Ukulele Batman vs Bagpipe Superman - Theme Song Battle
Batman plays the ukulele

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Captain Pineapple : Leaked batman vs superman scene

Respect Dat1 : Now we just need Lex Luthor with a piano on wheels.

OMG Batman : I have several questions

The Juicing of the Cactus : Who would've guessed this would be a million times better than the actual film...

LakiTom : Serious props to the guy who played Superman, playing bagpipes while on a Unicycle with flames can NOT be easy.

Marcus Drop : Batman finally takes some time to entertain a few of his fans only to have Superman crash the show. That's just plain mean.

Iron Scotsman : Life has been improved by watching this today.

Oscar Santos : I like how normal this is in Portland Oregon :D

Howlrunner82 : that´s what u get when u come out while the sun is still shining, Bats

Michael Winter : How did it not occur to the publishers to add a "spoiler alert"?

TAOFLEDERMAUS : This is so awesome!

John Anghinetti : "I'm not wearing football pads"

Kent Heckel : HOLY INTERNET.

nitramyar : This is the funniest thing I've seen in ages.

Hermilo Rodriguez : still a lot better than the movie

FiZzLE 030 : Why does the superman theme sound even better with bagpipes?

H. Conrad : Ben affleck seems like he's really capturing the character. I'm glad they're finally exploring batmans ukulele skills in film form.

KRandMJ : Imgur?

Snowy : Ah but no one beats bagpipe vader!

BHuang92 : Just when I see it all.........

Skully : CURSES!!

Chance P : Ayone else hope this is an actual scene in the Batman V Superman movie :D

R3systems : Huge Batman fan but Superman won this round! Lol sorry

Tom Stoner : Damn, this is better than the movie!

Sophia S : Did superman blow fire out of his bagpipes what the hell

IamCarbon : Whoa, Batman just got smoked. Guess i don't have to watch the movie.

Justin Montana : Already better than the movie

Optom Bomber : Geez Batman, don’t be jealous, after all he his a respected and glorious hero just like you, equally

John Edgard : Haha absolutely hilarious. Well done.

Andrew Blechinger : HAVE MY SUB. This is too good. :O

topherosu27 : Hello, Imgurians.

Lizzy T : I'm going to adopt all of Africa and feed everyone because this video made me so happy. Booking my flight now...


Raymond Jiang : Dafuq did I just see.Also, I have a strange urge to learn the bagpipes now.

Grace Shippen : He sounded like Plankton when he said curses

Pablo Inter : Superman's entrance was too long OR Batman quit playing ukulele too soon.

MrsBrit1 : This is the best thing ever!

Darkfeather 25 : Bagpipes all the way ^_^

Zero Serenity : Better than Batman V Superman, am I right folks?

Lilya Scarlet : just another normal day at the park

Leandro Nogueira : This is one of the most amazing things I saw lately

Subject Zeta : Who plays Ukulele Batman? I feel sorry for him...

nevereverwinter : Creative, thank you for brightening my day.

Arturo Chávez : "I'm not wearing hockey pads" But you are

Greg Miller : Love this.... at :48 sec. Batman cracks up, you see him stifle the smile and choke on laughter. :D Like we all do too!!!

RSDG Pipe Major 1st Class Geoffrey N. Stiùbhart : Yes thank you!!!!! Pipes are the best!

EpicBeardGaming : He should have said "Damn you, Clark!"

WLL4 : deleted scene lol

hezekiaB : Batman gets mad bonus points for being able to play a ukulele while wearing armored gloves.