Gus Holds A Press Conference

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Gus Johnson : Wow such gripping commentary, Gus. I will be sure to follow you on Twitter to stay tuned for even more important content. @Gusbuckets

5MadMovieMakers : Now this is politics

DammitSinged : _How will Gus recover from this tragedy he created._

adam mac : All the people asking the questions all sound the same. Unsubscribed.

Cyranek : was fully expecting the same joke as the funeral video

JediJoe2001 : This is honestly a hilarious way to deal with morons who aren't satisfied by the very best, A.K.A. Gus Johnson

Dan Hauer : Good thing he clarified that he was talking about

Katie Luzadder : It's great how the "press" voices sound like the two custodial monsters from "Monsters Inc"

Grace Motley : I'm only ten seconds in and I really hope that this whole video isn't just you adjusting the microphone in an increasingly ridiculous manner for four minutes Edit: Thank you

Brickertown : This is a fabulous stab at some of the people on here

Tommy Callaway : LOL. Definitely drove the youtube comment section home with this one. <3

Alexander Bus : you look like a slightly microwaved dicaprio, specifically his character in inception

Justin Time : Still felt more sincere than Logan Paul's apology video

Semi Ismaili : Who comes here to laugh anyway? We come for the *ART*

David Dow : Hey Gus, where is working man 9? Edit: Senpai has noticed me. My life is now complete. Been watching your content since around the 30k sub mark. Proud of ya Gus. Keep up the good work.

David Reiser : Dearest Gus, I think I speak for everyone here when I say I can not and WILL NOT accept less than perfection. It’s as if you don’t even respect all the hard work and resources we put into watching your free 30 second long videos. You content creators have it easy and will never understand the strife of us viewers. Like sometimes YouTube tries to recommend videos we don’t want to watch and we have to quickly hit cancel; not that you would get it. You can kiss the 1/12 of a penny revenue you would have received from me watching your videos goodbye. Good day sir.

Spiced Muffin : Best performance by Leonardo Dicaprio yet

Alex Shahan : Press conferences would be 1000x better if all of them were like this.

K8 the Gr8 : going to delete the channel? *aggressive screeching*

Alex G : *The perfect politician doesn't exi...*

HueyNapalm : The one time I don't mind a YouTube notification. Edit, Damn this dude has got range, I wanna see him go big, he will be in a major movie by two years or less

Too Many Edits : Why is this longer than 30 seconds?

Darth Pancake : Have you suffered any mental trauma?

Ethan Drake : Wow... I actually liked last video, I didn't even know people didn't like it.

Chris Holben : Holy moly Gus what a badass

Eli Story : at first glance i thought you are Leonardo dicarpio

Maddie Dolan : I thought it was funny jeez guys chill out

Bronabonle : gus i inject your videos directly into my bloodstream

TurtleComputerNerd : Can someone explain to me what happened to Working Man 9?

Jayne Nicoletti : This was great.

Xylok : Jus Gohnson

Art Fart : Hi gus! Since I'm here early... I just want to say.... Give us a full song of your outro! Please.

Damian Yundt [Famous YouTube Celebrity] : Why does everybody at this press conference have the same voice?

EXCEPT : Uh, yeah Gus I have a question for you. Where _do_ *YOU* get OFF?

Ellen Cicchitti : I, too, complain about free content wasting my time


Eddie Animated : A beautiful return to form after some of the most emotionally distress full moments in Gus's life. #IstandwithGus

N M : You had a good run Gus. Remember the good rather than the bad times. I know I will. Except for that f*ing c*ap holy s*it content I wasted my precious minutes for god sake. The good times Gus.

Bo Harris : I need working man 9 tho

k8eekatt : You look like a grown man? How old are you?!

Average Thinking : Gus looks like Leonardo sometimes

Angry,Criticizing Cat669 : Oh a press conference I find your last video was funny

Caleb Tennison : Random numbered comment. Also, this was genius. 👏🏻

stairmaster_ : This is brilliant

Silas Smith : Gus/ Harambe 2020

Andrew Palmer : When's this video gonna be in trending?

Ethan Rutter : Meh, I liked the last one and this one too.

Strayble : Gus should honestly be an actor for his job, or maybe a comedian if he's not into lines and this and that. I feel like he could do really well in comedy type shows, he just has that vibe around him in addition to his skills to easily get into character.

Tony Talks : I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed that your last video didn't make trending. You can do better Gus

RandomisedRandomness : Was that one take? Damn Gus, you are good at acting, I would probably laugh in the middle every time.