry convention

Gerard Vincent Batusin : Is that Ghost??? Hahaha. The howl was majestic anyway.

Felix Sanoguet : Wolf's are my favorite animals

Animal Love : He’s massive and so beautiful such a majestic creature

kailey young : Has the word "Arctic" in its name yet forced to reside in a tropical climate. There is something very wrong with that.

haoconnor : Arctic wolf San Diego why does this make me sick to my stomach. If she needed a form of captivity which is heart breaking enough. Why not Alaska or Canada . . .

enis dedic : That's a big dog...

AlliSnake : Wolves are so beautiful!

Anik Alam : Wolf: AOOoooooo! these humans are idiots.

Eduardo Freitas : No. Nothing to see here. Only comments of people that think that their "spirit animal" is being tortured in the video. meh.

1 subscriber with no videos : This wolf is such a poser lol, I bet you he’s a real wussy and is treated like a baby by that woman

Hale Valen : He's like, "What the heck man, thought we were all gonna do it together"

Christopher Smith : Nothing against the American Bald Eagle, but this Wolves would have been a great second choice as our nation's animal..

Captain Yu : I dont know why. But that howl give me goosebumps. 😂

Lulu : it's ironic to me that programs like these are meant to educate people, yet there's so many uneducated people crying 'abuse!!11!!!1!!!!' in the comments. for crying out loud, it's the san diego zoo. they're one of the most well-respected and humane zoos in the country. they are a world-class establishment. they do so much to keep their animals as comfortable and happy as possible, while trying to educate their visitors about said animals, be it pushing for conservation or re-population efforts, or shows like these that give people new perspectives on animals whose wild populations need some extra protection. I'm on the opposite side of the country and i know that. do like, three seconds of research before you start crying please

0nyx Flying : Omg looks like ghost

Galaxy Wolf : As soon as I heard that beautiful Howl,I smiled!

Name not found : Forrest doggo.

Joseph Amaya : I know wolves were big but when I saw this Arctic Wolf I was like "this wolf is huge"


THE OTAKU : My god magnifificent!!

Kaylee alaisa : That a cool wolf and its cute

Sung Mook : I hope they take him back to the wild. Leave animals tf alone and stop using them like circus props.

pablo fernandez : it's a magic sound

Jalokivi : anyone feeling "bad" about this, needs naught. Theirs nothing sad about this. this animal is a well known ambassador wolf dog, which aids in teaching people the kind side of these animals, rather than the negative that media paints. he lives a wonderful life, in a large sanctuary (not the one seen here) with other animals like him, and is cared for and monitered. he's a captive bred animal, not wild. he is accustomed to human interaction, and is absolutely well taken care of. =)

Pokemon Madness Vlogs : Wow wipes tears so pretty I love wolves

GusCGC : 0:30 Here, let me show you how it's done.... BADASS HOWL

Shawn Wesson : Reminds me of The Great White Wolf from Balto

RNGpanda : People : ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Wolf:ohhhhh STFU this how u do it WOOOOOOOHOHHHHH

Kartik Kale : Ghost.... white wolf 😈😍😍😍

Dhruv Shah : When I saw howl...u say howl.. Howl Howl