Fitness Freak - Iron Loo

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IRONL00 : Thanks for the share my brother, We make a brutal training vid next!

VeryNuclear : finally, not roasting and helping a deserved person, giving him some exposure

The Fitness Journals LLC : Lmfao this dude is a MONSTER! Literally

Siim Land : We just found Zeus

Drew Kocak : You mentioned he is natty. But if he wants to compete on a world level in strongman, proooobs gonna have to juice

Hardgain Fitness : He's the POLAR EXPRESS

stop screaming ok ? : i stopped beating my step son for this

Shrektacular : I liked the part where he decided to eat some snow because why not

Gianni Watson : Phil please stop.... you’re proving the entire jersey juice boys fan club wrong by making nice videos of badass dudes.. you’re starting to make me think you’re a nice guy who’s just trying to make some good quality content and have a laugh.. Sincerely, David Laid’s Deltoids.

Nehal Hasnain : When this guy dies he finna give Satan a beating and build stairs to heaven

The Well Spoken Bogan : The raw testosterone emanating from those clips made me grow a beard and some extra chest hair!

Oculus_Official : "Swings on a vine into your house" ahahha

joanna prevost : He maybe the Strong Goliath ! But he's got nothing on your Sampson Locks of hair ! Your hair looks amazing! 😁

President Camacho : Just think, Murica used to be made up of men like iron loo.

Dope : Do AlphaDestiny and fitworldexposed

Nick Sarjveladze : Did I hear natural? Philboy calling someone natural for once?

Max Linx : Eric Bugenhagen lost brother

Isa Valla : do nether beast underground muscle next

White Noise : Did you pronounce the s in Illinois?

Yomama Bin Fartin : Phils 3rd eye of truth sees all god damnit

Meckanimal : Polar bear Lou is Crazy . Glad he gets some recognition .

Richard Vargas : This guy is AlphaDestiny’s all time role model.

xXZHeroXx : When the reaction about Cornelius?

costas voulelis : He just did a 700 lbs deadlift conventional 3 weeks ago... wtf

tony stark : Kali muscle can do pull ups human flag and is 1000% natural :-)

robwrighttt : Thoughts on Clarence Kennedy, Alex from Alphadestiney, or Nether Beast?

TBAG [Epic Gaming] : Nice Linkin Park!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

lucas birmingham : I came a bit when the notification came ngl

santos russian : But why does he upload 3 times a year. his newest videos were 3 days ago and the videos before that were 1 year ago😂

Foxy Fox : Get Iron loo to Jujimufu's grip gaunglet pliz

Brady Nuñez : What a beast. Dope vid brother

vx345 : I shared this vid to my friend and he said "why are you watching kylo ren talking about strong people" LMAO XD

0dooman : What an animal, but still has nothing on the BUUGEZZ.

Joel Parkour : *I hope you wiped your chair down afterwards Phil*

Slacker : M Y G U Y

Han Solo's walking carpet : Nice video my dude ! Do the buuuuuugeeeeezzzz next

Cole Thompson : Do Eric “the eagle” Bugenhagen

SootheTheGlitch : Is this a zelda level!

Tomacus : Legend has it, iron loo's parents were Iron toilets. thus giving him his insane natty strength

Geras Katinas : Sure its amazing to do 55 REAL pull ups but i wouldnt call those real. His chin doesnt even go over the bar half of the time.

hllndr : Do Zac Perna next! He is natural (:

VC MEDIA : Is he sponsoring this video?

bayu mantari : Alex from alphadestiny might secretly mirin ironloo.

MrPranker247 : Do the BUGEEEZZZZZZZZ

Eric Altenburg : "unless I'm thinking too hard" lmao

Valentin Yi : He is gunna lift a ton one day

The Future : AlphaDestiny for next Fitness Freak

Tekashi 69 : Khali muscle fitness flop

Tudor Pascanu : Theres a youtube chanel of a 16 kid by the name TDUBstrength he deadlift 500 and benches that a genetic elite or a fraud.I need a response thanks.

Max Kesik : What a beast