BLUEJUICE - SOS (Official Video)

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elizabeth rigby : Only would have been better of Tony Abbott's face was on one of those dolls

FBicoolshaman : this is the best Ghostbusters reboot I've ever seen

Jebadiah Jackson : If I say their name 3 times will they come back?

Mark Rebetzke : Is it just me, or does 0:10 look like Jorah Mormont?

Smoked Robot Pâté : 1:55 Putin agent exposed.

clipclop15 : You guys make amazing music and hilarious videos. and i love that one of the band members is all over the comments section.

Cobba Stevens : What I probably love most about Bluejuice songs is how the lyrics speak to something much more deeper than the catchy tune would expect. 'Nobody saves you from yourself' is genius, really compliments the video too. Oh yes, and you boys are bloody hilarious. The old lady got what she deserved. See you Friday :)

Sean Alexander : YES

callan henry : Spewin that these guys are calling it quits :(

Ron Mecredy : *A bit off the wall but then I like that style* #SOS

muntsville : 3 people are douche bags

Alan Louis : all my life all i ever wanted was to see andrew g get shot with a green lazer.

MrHughzy101 : Merrick Watts at 1:25? 

steve1410 : The ending was the best part, here's hoping that comes true. 

Blake Pollock : OOOOOHHHH, you just got douche busted!

Stoneman180190 : The Juice is back

Stoneman180190 : What will the next album be called

Jake Stone : I think we're good with the criticism. There's a difference between not being able to take it, and not having a right of reply. Besides, I agree with the Broadway comment. Heh. I think it was just an opportunity for a self-respect preserving joke. ;)

Jake Stone : You'll have to request it a few more times and get your friends to buy tickets if you want an album. Otherwise we'll just be doing singles.

Jake Stone : You cute? I think you cute. ;)

Jake Stone : all good, i think it's pretty Broadway too. ;)

Jim Pook : Jeri Ryan sent me here - so glad she did! Great stuff!

The Real Mick Safarudin : So yeah... I guess you can call me Indie listening to a song which came out 2 hours ago..

Will Ford : ... Amen

DarcyPrendergast : Zing.

Alex Zaloudek : Awesome clip, G'ma punching all the way :)

Theo Majendie : Brilliant. I love the irony that that they were douches themselves. Seemed right they shot each other at the end. Thumbs up for punching old ladies in the face.

Luis Sanchez : everyone should to go rivers to bust drum players!

superbadstudio : Douchebusters

chingchonghuang : YAY New song and sounds so good!

justadroid : most entertaining film clip I've seen

Swear Bear : Hart the B-Juice aka BJ's

Brooke Waters : YESSSSS!

Jesse Cruzen : ok ok first i love you. then you punch an old lady. what now?

parisinlondon2011 : Nooo not Merrick!!!!

Life through the lens of Mrs W : Only the really cool kids get to say "I like their old stuff better"......move on people. If they didn't make new shit, you wouldn't have anything to compare it to and then ultimately they'd be known as ONE HIT WONDERS.....and that's definitely NOT COOL ! Bluejuice Rock ! Always have, always will in my book !

souperloops : Wicked. I had several belly laughs watching this clip. Great song too. A nod to Northern soul. As good as Vitriol.

Flash : What an awesome clip by an awesome band.

TheseBlessedBones : Touche! wasn't really trying to be negative - more a personal observation.. but yes, I would like to audition please. Not that many negative comments though, maybe it will be a short show. The clip is great btw, the song doesn't toast my crumpets as much. Is that a nicer way of saying it? Peace!

TheseBlessedBones : They sound like they are doing show tunes now...Some Broadway shit. Hate to say it.. I like the old Bluejuice better...

sam smith : So godamn catchy!!!

hilldl92 : lost my shit when he punched that nanny

Jason Canterford : This would have been the funnest film clip to make!

darknightbateman : nice

Smoked Robot Pâté : HAHA Awesome costumes!

Jake Stone : And you've been trolling people for the last few weeks without making an obvious spelling error. We're both doing fine, hey? Now fuck off, you little turd.


Benjamin Frizzell : Yeah true, pretty similar sounding stuff, but it's all good shit!

KeytarChris : NEW. BLUEJUICE. *flies into sun*

mathans86 : Great song! When's the next album out? Can't wait to see you guys at the Corner Hotel next week!