Run The Jewels - Call Ticketron (Official Music Video)

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BLAQK ! : _HOW MANY_ people got love for *_RUN THE JEWELS?_*

Lyrical Myracle : They go together so well like Pb & J bruh

Andrew Clausing : the world's largest orange is actually a clementine!

Christopher Lewis : This video came out a year after the album and I’m not mad

T. Bryant : Killer Mike saved mankind with that 3rd verse

Dylan Drager : Why is Gucci gang more popular than this???

Billy David-Gray : RTJ4 PLEASE

Clinton Leonard : Dude these guys are so next level it's crazy.

Sipp castro : Are we all just gonna ignore the wild banshee scream El-p did when he jumped on stage? It had me cracking tf up, I keep replaying it just for the laughs. 😂

King Knowlian : My goal in life is to be as badass as RTJ when I'm walking through a hallway.

Mohammed Alhijjaj : One of the best RTJ bangers ever

DisabledCable : For everyone upset we aint get RTJ4 yet...just know these bois been busting they ass on several world tours this year alone! Video is dope AF fellas! TY and Merry X-Mas to all the Jewel runners!

dnaryxng660 dxd : Thank God this was released the same day as revival to restore the balance

conor mullholland : Hard to find hard hip-hop as good as this anywhere else

Christina Schreiner : That googly-eyed silver thing is AMAZING

Riley Esko : Still waiting on Zach De La Rochas solo joint produced by El P.

Johnny Lotto : Does anyone else still find it weird that El-P is in a mainstream chart topping group? So bizarre Company Flow?


Milan : HEY! HEY K! HEY KIDS! (*musical mayhem playing*)

Melissa Petras missing Chris Cornell : If Macklemore got fat and Rick Ross had a personality!

Organized Konnection : 👉🏾 👊🏾

rbaskins : I have always read the song titles as "Call Tickerton"

Joe Botz : Love these guys reminds me of a new school Public Enemy

nicklaptov : One of the craziest beat El-p ever made tho

Andy Larson : Ayy that's El's girlfriend playing the newscaster on the right at the beginning, right??

Javier Mendoza : RTJ ft. Tech N9ne. One day.... One day

bojack yellow : That little snap sound at the end of the video makes me instinctively say "Hey, hey k-"

abergs1125 : eminem who?

Mellow Mike : That's great that El-P's girl is in the video! 😂

Giggity Grrreat : The dislikes come from the people who've been probed

Jake : Ticketron did em dirty no one at the Garden, they were still live tho. 👉🏻👊🏼RTJ

M3thusalhem : Those beats and raps are monstrous, I don't like rap a lot but this is a game changer. This is the 4th track that blows me away. Hope this ride will last a while :)

Nicholas Rinehart : Kumbaya, bitch.

celticfdguy83 : This is so much better then that mumbling rap crap that the millennials are coming out with lately!


blonded fight : MR KILLUMS IS BACK YO

mistereighty8 : OK YouTube Trending do your job. This better be on the list.

sanjay gautam : These guys make really good music. They should be more popular! Love from India 💕

InvertileFishknot : I feel like the moral of the story is that they are already here.

rickwatford4573 : Most original hip hop group since Wu Tang.

Natalie Dugan : Can’t believe Garbo man is in an RTJ video

begal brew : Thank you el, mike and trackstar! (Awesome to see trackstar in the vid, so often the dj gets left out, but not in RTJ land!) Fans have been asking for this all year!! Thanks again guys and merry Christmas!!

Tonia Lee : This is so ill im on antibiotics

Docta PB : I’ve been waiting for this since the debut of RTJ3. It was worth it. Also those hands gave me an erection.

Will Bunch : at the end of the video I was waiting for ".....EY..... Ey ki--- EY KIDS!" ::cue the beat::

Arcee : Bruh, where is the seizure warning at?

noonecaresalex : how high were yall when making this?

Ashwin Balu : 1,000 dislikes? how?!

gmshadowtraders : Damn is that my man EL-P of Company Flow fam?

Alen Sebastian : Under-Rated!!!!