【Arcaea】Grievous Lady FPM 10001444pts

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ZanMation : you're not a human .........

2,000 Subscribers with no videos : *Low Battery* *20% Remaining* *Fails*

i accidentally fell in love with John Deacon : His hands are faster than my internet.

動画無しで登録者10万人チャレンジ : 海外の人のコメントセンスあるな笑

iiRae : *The sound when you tap*

CliffLeeYT : 1 like = 1 screen protector for this dude

hahalord : If you close your eyes while watching this you would think that this video is about horses running with an epic backsound

iPlayerBot : Roses are red, Violet's are blue, There'll always be an Asian, Better than you!

Sertify : that poor, poor tablet

grandmajones : @1:40 hold my beer

Mai Phan : He's sitting there achieve Pure Memory while I wouldn't even last the first 30 seconds.........

: 途中馬が走ってるかと思ったわ

アイラ・震撼 : なにこの闇ゲー バンドリ28フルコンで調子乗ってたのにこれみた瞬間 「おれは一体、、、、」って思ったじゃねぇかよ(泣)


無し名 : まじこれ鬼畜ゲーw 私最初親指でやろうとしてて親指取れそうになったの思い出した…笑

L͎a͎ L͎l͎a͎m͎a͎ : You are a robot! Your fingers are faster than eminem!

give me some free subs for no reason : What planet do you come from?

Ritxman : Almost max PM.. Good job, alien

Pachimari : God joined the server..

Don’t Censor Hentai : Piano tiles for weebs

Josherz H. : Like the new piano tiles update xD

syamu猫 : リズムゲーでここまで再生数伸びてるの初めて見た

かなパン : 一応解放はしたけど微塵もできる気がしないわ

random person : Imagine playing in a small screen

十六夜たいきち 不動くぅぅーん : このゲームスマホでしたけどスマホはやめといた方がいい…

AngeloNix : Sounds like a horse

桜-納豆 : You’re Perfect human!

Anime 4Ever : You earned New Sibcriber For your Hard Work BTW How did you unlock all chaeacter with no paid im using Ipad like yours

been in this fandom longer than taehyung's forehead : The way his fingers stretch out when he goes super fast I can’t 😂😂 Jokes aside, this is super impressive!

z6y2b x : holy wakamoli what the how many eyes how many brains how can you not even wink in this time

Srgilo : His fingers are faster than my brain and eyes

Louis Hunt : I bet he can do this in his sleep lol

Chris_01 : este vino de jugar al OSU xD

Slender & Ender : N-nani...

Shaman King : the fastest hand in the Wild West

神楽坂飯飯 : iPad HP -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 -1 ...

こまさん : 指痛そう。

雨ちゃん : なんか、高速道路みたいですね、

GoodStar MC : God mode : ON

ルビー : i honestly could *never* play this game

Chris Kun : *Tapping intensifies*

Taha Abdullah Fırat : Adam yürüyen daktilo gibi lan

Baguette The bread : Not even my tablet can handle it.

Spaghettix : My brain is dead

Azri : Типичный азиат -_-

Mr Grey : *Всемогущий Азиат*

無名 : あなたは神ですか?

arvig : rip touchscreen

Typical Player : What are those fingers?

cams cams : he's an asian thats why!!