$2 Bill Alien Invasion.MPG

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I see it, but im crazy...Do you? Thank you for watching! THANKS AGAIN TO MY SUBSCRIBERS

Comments from Youtube

NORM HULL : i want what your smoking !!

Las Vegas Carnivore : "...Ever see a $2 bill.... *ON WEED!?*... 😂

Philip Edelstein : dude lay off the pipe

R S : Gimme whatever you're on.....

Damon Santori : jesus i Smoke Alot of pot, but damn dude Youve bumped your noodle.. and sightings have happened since the beginning of time, lol not just the 50s... stop smokin bath salts lol

Bengt Svenson : omg ur so right a movie and playing card relates to an alien invasion =:0

DISTRESS : What have u been smokin space weed

Tracey Starnes : WTF.... I know we are not alone and it's just a matter of time but this is really reaching it reminds me of making shapes out of the clouds in the sky I just don't get it

Tee Hamp : and if you look really close... you can see the golden arches of McDonald's

Kazanna 12488 : he is using movies and cards to predict invasions. definitely either on drugs or dropped on his head

John Doe : dude, you are a complete idiot! 😁 never heard or watched so much BS in my life!

jo black : Not sure what your seeing Wow you need a joint man

Christopher Adams : dude... this is more than a strech lol.

in my ol'skool state uv mind : You crafty origami weirdos need to stop folding bills... you'll believe anything. cocaine is one hell of a drug!!

GRANGEROUS DESIGNS : i see a nuclear explosion not an alien invasion.

Marcel : Yes, you are absolutely right; you are really crazy!

Skilzki Boykins : wtf you are ridiculous, lol.

1212LeoSnake : Hey don't forget the mini series V. And here we are fighting against each other due to a gender, skin color, and nationality...smh

Judy Avant : does any one else see how the top of the clouds forth two faces or profiles

zeffur7 : Dude.. you've been smokin' too much crack! Get a new hobby.

Robert Vermilyer : good video I liked that movie skyline though lol, Im still waiting for part 2

Walter Zimbabwe : Hey bro it is time for you to get a job and consider moving out of your mother's basement.

Thatmetrix2018 : The first side of the bill, looks more like a nuclear explosion!!🤔🤔

smolly : is this why they stopped making $2 dollar bills?

Steve S : If you fold this here bill just like thaat.... it looks like you learned how to fold.

NERP _ : the government hides so many things from us!

wes daniels : run it my dude. stay open, keep aware

Airik1111 : You do know not every mushroom is safe to eat.

Raven One : Streach of the imagination. Too much time on your hands;)

fuhkwypipo Fuckinmilkshitters : do you have anymore crack I want to try some

J.R. HAL : i see it without a doubt. but its not clouds, it looks like a mushroom of smoke.

Tina Marie : its the elite way of having it in plain view, its away to mock the people

r c : man wat u smoking

Doom Gaming : ok the first part i just felt bad but whatever he took i think i want to try just to get a grasp on what he is seeing i want to know.

LoveLife with Chris : looks more like a bomb explosion


Shane Bramlett : crack kills buddy

Chris Vanweele : I ran out of LSD last week so I can't quite see it.

David Farner : People are really going off the deep end!

Mr420pan : you make us all look bad. stay off drugs kid.

One : The Bible refers to them as Angelic Chariots... the Govt will portrait it as an alien invasion. Knowing full well, their time is up.

The Rumor Rat : "(>^_^)># I made you a waffle #<(^_^<) But then I was like... (>^#^<) "I'm hungry..." (>^_^)> So I ate it.

David Porter : Idiocracy wasn't just a movie... it was a prediction. please... for the love of everything holy... dont breed.

Tsvetan Rangelov : The whole story is about HAARP. It makes sense... " The bad vibes..." and the earthquake. HAARP is even hidden in the new 100$ bill. They're planning to do bad stuff to the people those bastards

Marshall Dyson : lay off the drugs

Rigo Rangel : that's a huge ass stretch, I have a $2 bill in front of me and I can't see anything

zzMikaelKalelzz : The ships would be descending through smoke not clouds. Our upper atmosphere would be burning the ship upon entrance. Btw, who sits and makes connections like this?

8Dark Knight4 : I beleive in aliens. If we exist they could exist too. But this is just too much. You need a girlfreind.

Ian Philmore : I don't see it bro. Although I guess you can see anything if you want to bad enough