Chappelle's Show | Black Bush

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Comedy Central UK : Dave Chappelle for president!

R8-TV : 2:30-2:45 easily the funniest moment of the Chapelle show ever! still leaves me in stitches 😂😂😂

TheUltimateWaifu : "Japan's sending PlayStations." XD

LavaSpitter : best sketch in the history of TV.... decades of SNL couldnt live up to one sketch from Dave....

Lintra Harrington : "Got it wrapped up in this special CIA napkin" - Black Head of CIA

Therapeutic 1 : We trying to get that oil--HOHOOILLL..

alex thelizardking : Everybody be sleeping on my man black Tony Blair.

Logan K : "You might speak sixteen languages, but you gonna need em when you in times square selling fake hats " Lmao

Michael Lawrence : I could watch the oil scene over and over again. the part when he knocks the jug over is priceless. Everyone's reactions are on point.

Sith Lord : Can't wait for Black Trump after his presidency

Geoffrey Taylor : black trump we need black trump

Caleb Mogi : "I gotit wrapped in this special CIA napkin." haha, dead

joseph solomon : This skit is honestly one of the greatest skits of all time

bomsch bomschi : in a country where a comedy sketch of 4:52 minutes got more truth then the last 20 political debates

Comedy Central UK : 2:18 favourite part of the sketch, what about yours? A lot of people also loving that yellow cake!

Thesedays15 : 40 nations. What are those 40 nations? Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation. KILLED ME xD

jutub ssie : i'm from poland. in my country there are mostly white folks like you wouldnt belive. and mr Dave Chappell is my favorite comedian. what i want to say it doesnt matter how we look becouse we lough at the same stuff. i miss Chappelle's show.

pusc1f3r : Chapelle needs to do Black Trump.

Pale Pro : Stankonia said they're ready to drop bombs over baghdad. Hahaha

Kanan Al : Dave's work is timeless

liviusss : Black Head of the CIA and his acolyte are pure comedic genius! 😂

A B : Scary how the common man knows the truth, even make jokes about it. Yet no one's doing anything.

Brenda Luna : "I've got it wrapped up in a special CIA napkin"

john fru : This is probably how the conservatives imagined the Obama presidency was going to be

supreme lokki : R.I.P former U.N secretary General Kofi Annan Sir 🙏

typingreallyfast : ALLOOMINUM TOOBS

Jamie City : I love this so much even after all these years. This is brilliant satire with a big dose of reality. To think George Bush's case for war was more ridiculous than this sketch. Man, we need Chappelle more than ever.

Logan Ali : we need black Trump

Disregard the constabulary : Should've voted for black bush people.

Julien Delorme : who the hell would thumbs down this video...

Gandalf the Grey : Black Bush, my ex used to have one.

Eddie Cardwell : Chappelle. Mos Def. Jamie Foxx. Some Random Black Guy. Epic cast of comedy.

fuckur feelingz : what's sad is that people here are laughing without understanding the subliminal messages already have a black bush.

rd711 : You cookin?

SirTibzy : that Tony Blair impression lmfaooo

matthewfx99 : One of Chappelle's funniest, but in the same time it's very true and surreal knowing how much destruction and killing still happening over-there based on their pseudo and falsehood words.

Tinashe Dube : Can't wait for the Trump version

JUST RAZU : "I know gucci when i see it i'm rich" lmao.

MatthiUK LP : I love the part 3:00 "Oh wait a minute you don´t have an Amry " xD !!

Deminus : I just realize that the black head of the CIA it's Mos Def AHAHAHAHAAAA

1relentless3 : "Tryna get dat Oil OH HOH..."

I'm just some Canadian guy and I say : "From the MOTHERLAND!"

xxphantom11 : I always come back to this it's so funny 😂😂

Loisaba Ololokwe : Afrika Bambata and the Zulu Nation, Stankonia since they are willing to drop Bombs over Baghdad. Hilarious

youngflymista : RIP Kofi Annan

Josh P : "The absence of evidence, is not the evidence of absence"- Boondocks

Shotgun Stevens : Everything I had hoped Obama would be..

Aleph Bot : looking forward to Black Trump

Still Breathing : Africa - motherland. Lmao

Lety Jay : Watching this in the trump days. Trump makes this sketch seem amateur 😂 love it