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Iron Loo's Channel - Iron Loo's Instagram - Subscribe! Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat:philion -------------------------------------------- My Gear: My Macbook Air: My Camera: My Drone: Best Bendy Tripod: -------------------------------------------- Songs: Wretches and Kings - Linkin Park Legend Has It - Run The Jewels -------------------------------------------- For those of you that are new to my channel, my name is Phil Rusnack. Philionfit is a movement to provide fitness motivation, bodybuilding advice, teen lifting tips, and much more. I'm 19 years old, natural, and I enjoy powerlifting, athletic training, and bodybuilding. If you have any questions, be sure to ask in the comments down below!


VeryNuclear : finally, not roasting and helping a deserved person, giving him some exposure

Shrektacular : I liked the part where he decided to eat some snow because why not

The Fitness Journals LLC : Lmfao this dude is a MONSTER! Literally

Dilan Platts : He's the POLAR EXPRESS

The Well Spoken Bogan : The raw testosterone emanating from those clips made me grow a beard and some extra chest hair!

Gianni Watson : Phil please stop.... you’re proving the entire jersey juice boys fan club wrong by making nice videos of badass dudes.. you’re starting to make me think you’re a nice guy who’s just trying to make some good quality content and have a laugh.. Sincerely, David Laid’s Deltoids.

Siim Land : We just found Zeus

Nehal Hasnain : When this guy dies he finna give Satan a beating and build stairs to heaven

stop screaming ok ? : i stopped beating my step son for this

costas voulelis : He just did a 700 lbs deadlift conventional 3 weeks ago... wtf

Drew Kocak : You mentioned he is natty. But if he wants to compete on a world level in strongman, proooobs gonna have to juice

Nick Sarjveladze : Did I hear natural? Philboy calling someone natural for once?

jørgen langvik : don't worry about the guy with the backwards cap and string tank top in the gym, worry about the guy with the hoodie and sweatpants outside in the snow

Foxy Fox : Get Iron loo to Jujimufu's grip gaunglet pliz

Yomama Bin Fartin : Phils 3rd eye of truth sees all god damnit

OCULUS : "Swings on a vine into your house" ahahha

joanna prevost : He maybe the Strong Goliath ! But he's got nothing on your Sampson Locks of hair ! Your hair looks amazing! 😁

Max Linx : Eric Bugenhagen lost brother

Richard Vargas : This guy is AlphaDestiny’s all time role model.

Meckanimal : Polar bear Lou is Crazy . Glad he gets some recognition .

Isa Valla : do nether beast underground muscle next

Dope : Do AlphaDestiny and fitworldexposed

Slacker : M Y G U Y

Joel Parkour : *I hope you wiped your chair down afterwards Phil*

673 Bricks : Did you pronounce the s in Illinois?

lucas birmingham : I came a bit when the notification came ngl

SootheTheGlitch : Is this a zelda level!

Han Solo's walking carpet : Nice video my dude ! Do the buuuuuugeeeeezzzz next

Tanmay Mathur : Kali muscle can do pull ups human flag and is 1000% natural :-)

vx345 : I shared this vid to my friend and he said "why are you watching kylo ren talking about strong people" LMAO XD

santos russian : But why does he upload 3 times a year. his newest videos were 3 days ago and the videos before that were 1 year ago😂

Justin Alexander : Just think, Murica used to be made up of men like iron loo.

TBAG [Epic Gaming] : Nice Linkin Park!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

robwrighttt : Thoughts on Clarence Kennedy, Alex from Alphadestiney, or Nether Beast?

Peter Leggatt : Iron Loo. In British English= METAL TOILET

Tomacus : Legend has it, iron loo's parents were Iron toilets. thus giving him his insane natty strength

Brady Nuñez : What a beast. Dope vid brother

Kreator SATAN : Holy shit this guys from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Wish I woulda met him when i lived there

Cole Thompson : Do Eric “the eagle” Bugenhagen

RAKIB REZA : Couldn’t tell if Phil was being sarcastic or not until he said to go sub to this dude. 😂👌🏼

Some One : Daniels Laizans or Victor Kamenov next man, yes I'm biased but I'd like to see guys like him getting more attention. I'm sure they will blow your audience's minds and get you a solid amount of views. So do it you fuckable memebasket!

Aloo Ouet : The donkey kong comment had me rolling

Evis Kraja : What do you think of Jeff Cavaliere (athleanX)?

MrPranker247 : Do the BUGEEEZZZZZZZZ

xXZHeroXx : When the reaction about Cornelius?

Eric Altenburg : "unless I'm thinking too hard" lmao

Valentin Yi : He is gunna lift a ton one day

Daniel Taylor : Soemone take the mountain back to game of thrones

Kieran Connelly : Iron Loo would eat those steroid users posers for breakfast.