Winterglow: a ukulele jazz original

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Jeff Burton : You can download this song, and others from my BandCamp site:

The King Slayer : Hello from reddit 😍😘

unexplained meme : Thanks, I've been having horrible anxiety latley and this made me feel better. :)

DavidTheBill : Amazing voice! Very impressed :)

Brookie Morgan : This makes me so happy!!!! I’m so glad Idubbbz put you in an outro 😂

TRASH LAPTOP : Amazing songs just wish more people knew about them.

Art Flores : This is amazing. You definitely deserve the recognition. Can't wait to hear this on Spotify. Please make it happen! :)

lil rover N : this is helping me stay happy as fire slowly burns my town

Alex Wilson : Hi from reddit love it!

Ben Pellar : Wow, that was awesome!

B A M : Your music never ceases to amaze me

Nathan Johnson : Made an account just to say that this is the most wholesome song I've ever heard and anyone who ever downvotes this is dumb.

Benjamin Dressing : Wait a minute, this is a really nice original song with a free download, posted lyrics, a quick story about the song and the chords! You sir are an example of what the internet was made for. Thank you.

Nico The Rabbit : I was carrying my ukulele in its case at school and my friend asked, "You play an instrument?" ------------ I replied, "Yeah, I play a little guitar."

Average Australian Shitposter : Sounds like an old Michael Bublé. Amazing stuff

Tasty Popcorn game's : Amazing!! Nice song🖒🖒. Keep it up.😆

Fill The Hills : Great voice! keep it up!

alyssa : this really makes me want to get a ukulele

Jason Dias : Its just going on LOOP , I am in love with this song. Amazing work !!!!!


Mikishots : Sweet. Golden sounds, so nice.

Muhammed IbnMoadib : reddit brought me here and the chill vibes took me away! :D

AlexYenom305 : Lovely

Andrew Lindsay : this is nice

James Hearron : Nice, I could see myself in July right about now...

SilkSatin Paradise : I'm never heard a depressing song where the main instrument was a ukulele

scyther1 : amazing

Jake Adams : Brought here by a reddit post. Not dissapointed. You're amazing!

MSN Gamer : hmm

Callum Watson : Hey Jeff! Love from Scotland my man

Suspiciously Official : This is great. Reddit brought me here.

adrianna : It's really cool. I hope that you will get more views :)

Ewan : Fantastic music, Jeff! Saw this video on reddit, you deserve so much more recognition of your talent. Keep up the great work! Love your voice!

Rsurect : Beautiful my friend

Ruz : This is beautiful. Thank you for all the music Mr. Burton!

David Keller : Fantastic work, my friend! Keep on strumming. Much love. <3

KingBazr - Fortnite : this is sick

Ryan Johnson : Beautiful

Henrique Almeida : Amazing!

EB240 : your awesome!

JD MacQuarrie : So so smooth!

Delores Radford : I love to turn my computer music to shuffle when I am working and I am always pleased with the couple of albums I have of yours. Your beautiful songs and your rich voice. Keep it up! Merry Christmas, Delores

InstantTrain : Delightful stuff! Subbed.

Joe Peal : Thank you, r/videos. Thank you.

Martha Ants : Greetings from Russia! Amazing song!

Peachy Flower : Oh i love this. Seventh time im listening to it. Such a lovely song. Thanks for sharing.

Bucky Slab : Imma share this.

Pessimistic Pigeon : This is wonderful!

renzle lopez : you should be on spotify!!

Hailey K : So glad to see this! A perfect song to listen to this time of year. I'll have to check out your bandcamp!!