Fox Kit and Eagle

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DrStrgluv : That rabbit needed some FREEDOM.

fnuggetzorz : Playback at 0.25x speed. Amazing. The eagle grabbed the rabbit in one foot and the fox's face with the other, and dropped the fox as soon as it was able to separate it from the rabbit.

Archels : Damn he lost his breakfast to a freedom !


SpamTheManChan : Anybody else catch the other fox in the background at 0:17?

Book Your Imagination : WOW! That's amazing! And BTW, poor little rabbit.

Muscle Motivation : You made Fox News, congrats. I hope they paid you well.

"Все об интернет-МАГАЗИНинге!" : By the way, is the eagle a symbol of USA? Quite symbolic! ;))))

FeelsWeirdMan : I dont think that fox likes freedom

Thud Thud : Fox kit: "Yummy! Mine!" Eagle: "Sorry, little guy. Mine." Fox kit: "Mine, mine, mine!" Eagle: "No, mine." Fox kit: "Mine, mine,, don't let go of me!" Eagle: "As, I was saying...mine."

Den Is : Лиску жалко

UOAbigail LeVey : LOL I remember many years ago as I was walking to the store one day.. this lady had her pet dog.. a small breed.. don't honestly remember what kind.. outside running around w/o a leash. I remember stopping and asking her if she was worried that a predatory bird might swoop down and snatch that pup away. Of course.. she indignantly replied with a 'no'. Perhaps she should see this vid lol.

Martin Quin : Combo meal

Wes McGee : You might live to be 100 and never see something like that. Youtube is the best thing since sliced bread!

Gray Wolf : Congrats on capturing this great video! Good stuff.

AmSisodia : Poor little fox.

Владимир Тарантино : Небось труханул лисёнок.)

David Taylor : Would FOX have covered this if it wasn’t a fox?

Luna NW Loons : Not only did the eagle get the rabbit, it looks like the kit may have a punctured snout. It's hanging from the eagles talons before dropping to the ground. Those powerful talons can easily go through the thin bone of the snout. Good chance the kit may die from the injury, or be handicapped for hunting if it survives.

Mark V : Surprised the eagle didn't fly away with the fox, I've seen them carry much heavier.

Proud Patriot : He almost had a two-fer

Direbear Coat : Remember that pic of the eagle with a small shark with a fish in its mouth? That's what I was thinking.... But this was good, too. Makes you realize how strong the eagles are, though, they can pick up that much weight...

Wild life : супер!

mike Vanderstelt : WOW! Not much could have topped that day of shooting for you! congratulations on a great video.

roadracing3 : Awesome video! I want to know who in the hell gives this a thumbs down?

Stanely Williams : Outstanding footage. Those eagles are very powerful.

donmartinstudios : Spectacular video Zack!

daogenify : Another fox around 19 mark?

Rcbif : Fox never actually saw the eagle - "Wow, rabbit put up heckin fight!"

Peace and LOVE : This lil fox is just running across the field, with his dinner in his mouth, happy as could be, Then , ole baldy comes and ruins his day., he did hold on for a lil while!

B Neal : Awesome!!! Great shot man.

MikeT : Flying food chain

Игорь Лебедев : Thank you!

George Itzep : Pure nature stuff.

Daddy : This should be trending...

Mário Victor : "They are fractions of a second that tell a story."

Matt Naquin : Amazing!!!

Kate Whitley : I couldn't tell... which one got to keep the rabbit?

chelseacharger : Fair play to the young fox. It didn't give up its catch without a struggle.  But it can't beat gravity so bailed out while it could.

James Taylor : San Juan Island?

igotthatpma123 : That fox was scrappy asf

sapher2020 : Fox probably worked hard for that rabbit!!

TheDDRED : I fought the Bald Eagle and the Bald Eagle WON ! And I ain't doing that again !

Kaylee O'Brien : A lot of people will think I'm lying but my math teachers son took this video lol

Вася Пупкин : нихуя птиц силен! заметьте, с легкостью поднял вес примерно равный ему!!!

Lorion Gwius : Настоящий Шакал а не Орел, остреливать таких надо

Gamja : Merica! Grats on amazing video and National News!!

Michael Saint : Заебись

Bowboy Channel : Кто перешёл с ВЕСТИ.RU?

theoparke : Playing it slow, it's clear the eagle grabbed both the fox and the rabbit. The fox isn't hanging on... it's desperately trying to free itself. If you watch frame by frame especially at 0:17, you see the eagle has the rabbit in its right claw and the fox's snout appears impaled on the left one. Poor little guy.